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The Unedited Eat You Up Music Video ("American" Version)

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#31 Hyunbin


    Wowow! BoA is awesome!

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 07:59 PM

i actually like the blonde wig on her... just not for this video.... and just not in that outfit and with that backdrop :blink:

#32 NikuZ


    Forever Jumping in the Stars

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 08:19 PM

Here U Can Download the Video : http://forums.boajja...howtopic=115693

#33 Kenzaki


    My girlfriend just dumped me. -_-

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 08:34 PM

I'm glad they made the asian one

#34 takato-nohara


    Wowow! BoA is awesome!

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 08:51 PM

OMG This version makes Diane Version's Worth the money! I mean, It works... She looks sexy, she looks gorgeous and she's dancing too, and all that without any "moving Moon" or "Snow falling background", though I must admit I HATE that Wig HAHAHA But they can always release a 3rd version without the blond wig... I mean, It's been more than half a year since they released EYU for the first time and they keep releasing new EYU Edits xD It's Kinda Funny XD

#35 hinachan


    I miss my mom so much....

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 08:57 PM

Its was kind okay. BoA look pretty hot; not digging the blond wig part though and did not like the part where she with the white dude.

Can we please just say "with the dude", and eliminate the racist "white dude" remark? Thank you.

#36 tofur


    I know BoA*

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 08:57 PM

Not gonna lie, that turned me on. She's not bad looking as a blonde too. She should try it out one of these days. Very sexy video.

#37 shan021


    mmm... BoA's cute

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 10:34 PM

well, kinda like it except for the blonde-wig-i-don't-like-it part..
oh and also, there's a part where boa's face were really really close to the boy's face

#38 Y2Kevtjai


    K n K`s Fansubs

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 11:50 PM

That blonde wig was kinda fail. But I think most will agree that blond hair for asians doesn't suit.
But yeah the post-production was just terrible as many mentioned here. Especially the compositing.

#39 BoAmotion


    mmm... BoA's cute

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 11:59 PM

i actually enjoyed the music video, even though there's no doubt that the production looks cheap.
the scene with the caucasian guy reminds me of britney's womanizer.
BoA's super aggressive with the guy. lol.
god i love her hair.

and BoA with the blonde hair was EPIC.
she hot.

#40 Kitsune


    da quacky quackquack quack-master

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Posted 21 April 2009 - 12:20 AM

okay haha. i'm glad that there is no snow moon background fakeness..


the one with BoA's hair up in a pony tail.. looked weird on her o__O

the song is Eat You Up but when shes with the guy.. its like she just walks around him xD it looked kind funny when she grabbed his wifebeater and then pulled him and nothing really happened. he just stayed the same..

some parts in the beginning the lip sync looked funny. but eh. haha

i don't think BoA should be like yeah with the guy she just needs a more powerful role.. i dunno if that made sense.. he doesnt look to swayed by BoA sadly. xD but then.. honestly who WOULDN'T be swayed by BoA.. weird guy.. xD

please please please.. toss the blonde wig of death hahaha.

#41 Heartbeat


    Teh Hajiman Sexy Fail Kru's Banana >D

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Posted 21 April 2009 - 12:42 AM

i guess i am the only one who likes the blonde wig xD
I loled at some of the scenes where it looks like BoA is abusing the dude.

#42 Xeno


    Wowow! BoA is awesome!

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Posted 21 April 2009 - 08:00 AM

This was my fave version of EYU.

#43 Merzitar


    I'm an official BoA fan!

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Posted 21 April 2009 - 08:38 AM

This is like the 4th version of the video now lol. I liked it actually but there were too many "Changes" if you know what I mean. BoA looked really strage with that blonde wig don't ya think? but it suits her (but take away the black leather PLEASE!! it looked good in I Did It For Love but it's juts a horrid suit I think in that version of Eat you up lol :blink:). I understand why they changed the mix though... BoA gets quite... Personal with that guy! lol but did any of you realise that it's also the very early mix of the song too.

#44 PinkStarry


    Boa's Cheerleader★

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Posted 21 April 2009 - 08:55 AM

OMG. Her hair was pulled up so tightly OMG.
N the wig....-.-

#45 Starbolt


    Wowow! BoA is awesome!

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Posted 21 April 2009 - 09:02 AM

They should've never used a edited background... Now it's just plain...
It was way better if it was recorded somewhere else... Outside? On a roof? In a building?

Anyways, I like this version better then the first one...

Btw: It doesn't look like an 'unedited version' to me... To me it feels like a "unfinished second version"...

Edited by Starbolt, 21 April 2009 - 09:07 AM.

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