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Posting and requesting lyrics

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Posted 20 October 2008 - 10:11 AM

Don't spam in this forum (posting just for the sake of posting or raising your post count). Don't think you can just go through a large number of threads and post a "thanks" because it's easy to do so and not because you actually care about what is in the thread. You will be warned for spamming.

Posting and requesting lyrics


- Google it!
- Use the search function at the bottom to see if the lyrics have already been posted. Don't start a new thread just because the first page doesn't have what you're looking for or just because YOU want to be the one posting the lyrics for the song or album even though someone else has already posted exactly the same thing.
- For romanized lyrics, use one of these romanization tools:
Japanese (Kanji to Romaji) | (Kanji to Romaji or Hiragana)
Korean (Hangeul to Romanization)
Chinese (Hanzi to Pin Yin) | change the format of Chinese romanization
(Results won't always be 100% correct but are pretty good just for reference.)

BoA's lyrics
Look here before you request please: http://www.boajjang....index.php?id=19 (under construction, will be updated)

If there are any errors, please tell us by posting a reply here, PMing olivialiu6 or emailing [email protected] (Yes we know there are errors and songs missing, so for now refrain from emailing or PMing us. We're in the process of fixing the lyrics up. Thanks for being patient.)


Specify in the title what kind of lyrics you are posting or requesting.
Include information such as the artist, song title, album title, language and for requests whether it's for romanization, translation, or the characters. It just makes life a whole lot easier for everyone if you are specific and the information is as complete as possible.

* If you're posting lyrics you found somewhere else, then include CREDITS (refer to the forum rules).
* If you're taking out lyrics from here and posting elsewhere, then CREDIT the poster. If they state not to take the lyrics out of the forum, then don't.

Try to use these terms when posting to avoid confusion:
* Romanization or Konglish (although not that correct) for Korean characters written with the Roman alphabet
* Romaji for Japanese characters written with the Roman alphabet
* Pinyin for Chinese characters written with the Roman alphabet
* For any other languages you can also use "romanization".

* Hangeul for Korean characters
* Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana for Japanese characters
* Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese for Chinese characters

* Save space and use abbreviations in topic titles when you post!
[TRANS] [REQ] [KOR] [KR] [KRN] [JPN] [JP] [ENG] [CHI] [CH] [CHN] etc.

Don't be greedy or a douche and post something like this:


If you do have an urgent request you can say so nicely in your request. (Without the caps or you'll be slapped with a trout.) Don't take it for granted that people are helping you out, because they don't actually have to. It doesn't hurt to use the words "please" and "thanks".

REMEMBER: Use the search function first and be specific in your requests

Good examples of topic titles

[KOR] BoA 6th Album - You Make Me A Paralyze lyrics
Korean and romanizations

[REQ] BoA - Eat You Up (Korean version) romanization
from 1st album "Look Who's Talking"

Bad example of a request

Does anyone have the lyrics for DBSK's Rising Sun? I NEED IT REAL BAD.

Which version? Korean? Japanese?

oh i needed the Krn version

*posts the Korean lyrics*

oh i wanted the romanization


All they had to do was request for DBSK's Rising Sun (Korean Version) romanization. How easy was that.
Happy lyrics posting/requesting.

ALWAYS CREDIT YOUR LYRICS!! If you do not write any credits, you will be given a warning that you need to post them and if you still do not comply within 24 hours, the thread/post will be deleted.

REMEMBER: Use the search function first and be specific in your requests

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