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#410437 homosexuality!!!

Posted by benn on 09 April 2005 - 02:40 AM

for most people when you mention 'gay' or 'lesbian' their first reaction is 'eeck'......wat is your reaction then??.......do you personaly despise homosexuals?? why? if u dont despise them, then why?

i m doing a project! please help me with this?

#2082711 How much of your life is predetermined and unchangeable?

Posted by Kung Fu Hung-Su on 06 December 2009 - 12:21 AM

I for one, despise the idea of destiny. Not only do I not like the idea, but I also believe that there is no evidence, no evidence to suggest that there are such things as coincidence and fate. I like to believe that I am the one typing on this keyboard. That my meeting lovely people here, my achievements and such were all acts of my own will. But I certainly don't know everything. I'm certainly somewhat confused when people say things like

"We were destined to be together."

What does that even mean?

And not only that, but I am rather disturbed by how my demeanour is remarkably east "asian" in spite of my general lack of exposure to other "typical" east asian kids - that is, I was not really raised by my asian parents, and went to Australian schools playing cricket, footy etc with very very few other asian students, yet somehow, when I talk to asian students around my age at uni etc, I am far more at home amongst them than I am amongst my Australian friends who I have been with since birth. Is my nature somehow preordained and totally unchangeable? =/

#2222481 Important change to Serious Discussions

Posted by Uni on 17 November 2011 - 01:08 PM

Due to spam bots finding a home especially in the Serious Discussion forum, all topics in this forum must be approved by a moderator when posted. If you can't see your topic right away, please don't worry, it is simply in queue for moderators to okay. With that said, please make sure your topic title is CLEAR so it doesn't end up getting deleted.

#2200686 Japan Earthquake (Conspiracy)

Posted by Mashimaro-san on 20 March 2011 - 05:44 AM

What do you guys think of the video below? Please watch the video and my own opinions/thoughts before you discuss.


I know some of you will disagree, and some will think I'm nuts or crazy.

But strange things are going on in the world today and there are evidence that media and governments have lied before the people and continue to do so.

This reminds me of the time there was an investigative report that suggested the Swine Flu was basically a pre-testing attempt at a pandemic that is backed by the World Health Organization to curve the population growth of the world. The lady who told this has a secret bunker/hideout in Panama. She was a doctor who worked for a Head of State (don't know which country) and she was shocked when she heard this, immediately flew out of her country and searched for hideouts. The lady, she said she had no idea who these people are or what they are called, said that there are a group of 4 - 5 people who are not part of any government whatsoever but very powerful and influential, they are the ones planning these things. The lady said that these 4 - 5 group of people are behind many of the world events, and that everything that is going on is part of their plan. Their master plan is ultimately culling the world population drastically. Illuminati? Or what? The lady has no idea what the Illuminati are/is and she didn't mention it, but there's got to be a strong connection...

I believe as we draw closer to 2012 a lot more strange events will happen. It won't be the end of the world, I don't think it is. However, there will be many up and coming events in the future that will forever drastically change the world...

For some of you guys, the company/enterprise/whoever owns the nuclear plant that is in trouble right now have been lying to the media before all the way from 1970's. This was reported in CNN (or CBC, I can't remember...) I should've taken a screenshot of it while they showed that info on TV...


This is so random and out of topic but in Britney Spears' Music Video the Baphomet's head can be seen.

In BoA's GAME music video you also see the head of a Goat/Sheep/Baphomet near the end.

Seriously though I don't bother reading all these Illuminati crap but whenever I see that Baphomet/Sheep/Goat head I get freaked out since they are all connected to evil/mind-control/etc.


The lady from the investigative report said that the ultimate way to stop all these powerful individuals, these conspiracies, is if the people in the world unite as one in a violent revolution. These individuals are not that powerful, their weakness is when the masses attempt to take over their power.


I found another video from the same lady, and surprise surprise she also says the radiation levels are being downplayed by the governments and organizations. The radiation has already reached the US West Coast and people coming from Tokyo in US airports are setting radiation detector alarms off.


And she mentions the World Health Organization, and I placed a message in this same post a few paragraphs back that the World Health Organization is behind some sort of master plan. And I found that out like a week before the Japan disaster. Note that I saw it on TV casually strolling the channels and my oldest sisters, who work in hospitals agreed in many of the points the lady made on the WHO when we watched it on TV.

My sisters are intelligent and educated on medicine, they work on hospitals, and they say that a lot of the things out there we eat today, a lot of the medicines, for some reason are considered acceptable by the governments even though they are essentially toxic and probably do more harm than good. My sisters say they try natural remedies whenever they get sick, and when they are desperate they take these prescribed medicines and whenever they read the ingredients they basically just tell me this is going to harm,kill us sooner or later.

#1911410 A Day without a Gay December 10 2008

Posted by Suzukaze Maikaru on 09 December 2008 - 11:01 AM

(12-08) 20:26 PST San Francisco -- Since California voters approved Proposition 8 last month and repealed the right of gay couples to marry, initiative opponents have marched, held rallies and blocked intersections.
On Wednesday, they're asked to do something different: nothing at all.

Modeled loosely after the 2006 immigrant rights demonstrations, "Day Without A Gay" is scheduled for Wednesday and billed as "a nationwide strike and economic boycott" at www.jointheimpact.com, an organizational site for supporters of same-sex marriage.

In San Francisco, the day will be marked by a 6 p.m. rally and march in the Mission District. But local organizers say they don't expect all Prop. 8 opponents to "call in gay" and instead spend the day doing volunteer work, as some proponents urge.

"I'd like to take the whole day off myself, but it's not possible," said Ryan Rudnick, a pre-school teacher who also helped organize a Nov. 15 rally outside City Hall that attracted an estimated 7,500 supporters of same-sex marriage. "That's why we wanted to hold a rally and march in the evening, to show our support."

Like many actions in the five weeks since Prop. 8's passage with 52.3 percent of the vote, "Day Without a Gay" took shape informally.

The name was coined by Sean Hetherington, a personal trainer and comedian in West Hollywood who added the idea of doing volunteer work, rather than pursuing civil disobedience or other tactics.

The web site Hetherington created for the event, www.daywithoutagay.org, also offers a list of activities for people who don't feel able to walk off their jobs.

"With the economy the way it is, this isn't a time for not showing up at work and then perhaps not having a job," said Hetherington, who will spend the day teaching joke-writing at a school in the Los Angeles area. "We want people to go in and make whatever opportunity they can."

The San Francisco event will begin with a 6 p.m. rally outside the BART station at 24th and Mission streets, followed by a march north on Valencia Street.

As for the broader call of boycotts, Prop. 8 opponents say success or failure can't be measured by numbers.

"It's organic, it's visceral, it's grass roots and net roots," said State Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, who spoke at the November rally at City Hall. "People are reacting in a very natural way to having their rights taken away by an unconstitutional proposition."

Leno's schedule Wednesday starts with a budget subcommittee on health and human service issues. "Though I'm respectful of the day," Leno said, legislative work comes first.

Prop. 8 foes set 'Day Without a Gay' boycott
John King, Chronicle Staff Writer

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What do u guys feel about this? Do u think we can pass and have marriage equality?
as a bi man myself i'd love to call in gay (bi)
I think it is messed up how California paid more to pass Prop 8 than to make everyone equal

#2187409 Why is Islam and Judaism portrayed as "bad" in the West and As

Posted by InuBoA_Kwon on 25 January 2011 - 08:36 AM

I've said before,, they were fanatic people... :)
Well,, they're the truly enemies for us... :angry:
I'm really hate them...
Cz they've made a bad view to Muslim...
They've to be dusted from this world... <_<

And thanks cz you aren't angry w/ me or other muslim ... :)

#2102156 Monogamy vs polygamy

Posted by Kung Fu Hung-Su on 15 February 2010 - 07:38 PM

First, some formalities.

• noun the state of having only one husband, wife, or sexual partner at any one time.

• noun the practice or custom of having more than one wife, husband or sexual partner at the same time.

In my naivete, I was not even aware of how common polygamy was in western countries, that it was mostly something we saw in Islamic countries. Of course in western countries it's not THAT common, since marriage has legal technicalities, but that doesn't stop people from having multiple boyfriends/girlfriends, or having a boyfriend/girlfriend in ADDITION to having a wife/husband.

I'm curious, what do you guys feel about people that are polygamous? I find them rather unsettling, it greatly bothers me that if they fancied my girl, they wouldn't have any reservations whatsoever about hooking up with her even if they knew we were an item and we were both monogamous. I understand that that's just their way, but that doesn't change the fact that I don't feel that comfortable with them.

And if anyone here is polygamous...what do you think about us monogamous types?

#2044816 A love that'll never happen

Posted by AzNlUv4BoA on 11 July 2009 - 09:44 PM

Okay, so you know how everyone says there always someone for somebody? As the years passed I realized it's so not true. People say I'm not looking in the right places, but the right places are the places I've been and the places I've been is everywhere. I just feel like I'll never find love. And all my life since I was a little girl was wishing to fall in love. Everyone has someone. My friends, my little cousin, and my 10 year old brother. 0.0 I'm 18 going on 19. It's kinda upsetting.

The guys I fall in love with are always the ones that are 1) taken 2) don't want to be in a relationship 3) straight up assholes.

It's only been recently guys have been noticing me and yeah. =\ They aren't looking to date me. There looking for something else. If you guys know what I mean. And I let them.. Thinking that maybe it'll change. I wanna know is there something wrong with me?

My friends love me and they wouldn't want in any other way. So why don't the guys see that? I'm funny I make people laugh. I'm not gonna lie I'm loud when I want to be. I pretty down to Earth. You can talk to me about anything. I love trying new things. . But what is wrong with me?

Is it because I'm Asian? Is it because I'm not skinny? Is it because I don't look like Megan Fox?

I'm getting sick of guys using me, but stupid me always feels that maybe just maybe they'll like me more than THAT..

My hearts been played around and tossed around. I'm beginning to lose hope. Maybe there is something wrong with me..

It's sad to see everyone around you is falling in love and I'm rotting away..

Do you guys even believe in love?

#2133924 A College Question

Posted by Kung Fu Hung-Su on 28 June 2010 - 08:07 PM

If you don't have what it takes, you can always get what it takes. Start here.


#2133674 A College Question

Posted by briannafifield on 27 June 2010 - 02:12 PM

Hello! I just applied for city college online, and I'm probably just going to go for my GED right now. But my problem is... I don't know what I want to do! Like, what career to go into, you know? I am interested in many things, but I just have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I want to take an assessment test, but I hear that they're not always accurate.

I am also hesitant to choose a career because I don't want to choose something that I will end up not liking one day, and that I will waste all of my college education and time on something that I don't like to do, and that by that time it will be too late to change. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this, and any advice for me on this?

Thanks so much!

#2202439 Japan Earthquake (Conspiracy)

Posted by Spring Sakura on 28 March 2011 - 10:21 PM

@Spring Sakura
There are actually University professors who are UFO-fanatics/Illuminati maniacs, conspiracy theorists.

I read of a university professor, who still teaches, and he has a belief that the US government was visited by Pleiadian aliens.

There is a former NASA astronaut who says the US government does have information on extraterrestrials, he died on 2004.

There are many other people of academia who believe that pop stars today are puppets for the Illuminati, etc.

Conspiracy theorists come from all walks of life - university professors, scientists, doctors, models, singers, etc.

There is a doctor who believes the WHO is planning on a major culling of the world population.

I'd like to say myself I believe in Aliens/UFO, but in no way do I associate any of that with my academic work, it is something I just read about, for interests and discussion.

If you ever to happen to comes across with me in real life, I can talk about almost anything, art, science, history, conspiracy, politics, etc.

See, for me, I like specifics. The university professor --of what of where?
Former NASA Astronaut with what proof? How long was he with NASA? Not to say he was completely crazy but --what about his mental state of the time of such stories --whether or not he was compensated for the story, etc etc
"people of academia"...who? Specific people like...?

Also, a small number of people believing in something doesn't make it true. Likewise, neither does a large number. Truth relies on proof. Also, words like 'professors', 'doctors', 'academia' create the illusion of credibility when really, there are plenty of professsors, doctors and academia are still human beings who are equally prone to mistakes as mental illness as the next person (not to say that they are).

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily saying that they're crazy or making things up for one reason or another --but it is important to keep that possibility in mind whenever conspiracy theories or the like are being considered because crazy people do exist, and people do make mistakes. In any investigation into any 'truth' or fact, all variances must be considered. Just my two cents of course.

#2148959 homosexuality!!!

Posted by Jef on 07 August 2010 - 06:06 AM

'dutch white man'.

Way to go. Judge someone for their ancestors actions, great way to deflect. You are a closeted racist.

I think its permissible to be racist to such people

;) Pavle is back !

Prop 8 in california was over-turned, ruled as unconstitutional!!! Finally, the freedom of love will continue to grow from this point <3

I have no idea what prop 8 is

Ooh I think I have it, it was a ''law'' that forbid marriage between the same sex. But because it was unconstitutional the marriage between the same sex is allowed again :D

Nice to hear this great news, more and more states/countries are adapting to the Dutch law ^_^

#2080221 Future Evolution in Humans

Posted by Yabisi on 28 November 2009 - 09:22 PM

What do you think humans will look like in the far future?

I think it's an interesting thing to talk about, since we've evolved quite a bit from our little time on this planet.

Some scientists say we'll look different, some say we'll stay the same, and some even say we'll become cyborgs (I think that's the right name) Here's a link discussing 4 ways we could evolve.


The second link shows detailed pictures of what we could possibly look like based on a time scale.

An older article, but still interesting. It says that humans may split into two races based on natural selection of desired genes.


Of course, these are all just theories as we don't know how we will look like or evolve in the future. For now, we can only look to how we've evolved in the past in order to have ideas for the future.


Before posting, please refer to the rules and regulations of the serious discussion forum. I posted this in here in hopes that some kind of in-depth, intellectual conversations will be started.

#2303565 BoA Hidden Singer Subbing Project

Posted by BoAddict on 01 January 2016 - 10:48 PM

Greetings to all fellow BoA fans! Since this is my first post on boajjang, I'll quickly introduce myself.


I am a former subber from the now disbanded BoAnoss, which many of you may have heard of us. While I still have been paying close attention to our BoA's music activities after group's disbandment, I unfortunately haven't been able to keep up with many of her TV appearances until recently I came across her appearance on Hidden Singer. Seeing her performances and guessing which one is BoA on this show really awakened my inner BoA fan! However, I could not find English subbed version of this anywhere except for the Suho-cut parts, which was kinda disappointing to find out. That is why I have decided to take on this project to sub this episode and share it with everyone!


I cannot promise on when can I finish this project as this is will be the first time I will be working on an entire episode by myself, so I ask of everyone please be patient, and I will try to update my progress as frequently as I can. If anyone wants to help me out, I will greatly appreciate it!


Thank you, and Happy New Year to all fellow BoA fans!


P.S. This is actually my first time creating a forum topic, so if I did not follow the guidelines properly, please let me know! Thanks!


Update (2016.05.04)


Here's the link everyone has been waiting for: https://drive.google...aEFDY1FDTGR0eEU (updated 2016.05.09)

Here is a folder for everyone who prefers to download them in smaller parts and re-combine them afterwards: https://drive.google...eTRyelFSWjZnV1E


I would like a moment to thank everyone here for being very patient with me. There were many times I thought about stopping and see if anyone were to pick up where I left off, but thinking back to you guys and how special this episode is for all of BoA's fans, I was able to finish this. Thank you to everyone who anticipated this video till the very end! If there is any video in the future that I think is worth subbing again, I will let everyone know. Until then, please enjoy the video! And I will be very grateful if you can share this video with your friends and family who are BoA's fans as well :)


P.S. If anyone catches a typo or timing issue, can you please reply in this thread and let me know around what time in the video is the error, and I will fix it a.s.a.p. :D

#2304486 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by superlita on 06 June 2016 - 12:35 PM

^I've messaged you the download folder (hosted on mediafire), they're split into 5 files, use winrar to extract. I'm not going to post it in the download section, so if anyone wants the links just like this comment and I'll send them to you via PM. Let me know if it doesn't work, it was a pain to upload.



cr: color_of_soul @ BoA baidu


Update, mediafire has started blocking the files, I'm working on reuploading on a few other servers...