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*** Y2Kevtjai's EMP ***

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#1 Y2Kevtjai


    K n K`s Fansubs

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Posted 31 January 2009 - 07:04 AM

*** Welcome to the EMP from Y2Kevtjai ***

Whoa I never thought I would spent soo many hours writing a EMP ^^
Please don't get mad at me or throw things. Haha I'm not soo creative. I hope you guys don't mind.
Okay I'll start with a short introduction about myself.

My name is Kevin and I joined the BoAjjang community in May 2007. I saw BoA for the first time watching her My Name Music Video. I was soo impressed by her dancing skills. And she's kawaii too. But in a different way. It's hard for me to describe.

Still I wanted to see the MV in a better quality so I started searching and came accross BoAjjang. During that time there were quite some Music Video's from BoA subbed by the BoAjjang & Kuraki-Fans Subbing Squad along with Karaoke effects. Truly awesome and pleasing to the eyes.

To be honest I was actually a silent leecher for almost a year. Just collecting video's and nothing more. Shame on me! Suddenly there was a change in April 2008 and I started to post more in other sections too. But the real posting madness started for me when BoAjjang recovered after the server crash during July/August 2008. Because I started to make some awesome friends here which you can see here below. Some are almost family to me ^_^

At the same time during my posting madness I made huge improvements when it comes to encoding. I think a lot people do prefer my encodes nowadays and trust me when it comes to quality. Also K n K`s Subbing Team has been born and will continue subbing BoA performances when possible.

I thank BoA from the bottom of my heart. It's her music and her awesome dancing skills that keeps me admiring her hard work ^_^
You deserve the title Best of Asia BoA! Good luck in America and we will all support you forever :wub:

Posted Image

Clarissa (Elusion)
You are the first person I really started to know more about. I still remember you used that cute avatar with BoA and the spoon in front of her eyes. I still think it's very cute and I thank you for that photo you send to me :D

Do you remember when we played the hide and seek game at the Downloads section when no one was spamming with you? Haha we even made someone totally mad for spamming his thread. Since you're always complaining your PC is so slow I'll give a very stylish notebook. A Sony Vaio TT. It can hold up to 9.5 hours using the Stamina mode ;)

Posted Image

You'll always be a wonderful sister to me and expect more dedications from me to come. HI-5! :hug:

Jieming (kyo_jieming2000)
Okay like most of you guys have said already. This guy is really everywhere at BoAjjang. You really can't miss his posts. I sometimes call you Jieming and everyone thinks that's weird?! If there's any particular performance from our precious BoA we don't know about or need some extra information you're right man to ask! Also very skilled in searching. Ask the Search King! :wub:

Since you probably always will have a bigger collection of Full HD performances from BoA than me you must watch it on a good screen. So no more watching Full HD scaled down to 720p at your notebook screen. Watch it at the native resolution on a Sony BRAVIA 70" XBR LCD Flat Panel.

BoA in Full HD! :wub:

Posted Image

Katrina (tin)
I think we were destined to meet each other. I remember you shared various concerts and performances from BoA along with subtitles. You once said your encoding skills weren't that great and I was right there to provide help. And what happened? K n K`s Subbing Team has been born ^_^

Yay!! I'm glad to have you as my subbing partner. We form a great team together and we really understand each other. Too bad you couldn't be here because of your duties at University. I wish you all the best and come back to me ASAP when you have free time so we can start our K n K`s projects again.

Subbing performances can be quite time consuming and tedious. Since you do the K n K`s projects with me on a non profit base I'll try to give you something that should make your subbing work more comfortable. Some decorations in your room might help :D

Posted Image

Miss you Katrina :hug:

Lisa (-nothing-)
Before I met you I always thought you and Clarissa were really sisters from each other. Before the server crash I always saw you creating various polls at the General BoA* Chat section. You were also a very good spammer. You easily could spam all day! However just like me you are at University too and there comes a time we need to step away from our Internet life...

I think you're very creative with all the flashy stuff in your signature. Haha I'm so not creative. You are also a very kind person. And you even have relatives in the country where I live. I really hope to meet you someday and I wish you all the best with your studies at University. You'll make it and keep it up!

I'll give you a Belkin Wireless N+ Router. Because you always complain when you need to share your Internet connection with your brother it'll become very slow. Such a device can handle such network traffic better. I hope you'll like it ;)

Posted Image

To the big uploaders here:
worldofboaandme --- Just the biggest uploader here and probably has the biggest BoA collection.
budonkadonk --- Thanks for all your recordings from BoA when she performs in Japan.
nilvesse --- Thanks for the Song Performance threads. You're the queen when it comes to this! ;)

Thanks for all the BoA goodness you guys have been sharing here at the Downloads section. My precious BoA collection would never have been what it's now without you guys. As a gratitude from me I'll give you guys a NAS storage device for your never ending growing BoA collection ^_^

Posted Image

Stores up to 6TB. That should be enough for now ;)

Matthew (sennheiserlover)
It makes sense you're using this member name. sennheiser headphones remain a well known quality standard amongst headphones. More than a year ago I was fascinated how some pro encoders here made those neat and clean looking encodes. And you are the most obvious one of course. Everyone told me to wait for Matt and that's you of course.

Haha somehow I really miss your ANTI-LEECH threads. Your laziness isn't really good for you. I'll give you a pair of 2 GTX295 for Quad SLI allright? Then you should be able to clean your encoding folder with tons of video's very fast. Come back with your encodes!!

Posted Image

Danny (kuraudo)
Haha I really needed to point you out. All the members cannot deny YOU are the most active staff member here. And your personality shows you will walk through the fire for BoA many times when needed. That's for sure. You're quite a guy with high quality standards too.

You used to create the good looking threads too at the Downloads section with animated GIFs and all. Bring back the good old puzzles to stress the leechers here again! :wub:

I'll give you 4x Dell WFP2408 Full HD monitors. Prepare yourself for the upcoming Quad Full HD standard. This can also be useful for your high demanding audio processing programs.

Posted Image

Although I don't know you that good most people do know your face. Really YOU are a camwhore! And also someone who really dies for Hikki <3 I'm still a great fan of her too :D

You also do some subbing. And I must say they really look good. Maybe you wanna join K n K`s team someday ;)

Go back make better pictures using this new camera. Get your act together and shoot your precious pics from your future girlfriend ;)

Posted Image

Trina (kawaiichii)
Your designs at the formerly known Graphics section were really awesome. It was obvious your thread was the hottest one in that section. Every time when I visit your kawaii creations I see outstanding, cute and elegant designs from you ^_^

Too bad some things happened which made you decide to leave this forum and continue with your designs somewhere else. Still you'll remain a known member here as some members here will keep using your designs as their avatar and signature.

I'll give you a Wacom Cintiq 12WX LCT Tablet :D

Posted Image

Trieu (torukun2)
Did you ever noticed we have the same Birthday? Except for the year of course. Better not make it 1 April :wub:
I don't know you that well yet but Mr. 999 no.3 won't say no to a iPod Gift Card right? :wub:

Posted Image

Gaby (rainbowbeat)
I think it's the first time you got mentioned in a EMP at BoAjjang. It doesn't surprise me we get to know each other too since you're a very good friend of Lisa. Or maybe I better say sisters from each other ^_^

Since you like orange and monkeys so much this is my gift to you.

Posted Image

Leanie (boafan_1)
You are also a great designer Leanie and still improving too.

I'll just give you a set of flowers for decoration. That should do ^^

Posted Image

Linda (pupluvgurl)
You always keep saying you act like a kid. Most of us disagree though. It's good you are already very grown up. The world wouldn't stress that much if a people were just like you. I've seen enough other adults who still act childish sometimes -_-

You were also very happy I was one of the few members who typed your member name in the correct way. Isn't that right Miss Linda? Whoops hope you don't mind I say miss :P

A iPod Touch for you :)

Posted Image

Jason ([BoA] MU)
You won't be forgotten Jason. BoAjjang most famous Mr. 999. Haha maybe you should have changed your custom title to Mr. 999. Anyway probably you are the first active member of BoAjjang that has been stuck at 999 posts for a long time. So now I joined the Mr. 999 club as the number 2 and Trieu as the number 3 :D

Since I posted my EMP now you must keep your promise. Gogogo come up with your sacred EMP!!!

A MU fan needs to visit one of the matches there for REAL. It's soo much better than watching it on television. So here you'll receive a free ticket from me and a Bonus item :lol:

Posted Image Posted Image

John (Zap)
Mr. John. Where should I start? Obviously the melody. part first. You are a great fan of melody. and so am I. Thanks for sharing all the melody. goodness since I became active here. Without you I really don't know where to get her stuff. And thanks for letting me now use your previous melody. avatar and signature set ^_^

I was surprised you were still using a Pentium 4 for encoding. Things really need to speed up for you :o
You got your TV tuner fired up for BoA performances in the US. Make good use from the new horsepower ;)

Posted Image

To the BoAjjang staff
Without you guys there wouldn't be BoAjjang and I thank you all. A must visit community and forum for me every day! Hmm a preset for all of you would be very hard to choose. You staff members should have a cocktail together from time to time. I'll give you this set of cocktail glasses.

Posted Image

Thanks you all for reading this long EMP. Bye! ^^

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

#2 Mardy Bum

Mardy Bum

    My family just disowned me!

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Posted 31 January 2009 - 07:22 AM


#3 Raul


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Posted 31 January 2009 - 07:22 AM

1st post!!!

OMG Kevin!!! Congrats!!!

I guess that definition suits mehhh *blush*

Ahh, i'm using different software @[email protected] the basic windows movie maker... we'll if you mind teaching me stuffs XD i'm willing to!

THanks for the gift!!!

hohoho, i'm excited with the future girlfriend too :P

and let's share the BoAjjang love!!!!

#4 jjcb1987


    BoA*'s Chocolover

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Posted 31 January 2009 - 07:34 AM

congrats on ur EMP Kevin!! =D though it ain't tat simple but is sweet!! XD go on more and stay pro active to get ur FEP!!! =X ciao!!

#5 boaislove


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Posted 31 January 2009 - 07:49 AM

Now I know why you weren't able to post that much today. You're preparing for this grand Emp post!

Congratulations to you Kevin :wub: It's nice to have you as a fellow member here in BoAjjang. The effort that you give for the forums, especially in the BoA downloads section, we appreciate it so much. You probably have two of the most sensitive eyes when it comes to BoA videos :wub: Thanks also for helping me before.

May the following years be more fun for you here in these forums. More power to you. :P

#6 Elusion



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Posted 31 January 2009 - 07:58 AM

HEY. U beat Mr 999 to this! LOL. I bet u couldnt resist posting..cos being stuck at 999 isnt a good feeling afterall..(for those who dont know, ask jason!)
Anyway, gratz man. Hope Kat will have time to visit this section and post here to congratulate u too.
And..ur EMP is quite long too, just like mine, hahaha.
We started being active at around the same "era" and so...im glad that u finally got ur EMP after posting so much in the downloads section..which means contributions..

For all ur encodes and re-encodes and wadever info for the vids..

Here's a hoodie for you to remain warm in the cold freaking weather there!
Posted Image

and also...
Posted Image

Sorry, all Aeropostale. I thought their design was kinda simple but nice :wub:

But hey, how can i forget that ur such an IT savvy person..duh!

I know you dont like gaming, but this is not a RPG type game!
Posted Image
hope u can get as amazing as those i have seen..:wub:

Lastly, ur kind of skinny..so im gonna share this pizza I had earlier on during the CNY gathering..:P
Posted Image

To end of..I will help u collect your debt!

JASON. Where's your emp now? :wub:

#7 runaway


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Posted 31 January 2009 - 04:09 PM

you joined BJJ later than me and I'm still so faraway from my EMP *hides in a corner*

btw... your encodes are awesome!! :)

#8 RisingSunRocks


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Posted 31 January 2009 - 04:18 PM

Congrats on hitting the big 1K :)

#9 kuraudo


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Posted 31 January 2009 - 04:38 PM

Congrats on your 1K, Y2k! Hahaha..now spam your way to get 11K more :lol:.

A few points
- Quad HD is cool, i think if I had that many monitors I'd still only use one, or maybe 2. I'd sell the other 3 and I'd benefit from 4 more Xeon processors, actually, & 4 more gigs of ram ;) .
- I want that iPod touch.
- I'm hungry, and that Pizza sure looks good.
- Nvidia's design is looking like a VHS cassette tape. Their video cards are getting bigger, not smaller as time goes by. Haha , reverse technology. Still, Nvidia is too powerful vs. ATi these days.

Thanks a lot for the shoutout, man :)

#10 boamyprayer


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Posted 31 January 2009 - 07:11 PM


#11 [email protected]

[email protected]

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Posted 31 January 2009 - 08:15 PM

i thought u will be joining 999 posts club for quite a time... lol..

#12 boafan_1


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Posted 31 January 2009 - 09:45 PM


*fireworks* You've finally reached the desired vaults of 1k!!! (dunno if that makes sense?)

Thanks for the gift~ I'll set it up somewhere >< Lol.



    The Fire Rose

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Posted 31 January 2009 - 09:54 PM

Congratulations on your EMP! :)

#14 Zap


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Posted 31 January 2009 - 10:15 PM

Kevin, congrats on your EMP!!! I was so happy to see that on this special occasion you're wearing the melody. avatar I gave you ;)

I had to read the whole post, wondering if my name was on the next line - before seeing my name all the way down at the end! Saved the best for last? :lol: LOL

Thanks for the kind words, it's so nice to know my sharing the melody. perfs here made so much difference!

(Yeah a quad-core would be really nice...)

Glad to have you here and so active, you're a great friend and really enrich the community :)

#15 -nothing-


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Posted 31 January 2009 - 10:39 PM

Posted Image

heyo Kev!!! ^^
LOL.. u're also kind person and glad to be ur friend :lol:
thanks for the present :) I like it~ Posted Image

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