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Racism and Sexism in disney

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#61 Beyondios


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Posted 22 November 2008 - 08:18 AM

This thread is ridiculous. I think you guys are looking too much into these cartoons, seriously, are you kidding me?

You're full of contradictions, for example:

If you did not find it offensive does not mean it is not offensive. That's not how it works. What is offensive or not depends on the person. AND just because a person finds it offensive, it does not mean they are wrong or touchy.

Right. But also, if you find it offensive doesn't mean it IS. In reality, there is no right or wrong. Those are morals created by people. Different people have different views, opinions, and beliefs. If two disagree on something, neither of them is right or wrong. Because in reality, there IS no right or wrong. So I don't know where you're trying to get.

That being said, arguing about whether there is sexism or racism in these movies is pointless. This thread is pointless. There's no win or lose here.

#62 starsarang


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Posted 02 December 2008 - 03:38 PM

Everything to some people are racist.
-RE is racist because they're shooting black people in AFRICA.
-Disney is sexist because Mulan is "nothing" after her man leaves, when many people(overly emotional ones that is) in the world would OBVIOUSLY be crushed like that if their loved one did that.
-The Lion King is apparently racist as well, due to the antagonist being a "black/brown" lion, as the bad guy, while in the world, "Lion coloration varies from light buff to yellowish, reddish or dark ochraceous brown" (wikipedia.org), and WHY can't he be a dark brown lion? Cartoon colours need to differ in order for characters to be told apart, as were character names changed in The Golden Compass movie, as they look too same and had close names, and they needed children to be able to tell them apart.
People are looking too into this.
You can say ANYTHING is racist, and it will be, to YOU if you want it to be.

The criticism of racism is also quite stupid AT TIMES:
fighting hoards of white zombies = not racist
fighting hoards of multi raced zombies = not racist
fighting hoards of mexican, asian or european zombies = not racist
fighting black zombies = racist

SO TRUE. :lol:

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Posted 02 December 2008 - 04:16 PM

I noticed Religion in the Lion King not racism or anything else.
I wrote a paper on that.

Mulan is my ultimate hero.
to hear all these things really breaks my heart.

I do hope your paper goes well.

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