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Weird things that you do/think

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#16 peachy9


    mocha DREAMS;

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Posted 30 December 2008 - 01:31 PM

haha it was fun reading most of the replies XD
some of them were cute/funny. I do the dream
thing as well where I finish it with what I want.

umm I can't really think of much right now but
sometimes, I do the murder thing as well XD

I always have to write in my agenda and calendars
for what my schedule is going to be like for the day
and for the next couple of weeks/months >< even
if I'm planning to clean my room, I have to write it

Well, I'm sure a lot of people talk to themselves XD

my closet is always organized by the colours of the rainbow
and it has to start with tank tops, tshirts, then sweaters XD
for each according colour >>

I have to dance or do some kind of exercise everyday or I'll
feel uneasy... uncomfortable the whole day.

and when I'm walking along the street or anywhere and there's
music playing, I always walk to the beat of it or constantly think
that I'm dancing to it, in some way XD

I have to chew on my food and I always cut my food to small pieces XD

#17 The Real CZ

The Real CZ

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Posted 30 December 2008 - 05:28 PM

Weird things I do:
- Draw penises on co-workers food boxes.
- Write funny stuff about them (none of it's true...that I know of.)
- Wash my hands very frequently.
- Whenever I go TPing with my cousins, we always had to make a giant penis on the lawn out of the toilet paper.
- Draw comics about other people which gross people out or makes them laugh.
- Write comedy rap songs.

#18 magic star

magic star

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Posted 30 December 2008 - 06:35 PM

- when i walk alone i like to count how many steps it takes me to get to my destination
- i have mad OCD: i used to organize my beanie babies by species but i was never satisfied so i had to store them away in a bag, i have a bunch of magazine rip outs of celebs i like covering my wall and i've ripped them off to reorganize them about 4 times now, i can't stand it when the top part of curtains (the part on the rail..) is uneven
- i've planned an escape route in case a murderer breaks in
- i think of hypothetical situations and my plan what i'm gonna say/how i'm gonna act so i can be prepared when they happen to me
- i only use forks that have round handles. we have a bunch with pointy handles and i hate them.
- hair on the floor, stuck on mirrors, or on any surfaces freak me out and i have to get it off which grosses me out but makes me feel better
- i have to curl up into a ball to fall asleep and be completely covered with my blanket and with pillows on each side because i hate open spaces in the dark
- i find it easy to sleep when my room is alaskan temperature so i leave the fan on all night even in the winters. but my mom found out so she took away my fan :[
- i also do the finishing my own dreams thing

#19 RisingSunRocks


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Posted 30 December 2008 - 06:36 PM

I have this really strange habit of spelling all kinds of tissue, I like the smell :(

I like to keep my room tidy...during exam times :( and when it's not, i don't care

#20 Kung Fu Hung-Su

Kung Fu Hung-Su

    My girlfriend just dumped me. -_-

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Posted 30 December 2008 - 09:44 PM

OMG I have so much I want to add to this topic.

-Sometimes I'm in bed thinking "OK, so if a murderer breaks in the house, he'd get my little sister first because the door of her room is first in the hallway, then he'd come to my room and get my older sister because she sleeps closest to the door, then me, then my mom and dad in the next room" and so on and so forth. Or if I'm at a sleepover with a bunch of friends, I always pick a place not so close to the door/window to sleep. Just because I don't want to be the first one to die, or maybe I'll have time to run while he's murdering the first person. lol I'm horrible

Lol, I've memorised where all the brooms etc in the house are for me to use as weapons in the event of break in =]

-When I'm somewhere other than home, like at school, or in the car (a passenger, not the driver) and I'm trying to sleep, it's like so uncomfortable. Because at school all you got is a desk, it's all flat, hard and cold. And in the car, it's like impossible to find a good position because there's hardly any space. But when I finally find a good position and I fall asleep, I wake up with pain somewhere in my body because what I actually thought was comfortable, really isn't.

Isn't everyone like that? xD I'm worse though...I drool when I sleep...*ashamed*

-I hate it when you're either texting, e-mailing, IMing, or posting on forums with like a really long reply or some thoughtful well written essay of advice or something, and people post a one-liner as a "response" to you such as "thanks" or "I agree". It's like I spent all that time for nothing.

OMG I KNOW!!! I make it a point to reply to everyone who replies to me in my big threads when I can, in the hope karma will be nice to me and people will post more and bigger replies in future. Seems to work thus far =]

I hate popular stuff especially in music.

I know hey :lol: Like, I liked the song A thousand miles by vanessa carlton when I first heard it, but then everyone just played it all the time and I hated it =(

I share to my friends my music but I get irritated when they get into them.

Ok, that's weird =P

I have an unstoppable habit of refreshing forums whenever I'm bored.

You should probably TRY stopping that =P

+ When I was in High School, I was always fetched from school. I'd often fall asleep in the car on the way home, but by some psychic power of mine, I always seem to wake up when the car is near my house, or at least about ten seconds from the main gate. I get that "homely feeling" and then just naturally awaken.

Me too! O.O

Oh there's this other thing I do, when I'm at some place (it could be anywhere, like subway, restaurant, parking lot, etc) I always think "how many people have been sitting/standing on this same spot". I find it amusing to think of how many others have stepped on the same place I'm stepping at the moment. I imagine all sorts of things like "this place must've been here in the 40s, I wonder how many people from back then have been here and are still alive" and then I think of how amazing it is that some of the people in my life right now that I have met recently had no idea who I was before and I imagine what they were doing before we met. Blah blah blah I type too much.

k I'm done.

Did you ever watch amelie? I think you'd like that movie =]

I have really bad Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Everything in my room is straight and lined up in order from biggest to smallest.

Doesn't everyone do this? I do it with all my books too =]

I sleep with my bed pushed up against a wall just so I can curl up in the corner because I'm afraid of open spaces.

My bed is standing up against the wall too! But only because I like the extra space in my room =]

I take 2 showers a day- one in the morning to wash the nasty off of me from sleep and 1 at night so I don't go to bed with dirt on me.

This is a great habit! I'd do it myself but I tend to lose myself on my computer and forget :lol:

I can't be around mayonnaise because it gives me panic attacks.

Aww =/

My turn to post weird habits!

If I have BoA as my desktop, I always choose one where she's looking at me. And...I'll talk to her as though she were a real person. Like, "omg, don't give me that look! I did my best! :) Please don't look at me like that T_T"

If I'm listening to music, I avoid walking in time to it. If I do walk in time to it...I just start smiling, a really freaking huge stupid grin and I have no idea why. Doesn't matter what type of music it is, it could be death metal screaming about murdering kittens, (not that I have music like that!) if I walk in time to it, I'll smile like I won lotto.

I am hopelessly obsessed with cleaning. I once stayed at a friend's place while they were away for the weekend, and just cleaned everything. I thought they'd be pleased, but they had a go at me for invading their privacy :P So now I only clean my own mess, and clean it well, and feel a snap in my head if anyone ever asks me to help them clean.

I'm also hopelessly addicted to graphics and user interface design. I think its the future, technology should be easier to use, we should be working less and so on. My pride and joy are my personal computers which are absurdly easy for people to use even if they've never used them before. To play music, hit "play music"...to play games, hit "games", etc. Simple and clean. I abuse almost all my other friends whose computers are a mess, particularly those who claim to love design.

I think modern fashion is horribly boring and unoriginal. I want to design my own fashion, but lack the drawing and tailoring skills to realise my visions =/

I'm a pretty quiet and effeminate guy...so much so that a slight increase in testosterone, from working out or something, has long lasting and drastic effects on my behaviour. Enough to make me post over in SD because I was worried it wouldn't go away xD

When I hear my girl friends talking positively about ANY guy for ANY reason I ALWAYS get jealous. If they admire a guy for being a good singer I'll start wishing I could sing. If they think a guy is cute cos he won't step on ants I get super paranoid about stepping on ants too. Speaking of which...

I refuse to kill flies. They make such a gross splat! I stun them with a whip of my scarf or belt then drop them outside xD

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#21 MistGuardianChrome


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Posted 30 December 2008 - 10:31 PM



1. When I go to bed, and I'm lying on my bed. I often think about the fanfiction "Painless" for BoA x Jaejoong. And, I just think about BoJoong, and dream about them. xP Haha, I love that pairingg. I usually think about some pairing that I really love. Apparently right now, it's Bojoong. <3

2. I space out alot. Someone would be talking, and I'd be like, HUH?!

3. When I'm hyper off of chocolate, I can't stay still. And I spam the IRC chat sometimes...and I throw things across my room.

4. I hate this. But, I often think about death. I'm scared. The afterlife. Holy crap, I'm so scared. Like, What? Why? What If? Agh, Make it stop. T_T Great, that just ruined my mood...

5. I dream about meeting BoA somewhere randomly in the mall or amusement park and we hang out...Pshh..like that will happen..^^:;

6. If someone were to break into my house. I'd grab my violin bow and smack him or stab him. Or I'd kick em where they don't wanna be hit. Then if he/she is on the floor. I'd jump on em and grab their legs, and throw them outside the window. Grab rope. Tie em. This will all be done in less than 5 minutes. xP Then, of course, I'd get scared, obviously. And dial 911.

7. I often like pretending I have a Zanpakutou or Kido moves. xP So, I'd randomly go, "Chire, Senbonzakura!"

8. DBSK songs are always in my head for some reason. Often BoA, and CSJH too.
WTF. "Crazy" by Son Dam Bi is in my head. .__<

9. I change my Gmail status at least 10 times a day for no apparent reason. And it usually takes up the whole status limit. xP Two days ago, I changed my status at least 20 times.

10. I change my password for my computer user alot. And the desktop background at least once a week. I get sick of things easily..

Okay, I'm done.
I'm really bored...and kinda hyper..
but it's like 1:30am.

#22 wintery-days


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Posted 16 January 2009 - 06:48 AM

1. everytime i wash my hand, i'll wipe the excess water on my neck & eyes O_O

2. i sleep with 2 pillows by side, i don't feel comfortable is my back is not laying on something

3. also same like Beyondios, i'll go back to sleep to make my own ending xD

#23 Atlantis Princess

Atlantis Princess

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Posted 16 January 2009 - 07:54 AM

The weirdest thing I do is think stupid thoughts about places, for example: If I'm on a rollercoast I think, What would happen if this derailed now, or if I'm in a tall building I always think what if they windows just blew out...so on and so on. And I get really obsessed by the thoughts and end up asking other people there opinions and then freaking them out. :X

#24 sitinana


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Posted 17 January 2009 - 11:50 PM

OMG all the replies are so CUTEEEEE! (:


- if someone interrupts my sleep (to wake me up for school or whatever), I'll curse and curse and those cursing will become like some muffled words and I'm TRY to go back to sleep and make my own ending for my dream -.-

- and I've a nasty habit of scolding people of not waking me up, although they've tried to wake me for many many times, and I'll always plop back to sleep.

- I love to curl myself like a ball and have my blanket all over me plus 3 to 4 pillows all over me, and then I'll get pissed because I'll get suffocated and throw everything away and go back to sleep. And then, wake up in the middle of the night and I'll curl myself again with blanket and pillows and the cycle repeats itself, ALMOST EVERYDAY -.-

- I'll always get sleepy when talking to friends on the phone (no matter what time of the day it is), and super hyperactive when I'm reading a book or playing the computer anytime of the day.

- I like to reread books and rewatch dramas. I never get bored of things. I can put a particular song on repeat and keep listening to it for 1 to 2 months.

- and I've great OCD too. When I place certain things on my table, I expect people not to touch them or move them an inch, if not I'll get really really pissed. I always sort my pictures and songs very nicely. I can even make the effort to tag each song nicely, with the artist and name in properly order.

- I always have this "homely" feeling like Pei too

- When I do something for the person, I expect the person to say "Thank You", if not I'll be very crude and say. "Eh, someone has done for you a favour, can't you say a small thanks?" Ok that's rude, but I expect basic courtesy.

- I love to twirl my hair and play with my fringe when I'm reading anything., although my hair's very very curly.

- I love to have an identity for myself. That's why for my blog, I design my own blogskin, 'cause I can't stand people having the same blogskin as me. And also that's why I post all my replies in blue and my signature, well.... a weird dancing stickman :D

- and I love to personalise my laptop. Like creating my own wallpaper for my laptop or a different Mozilla Firefox skin.

- I love to press 'enter' many times when I type on MSN, Like after one word, I'll press enter. Thus my replies will be damn damn long. And I love to put 'lol' and '(:' unnecessarily.

- And I'm always longwinded -.-

#25 carollee206


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Posted 18 January 2009 - 12:33 AM

Yes! The dream thing!! I hate it when people interrupt my sleep XD especially when i'm having a good dream and actually remember it, i try to go back to sleep to finish it lol, but i wake up because it doesn't go anywhere :D

I am extremely paranoid and i'd just imagine the murder thing, especially with movies i've watched, and i'd be like if this happened...blah blah blah and so on XD My room is the closest to the stairs besides the bathroom O.O

I can't sleep if i can see light in the room, my room has to be pitch black for me to sleep :sly: cause I tend to stare at things and then start thinking about other stuff so i don't get to sleep until 5 hours later or something...

I believe in karma?

I talk to myself alot hahah i'm not crazy O.O and i'd sometimes make up character voices when reading books ( because i suddenly feel like talking rofl)

I'd imagine I'm a character from a video game or anime and what it's like to live in their world :D (KH/FF!!! ahahah naruto >.<) or i would imagine that they suddenly appear on Earth and how i'd help them kekekek...I need some drama in my life...it's so boring.


#26 Kung Fu Hung-Su

Kung Fu Hung-Su

    My girlfriend just dumped me. -_-

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Posted 18 January 2009 - 12:36 AM

I thought of more xD

I really like when people call me "darling" or "honey". It makes me feel like a little kid :D

And on that same note, I like when girls call me Hun-Su instead of Hung-Su...cos it sounds a bit like hon, short for honey, haha xD

I don't like it when guys call me Hung-Su. I'll always tell them my name is just Hung, cos to me, it feels like when someone calls me Hung-Su, they know me a little more intimately than others...ok for girls but not ok for guys, cos I aint gay/bi, sorry!

I kinda like being hit on by guys in clubs...not that I'll ever say yes, I just like a bit of reassurance that I would be worth dating xD

I'm obsessed with tiny birds and families of ducks :] Tiny birds that make a cute cacophany of tweets, and baby ducks that make lots of peeps, and also walk in cute straight lines across the road xD

I acquire thousands upon thousands of songs (17000 at last count!)...but only have about 120 songs on my mp3 player. xD

The only way I can read a book, is if I pretend i'm reading it to an audience of little kids xD

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#27 boafan_1


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Posted 19 January 2009 - 01:01 AM

1. I randomly break out dancing for no reason whatsoever; I just have to make sure no one's looking - the truth is; I can't really dance ><

2. When it's dark, I get scared that there might be someone out there who might kill me.

3. I haven't done this for a while, but, I have to find the most comfortable position to sleep/nap on on the back ledge of the pew in front during a boring sermon. Oh, I'm such a bad girl~ ><;

4. On my old mp3 I had this horrible pixel lines and I would always try to make them go away - I had to get a new one because I was starting to go a little crazy... ><;

5. I like to sleep on the carpet - usually has to be soft though...

6. I like to make endings to my dreams too; for exactly the same reason: accomplishment!

7. I like to make up a story so I can somehow dream it; it never works ><;

8. Like Beyondios too, I like to pick things from the middle when I go shopping - for the same reasons.

9. I also pick things from the middle/not the top on food platters or party food plates etc. because I'm scared of where some people's hands might of been...

10. Exactly like isolated-angel (hey, we're almost the same age, and we live in the same country!) - Lol, I thought I was the only one - I live in a fantasy world too; one went on for one year and then stopped and another one has gone for over a year (still continuing because I randomly think of it - usually when I go out for a walk...) - there's like a pile of exercise books and a folder on my laptop dedicated to it (so embarrassing)...

11. I get annoyed when people on forums don't reply/leave a comment about graphics I make.

12. I get annoyed on forums when people haven't posted in one of my forums by the time I come back the next day.

13. I hate it when people I'm not familiar with/not good friends/not family brush against me or touch me. I always brush off that spot.

14. I get angry when people are rude to me. Which mentions; last week I pushed a lady's basket forward for her in an ultra-long shopping line and she came back and never thanked me. I was like to my mum, I could skipped past her... ><;

15. Imperfections make me freak out - big time...

It was really fun reading the comments; they're all really funny and entertaining ><

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