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[REQUEST] Lena Park - Miss Havisham's Waltz

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#1 KuriousKutiexoxo


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Posted 23 October 2008 - 01:44 PM

Hellooo~ I need Miss Havisham's Waltz's English translation, but I just cannot find it. I managed to find the Korean lyrics though. ^_________^ If anyone can help me translate this, it would mean a lot! Thank you! <33

하비샴의 왈츠 (Miss Havisham's Waltz)

Music by 정석원
Lyrics by 정석원

나 그대가 유난히 좋아한 내 긴 속눈썹
한껏 올리며 오늘도 거울 앞에 섰어요

나 오늘도 머리를 정성스레 빗으며
그대 좋아한 내 머릿결 가다듬고 있어요

그대 항상 나에게 목이 길어 정장이 어울린다 얘기했죠
화장 안한 맨 얼굴 때가 더 예쁘다며 화장하지 말랬죠

난 이렇게 그대가 좋아하던 모습 그대로 꾸몄는데
다시 봐줄 순 없는 건가요

언젠가는 꼭 돌아오겠죠 날 안아주겠죠
그대와 나 그 날은 꼭 오겠죠

난 웃는게 훨씬 더 예쁘다며 울지 말란
그대 말에 이렇게 아직 웃고 있는데
그렇게 그녀와 행복한가요
나 따윈 잊은 건가 난 아직 기다리고 있는데

난 이렇게 그대가 좋아하던 그 모습대로 꾸몄는데
다시 봐 줄 순 없는 건가요
없는 건가요 없는 건가요
거울에 비친 나는 그대로인데 그대만 있으면
그대만 있으면 돼 그러면 다 되는데

"하비샴의 왈츠 (Miss Havisham's Waltz)"
On & On

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#2 SPcle


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Posted 03 February 2013 - 02:25 PM

This is a reply after 5 years, so I don't know if you'll EVER get this.. but! here are the lyrics translated by me:

My long inner eyelashes that you liked so much
I stand in front of the mirror as I curl them again today

Again, today I brush my hair carefully
I'm taking care of my hair that you liked

You always told me I looked nice in a formal wear due to my long neck
Always told me to never put make up on because my bare face was more beautiful

I've prettied myself the way you like me
Is there no way for you to look at me again?

One day, I'm sure you'll come back and hug me tight
You and I, that day will surely come

I'm prettier when I smile so I shouldn't cry
Because of your words I'm still smiling
Are you really that happy with her?
Have you forgotten someone like me, even though I'm still waiting for you like this?

I've made myself up just the way you liked me
Is there no way for you to look at me again?
Is there no way, is there no way?
The me that reflects against the mirror is still the same, if only you were here
If you were here, then everything would be possible..

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