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Posted 19 February 2009 - 02:12 PM

Rules to General BoA* Chat

I. GOLDEN RULE: The following types of threads are not allowed:
» Bashing; whether it is just discussing BoA antis or right out bashing.
If you're bashing BoA, what are you doing here anyways? Get out.
» Rumors ; do not discuss any type of false rumors, be it surgery or her personal life.
BoA has her own private life that we as fans should respect and butt out of.
» Disrespecting; BoA is a human being and does not need you or anyone to treat her like she's a sex toy.
II. BEFORE STARTING A THREAD; please keep in mind the following:
» Ask yourself, is there a similar topic already posted?
If there is, then don't post, obviously.
» Ask yourself, does this thread belong in General BoA* Chat?
Is it related to BoA? Then, yes it does. If it doesn't, then don't post.
Threads about other artists whether it be a Korean, Japanese, American, or English artist goes to Other Music.
Threads about any actors or anything else belong in The Lounge.
» Ask yourself, will this thread generate discussion?
If it doesn't, don't post. (i.e. "BoA's Myspace/Facebook/Official Site has been updated!!", "OMG I have the same bookshelf that BoA has in her EYU vid! lolz")
If you have a picture to show and are going to have an opinion on it that will generate discussion, please post in Eye Candy
» Asking a question? Make sure it's somewhat BoA related and that it isn't a question that has been asked in the past 6 months. Please use the search function.
» DO NOT just post a youtube link (or any link for that matter) and be done with it. For example, do not post a youtube link to a performance and say "Have you seen this?". It has to generate discussion! Discussions will always start with the starting poster, not everyone else. If you still want to post a youtube video, please post in this thread.
» You don't have to like everyone here. You don't have to like me or any other staff members, but be COURTEOUS to one another. Otherwise, the end result will be suspension for an indefinite amount of time. And an important thing to note to oneself is to especially NOT be rude to a staff member. You may face even more dire consequences. So if you don't want this to happen to you, then keep your cool and don't be rude.

IV. THREAD CLOSED!? Was your thread closed? It may be because:
» It was a really stupid thread.
» You asked a question and it was answered.
» It didn't belong in General BoA* Chat.
» You/Someone bumped the thread.
» A similar thread has already been created beforehand.
» You asked for it to be closed.
» The thread is getting out of control (i.e. unresolved arguing, etc)
» You just posted a link and was done.
V. WHEN POSTING in a thread, please consider the following or you may be warned:
» Be courteous.
» Double (triple, quadruple, etc..) posting. If you really need to double post, wait at least 72 hours (3 days).
» Post at least one sentence on topic of the thread. A smiley face, "lol" or anything of the kind is spam. Go to the Spam Section for that.
» Avoid going off topic.
» Do not have mindless conversations. If you want to speak to a member(s), get their AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc, and speak to them on there. Or Private Message them.
» Do not bump your threads to get people to post in them!
» Have you read the BoAjjang Rules/FAQs yet? It's not that long. There are TEN rules, each broken down to be as specific as possible. The rest of the list are individual rules of each forums and are a quick read. It'll probably take you 10-15 minutes to read. Spending 10-15 minutes of your time will hopefully allow you to avoid suspension or even worse, banning. The excuse "I didn't know" is getting real tiring.

» Posting "Hey, this is in the wrong section." or "PLEASE CLOSE THIS!" or any others of this kind is NOT HELPING. There is a report button on the bottom left of every post everyone makes. PLEASE use that function! Do not take things into your own hands! That is why we have a moderating staff! If "Member1" has broken some sort of rule, please click the report button on "Member1's" post. This will enable a mass PM to everyone on staff with moderating power. This goes to EVERY other forums and not just this one. Reports are quickly taken care of.

If you have a complaint about a member, feel free to PM any Global Moderator (Uni, omegadude, Olivia) or Forum Moderator (boanjel for Eye Candy, RockWithMe192 (for Downloads and Member's Creation).

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