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Police Beat ‘Gentle’ Homeless, Mentally Ill Man to Death

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Posted 27 July 2011 - 07:05 PM


I hardly ever make any post about the news but this just insane....

Posted Image

"This video, shot on July 5 by a student in Fullerton, California, ostensibly features the sounds of 37-year-old Kelly Thomas crying for his father while being Tased by police officers after he supposedly resisted arrest. Thomas was also beaten so badly that he was placed on life support. He died several days later."


Thomas—who suffered from schizophrenia, and was homeless—caught the attention of the police after someone reported that a burglar was breaking into cars parked near a Fullerton bus station. When officers approached Thomas in the depot parking lot and tried to arrest him, he resisted. What happened after that is a topic the Fullerton Police Department doesn't seem too enthusiastic to discuss—but the sound of Thomas's voice certainly speaks on their behalf. And as this gruesome photo shows, the six officers involved in the altercation beat Thomas beyond recognition; after several days on life support, Thomas was taken off the machines and died. (To be fair, two cops suffered broken bones.) Update: According to this report, a police sergeant stated on July 20 that, contrary to several news reports, no officers suffered from broken bones as a result of the Thomas incident—only "soft tissue damage."

This story really just broke my heart because this is the reality of the sad world that we live in. I know that there are MANY cases were police officers abuse authority but this particularly struck a chord with me for some reason. And I've seen videos and read stories of women and children getting tasered, arrested and beaten as well. Apparently the family and other people in the community have been demonstrating out front of the Fullerton police department but so far the police have been tight lipped about everything. NO ONE has even spoken to Kelly's parents yet. No apology, no announcement, nothing. I just watched Kelly's father do and interview in which he stated "The only thing we have left of our son is the blood in the gutter". And I know that not all cops are as corrupt and vicious but it is really the bad ones that give all the others a bad name. I know everyone has been saying this but these cops should really be put on trial for murder. There is no justification in a ruthlessly beating of a apprehended, defenseless, weeping, schizophrenic, homeless man. Because of theses 6 officers this young man went into a coma and later died. And I know some may be thinking "Well, if he was mentally ill and if his family cared about him so much then why wasn't he in a facility?" Well, apparently (not just in CA) since the 80's there was a deinstutionalization process going across the country. Many viewed mental instutions as places to just keep the mentally ill instead of treating them. And so while deinstituionalization took place there was supposed to be more emphasis on community support, treatment, job training, etc. However, because of the lack of funding there just aren't adequate resources. And mentally ill patients aren't able to stay in instituions forever so that is most likely what happened to this young man.

I only wish that those accountable be served just punishment. And if not then I at LEAST hope that their badges get taken away from them.

What are your opinions? Do you think that things should have been handled differently?

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Posted 28 July 2011 - 11:13 AM

Oh my goodness, that's just so wrong :( That poor guy . . . seriously, that is just wrong *sigh* I don't even know what to say . . . But I agree that's its very sad and ridiculous that we have people like this who really create a negative outlook on police :/ And also the part about how sometimes we don't have enough money to support institutions to insure that those with severe illnesses like Kelly get help. So wrong on many levels, who beats a man repeatedly after crying out for his father . . .

IT DOES NOT TAKE FIVE CARS OF COPS TO RESTRAIN ONE MAN . . . *shakes head* I've been seeing a lot of the stories lately and this clear example is just devastating.

After reading the article and seeing that very eye-widening picture of his aftermath . . . yeah, i thinks were more indulging in the beating. I mean the people clearly said he wasn't resisting but the cops kept saying he did, and the fact that his face was beaten to an unidentifiable means . . . That clearly was no act to get someone to stop resisting.

These cops should be punished most definitely . . .

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Posted 26 August 2011 - 07:31 PM

I can't bear to look at or listen to this...it's just wrong for so many cops to kill someone in this way. I remember hearing about Phoenix police beating a double amputee to death, only in those days, the internet wasn't available to the general public for sharing such stories.

I think what makes me the angriest is how police will handle murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc., with kid gloves...making sure the criminal's head doesn't bet bumped on the police car while they're putting him into it, etc. So why do this to someone who can't possibly defend himself?

It just makes me sick at heart.

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