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What do you think of BoAjjang forums right now?!?!

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#1 Cori


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 12:05 AM

Im asking this question personally.
Not representing the staff at all.

I want to know what members think of BoAjjang at the moment. Speaking as a member for a second here.
BoAjjang is TOTALLY different then when I joined back in 2004.
Members are not as up-beat about things, some staff barely gets on anymore, and we have more guests then we do registered members.
BoA is also less active so there is less news to report on.

Also, not only do I want to hear your comments about the forums, I want to hear what you think BoAjjang should DO differently. What staff AND members need to start doing to make BoAjjang thriving again. BoAjjang used to be very active and fun and ALIVE!
Posted Image
Traffic is declining.
Posted Image
And so are pageviews.

Speaking as a staff now.
We have tried a lot of things to try to get members active again, contests, the radio, Uni even tried organizing another collaboration. Unfortunately, not many people responded to such a thing.
Although BoAjjang is a popular BoA website, we have yet to come in OFFICIAL contact with BoA via BoAjjang. While many sites, for newer artists, have found themselves getting vists from the artist(s) every couple of months.

What are we doing wrong to make this site deplinish from the once thriving site we had?
I know the crash didn't help but with little staff knowing how to run a server, we have to wait till help comes to us.
Im sick of sitting around and doing nothing about it.

(Put this in The Lounge because I knew that no one would see it in the BoAjjang Related section.)

#2 keepsgettinbetter


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 01:39 AM

I've been here for like a year now. I think it's a nice forum, but it's just not active enough. There's like what, 20 regulars? I don't come here as much as AHS because I know there's probably not going to be anything new. To be honest, I don't know what you can do. I know I came here when I found out BoA was going to America, so maybe once another major event happens, we'll get more regulars etc? idk :/

#3 Nikki


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 01:50 AM

Well, I don't think the popularity of BoAjjang, as a site, has anything to do with whether or not BoA visits it. BoA's an extremely busy person and I'm fairly certain that, despite her saying that she reads websites and stuff.. she doesn't have enough time to do it. I honestly don't even think that it's really her on her twitter making those posts. It's probably a staff member pretending to be her.

I know that you guys have to wait for help to come to you, but I honestly believe that the root of the site's traffic problems are at the fact that this year, the site has been incredibly spotty with its up-time. Many, many times in the last four or five months, I've come to the site to find it down, thinking, "Oh, yep, it's down again. I'll check back in two days, because it'll probably be up by then." - I'm sure a lot of people had this mindset, and.. perhaps a lot of people forgot to check back. Or perhaps people.. found another.. place to get their information. Unfortunate, but.. yeah. I'm certain that the website will regain its popularity, now that it's up and will likely continue to be up for awhile.

That said, there are a lot of ideas floating about in the GenChat section regarding a letter writing campaign, or some sort of other blitzing campaign to try to get SME's attention with regards to BoA's US endeavors - Perhaps BJJ could consider making that front page news so as to try to bring the community together more? It may increase visits - I'm not sure and I won't pretend like that's some sort of guarantee, but it may help.

A few years ago, I remember there was this big campaign to have a bunch of fan-letters and such delivered to BoA -- I remember e-mailing one into you guys, and then.. the project came to a halt for some reason? I forget what happened, but I remember it fell through. Perhaps you guys could try something like that again? That may get people visiting.

But, really, I think if you guys just continue to do what you're doing - contests, promoting the radio show, activities involving forum members - without system problems, the traffic will come back.

Websites tend to have fluctuations in popularity. Sometimes, you'll have months where it doesn't seem to be doing well, others will be ridiculously active. There's nothing necessarily wrong with the site - For what it's worth, I think it's absolutely fantastic [I've been coming back since 2004. :)] - it's just some months are better than others. It'll pick up again. :P

#4 Y2Kevtjai


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 01:53 AM

Honestly saying BoAjjang isn't fun at all the past months.

Although I joined at May 2007 I only became active somewhere August/September 2008. Back then I had lots fun with some members here. Why BoAjjang is so quiet can have several reasons. Please do not flame on me. They are just suggestions.

1. Active members
Active members provide higher chances of interaction and thus new threads. There are probably more discussions you want to participate. On the other hand some won't come back after a major server crash so easily or just got really busy with their personal life.

I do know a lot members visit BoAjjang daily but just don't post. I'm like that too because there isn't anything "interesting" to do. Hopefully someday there'll be a turning point in the active members just enough to trigger other members to join and stay active too in the forums.

2. BoA
Maybe some have lost interest in her?

The forums is there because of BoA. What she does in her career can make her have more or less fans. There's nothing wrong with that.

3. Music & Video
Other than discussing about BoA "all day" our eyes also wants to see her shine. And to me BoA doesn't seem to have lots new performances to show lately. Let alone decent video quality gets released through the regular "channels"... Yes a big part referring to her US related works. It's simply crap compared to her Japanese stuff.

If I'm gone it is almost certainly bye bye stunning quality videos at BJJ. Both sennheiserlover and sukibei aren't active anymore already. Pray for a replacement then :P

What should you guys do? I don't think you guys can change much about 1 and 2 listed above. New members and current members have to change the current BJJ together. And hopefully BoA will appeal more new fans.

#5 budonkadonk


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 04:09 AM

It just boils down to the lack of community... in my opinion, at least.

Around 2004-early 2006, you had a great bunch of regulars that kept things lively. Newcomers felt welcomed and encouraged to stay by the large group of regulars.

The first large site crash really caused the population to dwindle... a decent amount of the community survived, but the next crash seemed to be the final nail in the coffin. Couple that with the constant site downtime, and folks just stop coming.

I remember going for work, coming home, and seeing that there were over 20 pages of unread threads to go through... that was just in a span of 12 hrs... now, I can not click the search button at the top for a week, and see that there's only like 6 pages of threads.

The staff has been doing great things for the site, but it's really up to the members to keep things alive.

I have some pretty good prizes to give out, but seeing the lack of motivation on the site really makes it difficult for me to put the effort into contests for them.

We have one of the nicest looking sites on the web, a great staff that actively searches to bring fresh news/great contests, and pretty much anything BoA-related that a person could want. Not really sure what else we can do for the masses.

Really, the only thing I would suggest is just to diversify; keep everything BoAjjang driven, but put out more news about the Japanese and Korean music scenes... don't have to be direclty BoA related...

We have a small, loyal user base that has stayed with us over the years... I just hope we can bring more on board to join them.

#6 upstream


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 08:20 AM

yes. boajjang is definitely fun and upbeat a few years ago (specifically 2006-2008 year :P). some factors why the visits are declining is because

1. old members tends to be pretty busy. people who are in college during 2006-2008 year are now working and doesnt have much time to visit the site. new members now does not have much to do since BoA is on a haitus too not like a few years ago =s.
2. everything BoA is shared during last year that only a few left for newbies to share.
3. multiple server crash. i know some members that dont visit boajjang because they thought were gone. and or we will crash again
4. lost interest in BoA and/or Boajjang

BoAjjang radio rawks! too bad i always missed it xD

i was expecting when BoA goes to america. forum will be more active. but obviously its not. anyway, i love boajjang and i wont leave. haha.

#7 ach003


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 08:51 AM

I joined BoAjjang in late 2006 before that first big crash. Before it happened I remember loving this forum for how friendly and chatty everyone was, and how informative the site was about not only BoA, but many other great artists and their music. There were devoted uploaders in the downloads section which I believe is/was a great appeal to new users (thats what got me to join). There were also members like Odyism, Ricadonna, etc. who kept it lively (and sometimes questionable) but they have since gotten banned. I think members like that were good for the forum because they were such loud personalities that bad or good, they kept things interesting.

I remember staff being a lot more enthusiastic as well, inviting me to chat on irc or being especially informative or helpful on the forums without seeming like authority...more like friendly people.

Just like it probably took some time for bjj to become popular in the beginning, it needs time now. Crashes may as well erase all the history of this site and start everyone off from scratch. I imagine newer users at the times of the crash got frustrated by investing so much time into posting and forming the community only to lose it all.

Two things in my mind can help BJJ. Make the Downloads section more lively and more "leecher friendly"...I know that sounds bad but when I first joined it was so easy to pop in and download stuff and run away. Frustration with/putting requirements on leechers has increased since I joined (though it seems that there aren't many DLing requirements put up by uploaders at the current time) , and since leeching is how many BJJ members start off, maybe it wouldn't hurt to just live with the fact that peope leech? :/

The second is to make things more personal and friendly, like they were before. The conversations back in 2006 were a lot more personal and friendly, it was as if everyone (at least active members) got to know eachother and expressed interest in getting to know others. Nearly all of the mods were most inviting, and got people into BoA and the community by leading by example and being really verbal on the forums.

To sum it all up, people come for the downloads, and stay for the community. Improve these areas and I think BJJ will bounce back!

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#8 korniceman3000



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Posted 27 September 2009 - 10:23 AM

It's pretty much like any other forum that is devoted to only one artist... When that artist is either inactive or losing popularity, there is also a tendency for forum views/activity to diminish. Part of the reason why forums for groups tend to do better is due to the activities of it's individual members which provide constant news and publicity. BoA's absence in both the Korean and Japanese markets have adversely affected the interest of Boajjang members and also limited the number of new viewers... The community was strong back in the My Name/GOT/BOS days because of the constant influx of BoA sightings, tv appearances, news, music videos, and PV's circulating the net. With that gone, members have turned to other Kpop artists who have a constant stream of activity thus gradually reducing their overall interest in Boajjang. Maybe Boajjang should try to expand it's size in something that covers all of SM Ent. rather than a singular approach upon BoA. By doing so, you could atleast draw upon SNSD, TVXQ, Shinee, and Super Junior fans...

BTW, is it just me or is the javachat server down?

#9 BoaFan4eva


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 12:04 PM

I don't think it BoAjjang fault.
I blame BoA for it.
Her music got boring and she don't even release a Korean Album anymore.
I think when BoA actually release something decent and good members will come back.
I don't even listen to BoA new album.I dislike her Eat You Up and everything she did in US.
I also think BoAjjang lost alot of member when we have alot of crash.
People slowly forget to come visit her because of the crash.
We lost alot of fun member who keep this forum running like the people in the spam forum.

#10 justforboa


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 02:27 PM

Honestly saying BoAjjang isn't fun at all the past months.
Yes a big part referring to her US related works. It's simply crap compared to her Japanese stuff.


Maybe it's also because she's not that popular anymore in places like South Korea, where she has been inactive for a long time (4 years?). Most popular of the year in South Korea is Super Junior and most popular right now is G-Dragon.

Sorry, Sorry was a critically and commercially succesful hit in Asia, becoming 2009's best-selling Korean-language album in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, and the Philippines.[2][3]


Music + Lyrics: G-Dragon
Album: G-Dragon Vol. 1 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" continues to be our No. 1 song for the 2nd straight week. This song has hit the top on every charts in Korea. It is a late coming but well deserved No. 1 on this chart. Perhaps this is going to be one of the biggest hits in 2009, "Heartbreaker" starts off with G-Dragon's powerful narration which is an instant attention getter, plus the additive melody of the song makes it an instant hit.


BoA's peak popularity years are 2002-2003 (when BJ website was first created) and has been falling ever since.

And lastly, I think a general kpop forum is more convenient for many people. These people not just loves BoA but other korean artists as well and they just don't want to go to several forums to get their news.

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#11 MistGuardianChrome


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 04:19 PM

BoAjjang. oh, how much I want to rant right now.
Prepare for an "essay" Cori. :)

When I joined last fall in November...oh gawd, I was in love with BoAjjang and BoA.. I could not tear myself away from it. I get everyday, at school even.
I love IRC also. People were friendly. I was spastic about BoA, obsessed even. She's my idol. She still is. but, I'm not as upbeat as I was before.

Reason being..
ever since that crash a few weeks ago..there weren't as much active members.
BoAjjang..well, the forum seems kind of, well, quiet, unlike the other forums.
I'm not as proud as I was before.

I recommend new staff members.
Getting new staff members, that are more responsible, and less busy.

The subbing team...what happened? I remember you guys asking for new timers, and stuff..but, really, nothing has really happened since then.
I think only one subbed video was released? Probably, more members on the subbing team might work as well.

New stuff added to the site..
Games...people love games.
A shoutbox. Just add one. I'm pretty sure people will join the shoutbox instead of the IRC channel..it's just mainly staff members in there..
Restricted areas unless you are a member, like Soshified...ect.. I know you guys started doing that, but maybe it's not enough.

possibly, it's just BoA.
She's not as active at the moment..
maybe news and annoucments need to be updated more often and more contests.. prizes given out..

New ideas need to be thrown out, and need to be agreed with.

Talk about more artists more.
Maybe even add seperate sections about them.

BoAjjang store?

Daily radio everyday... I miss radio.
I know you staff members are busy..and I miss you guys alot.
</3 :P
I mean..the admins..that are too busy to do anything..
Would it hurt for you guys to just..add stuff without their permission?

You know what, I don't even know anymore. i think I'm spouting nonsense at the moment. I'm just a teen that really doesn't know much.
I'm just probably getting desperate...I don't want BJJ to you know. stop. I miss those fun times in the past.
I'm sorry for saying all this crap.
I didn't mean to, it just.. came out.

Reply please? ;-;

#12 miduhyo


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 04:26 PM

Hmmm... I've been in Boajjang for a while (i know it says that i joined not even a year ago, but i had another username that i couldn't remember the password and i was inactive on that name for a LOOONG time so i created a new one... anyway, that's beyond the point) I've been here for a while and I remember back a little while ago when people would be here all the time just chatting, having fun, making jokes but with her American debut and with people having SUCH STRONG OPINIONS about it. Sometimes its almost like we're fighting each other over about it and with that, others just get mad and leave, and some just don't even bother with BoA anymore because they're so highly opinionated about it.

Also... BoA just isn't as active anymore at least not at the moment. She's too busy with flying back and forth and doing all of these opportunistic things (that are never really successful.... at least not yet) that we're not getting any new news. I mean, i check this site ALL THE TIME because I've met some really nice people here and because I keep hoping that some great news will pop up on our headlines... but nothing has really happened in a while. I mean... i think the most excited thing that i've seen on BJJ for a LONG time has been when BoA did the Youtube live and we were all posting on the thread and there were like 100 of us there! haha (i'm not sure how many were there but nonetheless it was fun) but still... that was a while ago and the site seems considerably different now.

I would definitely feel comfortable sitting here and telling you guys i'm a regular (whether or not you would say that... haha :P) so i've noticed these changes... the lounge thread is not as lively. Every once in a while I'll put up a thread in Other Music to try and get people to join into and start up conversation... but nada. I've got a little reply... but nothing special. If i was more creative i could probably tell you how to fix it but it seems to me that you guys have done a lot of what you're limited too. I think it depends on the loyalty of BoA fans and the loyalty of BJJ members.

So to finish this, I would say that BoA fans... we're creatures of habit. When she was in Korea, we hated the fact she went to Japan, and when she was in japan, we hated the fact that she went to the US. We want her to stay in one place and CONCENTRATE on that place, but that's NOT UP TO US! That's up to her and her company! And I think a couple of fans just get stubborn and leave on that. Is it BJJ staff members fault that BJJ is losing popularity? No, not at all. I mean, you guys have done a lot to try and get more fans.... So you guys are NOT to blame, its the inactivity of BoA and unable to give us more updated news.

I'll stay here for you guys for a while and I'll make sure to try and make the place more lively as I can! Maybe starting new threads... Uh... if i knew how to make quality video (i'll learn how to do that) i'll start posting those! I want to help you guys too!!

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#13 4761922860


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 04:32 PM

I am being seroius here.
If you want to make the forums active.
All you have to do is make a controversial statement and everyone will be all over you.
If you say something negative about BoA people will tend to jump on you too.

#14 Kwcty6888


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 04:52 PM

^ I don't think they're that desperate yet lol.

& I think it's nice.. but just not as active. There's a lot of complaining about her management, but I agree, and I think that's all we can do, since there's no real news to comment on most of the time...

#15 4761922860


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Posted 27 September 2009 - 04:59 PM

Yea, bad suggestion lmao.
Her sales are just like BoAjjang.
Decreasing in numbers...

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