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Announcement: BoAjjang Rules, FAQ and Guide :Please Read!:

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Created: 14 September 2004
Revised/Updated: 19 June 2010

If you see anything that should be added here don't hesitate to contact Heartbeat. Welcome to BoAjjang, a community bonded together with a love for the Asian artist BoA Kwon. BoAjjang refers to the site, the forums, the IRC channel, and any other projects that our staff delve into. Neither BoAjjang nor any of its staff or members hold any responsibility or liability for anything that its members may post. Please do remember that this is the internet and that there is no need for your blood pressure to rise. Behave maturely and responsibly and you'll have a great time here.

  • Rules
  • Warning system & legend
  • mIRC

1. No advertising is allowed. The only exceptions are links to your personal blog, xanga, livejournal, etc. The types of advertising that are not allowed are:
  • Advertising other BoA sites/forums, referral sites, are NOT allowed unless otherwise approved by the administration.
  • Advertising, soliciting, and/or posting links to webpages that contain, host, or post copyrighted content (i.e., warez, torrents that contain copyrighted works, etc.) is not allowed.
  • Links to EBay, webgains(not bjj's), linkbucks and other online auction sites, with the express purpose of making a profit from the selling of merchandise, may not be posted on BoAjjang.
2. No porn, racist/vulgar comments, bashing, etc.; try to show respect for your peers. If you would not want your current or future son/daughter to see what you post, then perhaps you should reconsider before you click the reply button.

3. No spamming (unless it's in the spam forum Posted Image). Please do not reply for the sake of replying.

4. Avatars/Sigs:
  • The total file size of signatures may not exceed 50kb. (Avatars may not exceed 20kb).
  • The maximum length of signatures is 5 lines of text. An image counts as a line of text. Blank lines and "invisible" text still takes up space and counts as a line.
  • The maximum height of signatures is 400 pixels. We recommend keeping the height less than the maximum.
  • Families, unless very short (one line of text), should not be put in your sig. There is now a section in your Control Panel, under Personal Profile, called "Edit Profile Info" to put in your families. Click here to access the section of your Control Panel to edit your Profile. You can view people's profiles by clicking on their username on any of their posts.
This means none of those movie clip-animated gifs that are a MB+ large.

Please keep the dimensions of your signatures to a minimum.

Moderators reserve the right to remove your avatar and signature instantly if they violate the size restrictions or any other forum rule. If this happens, you may find the following images edited into your avatar and/or signature.

Posted ImagePosted Image

5. One account per person is allowed. There's no need to use more than one. Requests for username changes and custom title changes may be made by sending a PM to Heartbeat.

6. CD/DVD images (such as .iso, .ccd, .bin, etc.), full-length copyrighted movies, and copyrighted E-books (including Harry Potter) may not be posted on BoAjjang.

7. Proper etiquette should be used when posting on the forums. These are some general guidelines to go by:
  • Post in the designated section. I.e, requests go in requests.
  • As this is an English-based forum, please try to have most of your posts in English. If you want to post in another language, please provide a translation.
  • No double posting. Use the Edit button.
  • Do not bump old topics. An old topic is defined as a topic with no replies for 3-4 months.
  • Respect the Administration & Staffmembers. They are the law of the boards.
  • Respect BoA as a person. No posts, threads, or media that treat BoA in a derogatory manner, discuss false rumors (i.e., cosmetic surgeries), or that serve as a nidus for "BoA bashing" will be tolerated here.
8. Do not hotlink from any site that you do not have express permission from. Bandwidth is a privilege, not a right.

9. If you are posting anything from an external source, please be sure to credit the site and original source, along with the photographer if possible every time when posting images or news on BoAjjang. Be sure to re-upload files to your own hosting site and remember not to hot link. You must do this in order to include yourself in the credits line.

The reverse is true. Please credit BoAjjang if you take any images from this site and credit the original source. If you do not know where the source was from, please state so in your credits line.

Suggested format:
Credits: Karen of Bestiz in BoA World and BoAjjang + boanjel

10. Any BoA content posted on forums is exempt from posting restrictions.

11. The Serious Discussions forum is meant for the discussion of subjects in a mature and thoughtful manner. Be tolerant to others' views and only post if you have something constructive to offer.

12. You may only post YouTube videos in the following threads:
  • BoA-related YouTube Videos go in this thread:
  • Non-BoA related YouTube Videos go in this thread
  • Exception: You can post a YouTube video in 'The Lounge' IF and ONLY IF you add a few sentences about the vid (i.e., comments, description, etc.).
  • No offensive, pornographic, and/or sexually suggestive YouTube videos are allowed on BoAjjang
13. Do not complain about/bash uploaders. They're taking their time and bandwidth to provide you with free media. You have no right to complain about any/all restrictions they may or may not have on their content. Bashing an uploader will lead to an instant ip ban for the offender.

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Warning system & legend:

The warning system set on the BoAjjang forums consists of a three strikes system. With that said, three violations of the rules will result in a temporary ban from the forums. The duration of the ban depends on the moderator who banned the said violator. It is usually a week to a month or in between that set period of time. A warn stays for one month.

Warning increments:
  • 1st warn - 33.33%
  • 2nd warn - 66.66%
  • 3rd warn - 99.99% - rounded to 100%
If you have been warned, you have probably broken one of the 17 rules above or one of the forum specific rules. If you don't know why you have been warned, simply click your warn on the left hand side of your post or check your profile. This will tell you how many warns you have left and why you were warned in the first place.

Here is a list of the more popular reasons people get warns:
  • OS = Oversized signature
  • OA = Oversized avatar
  • BB = BoA bashing
  • YAD = You're a douche
  • TR = Trolling
  • POS = Posting in the wrong forum repeatedly
  • SPAM = This is self-explanatory. Keep spam in the spam section
As for warn decreases, you must wait one month after your initial warn. If by chance you receive another warn close to your first, the wait for warn decrease is longer. When a warn decrease is issued, a moderator will simply put something along the lines of, "Time has passed" or "THP" for short.

If you have been warned and it has been longer than a month, contact a global moderator or administrator to decrease the warn.

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Download mIRC from www.mirc.com, and refer to the link below on how to set up the software.

IRC Channel
If you're already experienced with IRC, simply connect with the following details:
Channel: #BoA* (Don't forget the star after BoA!)
Server: irc.rizon.net

Quick Java Chat
If you would like to use a java applet to chat, simply use our Java Chat Applet. All you have to do is enter a username and you're set! Unfortunately, you will be missing out on many features by using the java chat, such as file transfers, so using mIRC is recommended. If you would like to quickly have a chat, just click on the following link.

Posted Image

For a comprehensive overview of mIRC on how to setup/download/serve, click here

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