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Posted 18 February 2009 - 08:46 PM


For the past couple months, people have been posting threads in the Serious Discussions forums to either whine or wanting advice about their problems. Unfortunately, if any of you have actually read the pinned thread to this sub-forum, it says:

The Serious Discussions forum was created as a place for the more thoughtful members at BoAjjang to discuss topics in a more mature manner.


This forum is for mature, intelligent conversation.

We have no problem if you want to post for advice, but do not do it in Serious Discussions forums! Please post in The Lounge. Anyone posting anything of the like in Serious Discussions will be warned!

Need a review of the rules and you're too lazy to click on the Regulation thread?:

The Serious Discussions forum was created as a place for the more thoughtful members at BoAjjang to discuss topics in a more mature manner. BoAjjang is not a discriminatory place, and thus all members are welcome to post in this forum. However, although we do not discriminate on age or race, we must ensure that Serious Discussions does not become another spam forum: all the posts in this forum must be mature. As a result, you must abide by the following rules to participate in this forum. Breaking these rules can result in your posts being edited or deleted or your account being warned or banned.

1) Only post if you have something constructive to offer to the discussion, i.e. no ONE LINER or "I fully agree" ALLOWED!

2) All members must express tolerance for the views of other members. If you disagree with someone else, make a post that intelligently refutes his or her points, don't just go and bash them personally.

3) An ability to properly use the English language shows maturity. Use correct grammar and spelling in your posts. The Serious Discussions forum is not a place for "lolx hehe I sooo agreez! tongue.gif"

4) Unless you can somehow convey your point(s) brilliantly, Stay away from one-liners and short replies. If you don't know or 'dunno', don't post!

5) The rules of BoAjjang apply to this forum, but will be enforced more strictly. If you cannot follow the basic rules of BoAjjang in the section that requires the most maturity, then you should not only not post in the Serious Discussions forum, but anywhere else as well. We suggest reading the rules again before posting.

6) The Serious Discussions forum will be strictly moderated to ensure a high level of maturity in thought and discussion. You may have your threads and posts closed, edited, or deleted without warning if moderators feel that you've made a post for the sake of posting. This means you CANNOT post an article and have NOTHING to say about it!

7) If you are going to discuss a news article, comment and provide some insight on it. Simply posting a link or copy/pasting the thread does not contribute to the Serious Discussions forum. If you are copy/pasting a news item, please place it in [ quote ] tags, or somehow make the text visually different from your commentary (i.e., smaller size, italics, etc.)

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