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BoAjjang Contest #33: Winner!

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Posted 19 May 2012 - 05:07 PM

After many months of debating on the winner of this contest, BoAjjang staff has finally come to an agreement. Everyone who entered did a fantastic job, however, we knew there could only be one winner.
Contest #33 involved members writing their own short story or poetry using the titles of BoA songs. The winner is to receive a signed copy of BoA's repacked 6th Korean album "Copy&Paste".
The winning story/poem of this long awaited contest reveal is...
Username: Sakurada

This energetic phenomenon called BoA
All started back in 2000 in Asia
While others aspired to fame
By flaunting their attributes without shame
She sang about the meaning of peace
And put Korea and Japan's tensions at ease

She said "Hi everyone, my name is BoA
My debut song is ID Peace B, it means ID Peace BoA
This is who I am and I will give my all, thank you!"
Working hard, she showed us that dreams can come true.

For such a discovery to be made, some did not expect
Since she rose to fame so quickly
But soon they all showed her respect
The way she made singing and dancing seem so easy;

Her steps filled with power
Beautiful as a sparkling flower
Nobody wants her to cease
Being our ethereal Atlantis princess
Over across the time, with each release
Making our every hearts beat with happiness.

There was a time, however
When it seemed to be over
On that tragic day
When her manager passed away
Though she'd been through so much
She never lost her touch
And then was able to smile again.

Someday one day, the whole world shall feel
That for her, no dance, no life is real
And even then, we want her to know
She will always be the One
Our No.1.

Congratulations, Sakurada! Please message me via BoAjjang forums and send me your name and address.
(Your address will be kept private, no one but I will know your name and address.)

To read the rest of the entries, check out the post below and see why it took BoAjjang so long to official declare our winner.

#2 Cori


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Posted 19 May 2012 - 05:08 PM

Our other fabulous entries (in no specific order) :

Username: BoA_rocks_in_english

Beyond The Oceans And The Stars Above
Your Love Lit Up My Heart With A Spark Of Hope.
Set To Sail In An Everlasting Moonlit Night
Recalling Those Beautiful Days Before You Said Goodbye To Me

Winter Has Come, The First Snow Is Falling
Sitting Near The Candle Light, I Would Re Read Your Love Letter.
But You Could Never Understand The Fire Burned So Real,
And Only You Have The Power To Heal

Looking Back On Days Gone By,
Still Remember The Beautiful Flowers To Cover Up The Lies,
Love Can Burn, Sting And Haunt,
My Emotions Grew Colder Once I Gave My All.

Looking Back The Pain Was Worth It,
Tears Were Shed, Hearts Were Broken
I've Learned To Live Without Regrets,
For This Is Who I Am.

Username: Jamitu
Entry: We found love

> One day I was dreaming about a boy who could be on white horse
> waking me up every day with his amazing kiss.
> Maybe thanks to him I could belive in love and do the next step in my life
> but that only looked so unreal.
> Losing my mind for a guy it's just not good. Searching for truth in his
> eyes, love letters and
> his words.Why if he has the key of my heart? and could my dreams come true

> one day just thanks to him ?
> Maybe love is just what you can't see but how you feel and act ?
> There are so many questions I want to anwser but it's hard to smile again
> and say that
> all wanted to do this because I did it for love.

Username: Soratothamax
Entry: FunTown

Chelsie and her family had just moved into a town called Loretown. Her mother and father had grown up in this town, so they loved it. Chelsie didn't like the town. Chelsie felt that instead of the town being called Loretown, she felt it should've been called "Boretown". Nothing exciting was happening in Loretown.

One day, she came up with a grand idea. She decided to make her own rock band. She had planned to practice every day, and put on a show in front of her house. She even convinced her new best friend to get involved! Her father gave her permission to play his old guitar and drums. It seemed like the idea was going to be a very good one.

However, the band began to have problems. Her mom wasn't too fond of the noise. "Don't start now. Your sister is trying to study," her mother would say. To add, her new best friend was very shy and studied during their time together. Furthermore, she and Chelsie couldn't decide who would be the lead singer, and Chelsie was certain she wanted to be the one to sing most of the verses. Chelsie sighed. She had finally come up with one of her best ideas ever, and now she was afraid of it falling apart.

The next day, there was hope. When Chelsie entered her school, the announcements on the P.A. system shouted, "Attention! This Friday, a special guest will be visiting our school. She's a much respected musical artist that once attended our very own elementary school. You youngsters probably know her as Venus," the announcer said. Chelsie thought she would burst with happiness. "No Way!" she said aloud. She was Venus's No.1 fan! This would be the most exciting thing ever! The announcer continued, "Let's all welcome her in our own way. Each class will choose one person to give her a special gift." Chelsie knew this was her chance. After much consideration, the class decided she was the only one brave enough to do it.

That Friday, Chelsie vowed to herself, "I'm going to give it my all. Whatever happens, at least I had fun trying." Deep down, however, she was hoping Venus would be proud. When she entered the room, she couldn't believe her eyes. Her favorite singer was standing before her! Suddenly her knees began to shake. Venus smiled a warm smile. "Don't be shy. What's your name?" Chelsie began to feel calm again. "My name is Chelsie and I wanted to play my guitar and sing a song for you." Chelsie began her song. At the end, everyone in the room applauded loudly. Venus smiled. "That was the most unique present I've gotten all day. You remind me of myself when I was your age." Chelsie beamed. From that day forward, even as an adult, Chelsie began to call Loretown the name "Funtown", because in no other town had she ever experienced anything that exciting!

Username: 2boamystar
Entry: I Love You

Walking beside a peaceful lake, the water is sparkling like crystal, I found myself in the place where I had been 5 years ago. Everything remained perfectly the same, the smell of lavenders lingering in the wind, and even the feeling of something very familiar, something that I have been looking for for years…
Oh! – I was caught by surprised as someone closed my eyes from behind. The hands were soft and having a sweet scent of strawberries.
Honey, how are you doing? – A girl spoke
Right at that moment, when I heard the voice, I turned around and wrapped my hands around her.
Christine! But… but, are you…? I don't know what to say… You were gone… – I lost my breath, and my heart was beating quickly
Sssh! I am here. I never left you – She smiled
I'm sorry. You should know how much I missed you. I have always been waiting for a moment like this. It's too late now…
It's never too late, Nick. It is not your fault.
No, no, Christine. I always blamed myself for losing you. I never had a chance to say "I love you".
Nick, look at me – I looked into her beautiful eyes – It is not your fault. I don't want to see you living day by day blaming yourself. I want to see you smile again. You have to continue living. You have to move on. Don't drag yourself with guilt and regrets every day, Nick. – Tears were flowing out from her eyes.
You are my all, Christine. I just want to be with you. – I was holding her face in my hands, wiping her tears
Is this love? – She whispered
Love is just what you can't see. You only feel it with your heart.
She drew me closer and kissed me. I felt like being alive all over again. After all these years living soullessly, I have touched my soul again. She is my soul mate.
Love can make a miracle. Thank you for everything – My arms were wrapping around her waist, and our eyes never left each other.
I see me in your eyes. That's all I ever wanted. You have given me love. That's more than saying "I love you".
Suddenly, she was drifting away from my arms, floating towards the water.
Where are you going? – I called after her.
Good bye, Nick. Take care. I love you.
There was an excessively bright light shining from her, and she disappeared. I missed another chance to say "I love you" to her.

I found myself lying on my bed. Looking at the photo frame beside the bed, I saw a photo of us, with a hand-written note below saying "Our love is everlasting". The note has never been there before…

Username: s13

Dear my love, BoA
Did ya know
Since the day I first laid eyes on you,
You've always been my sweetie?
It was destiny that let me see you on Hey! Hey! Hey! ten years ago
Your amazing voice, cute looks, and awesome dance moves ignited that spark in my heart for you
Your performance touched me that night
I have been completely obsessed and crazy about you since
Even with new groups and idols popping up every other day, there is something about you
Something I just can't let go of; you are like an addiction
You have this power over me, this control over me
I am just so much in love with you
My love for you is everlasting,
As strong as a tree,
And stretches farther than the milky way
I've even moved to Korea in hopes of meeting you under the lights of Seoul
But that has brought nothing but endless sorrow
I ride the subways daily hoping that the person to next step onto the car is you
Sadly, that day has still not come yet; where are you?
I want to smile again
If you were here, no day would ever be an ordinary day
Let me romance you and give you one amazing kiss <-- NOTE from Uni: It's "Let Me" and "Romance"
So amazing you will say,
"Is this love? The sweet impact of your lips on mine is like flying without wings"
Some people say that I am too obsessed with you, BoA,
And that our love will never be
But I tell them,
"Hey, this is the power of love and sometimes love hurts; I just gotta listen to my heart"
What else, I really don't know what to say
I hope I have been able express the feelings deep inside my heart
I do believe that dreams come true
Someday somewhere, our love's time to begin will be here
And I will be with u, beside you
Then I will tell all those who doubted me, "Look who's talking now!"
BoA, I'll always be waiting for you
Until that day comes, nothing's gonna change
And when it does come, I'm never letting you go
You'll always be my No. 1

p.s. I'm sorry if I sound like a creep, but whatever,
I did it for love so I don't give a damn

Username: A'L Alliene
Entry: Some Day One Day…

In memories of an ordinary third-year student

A tall figure was standing there in front of me. There were only me and him in this dancing room. The large room that one side was covered by a large mirror was where we first met in dancing class.
As the song began to play, I slowly moved forward to him and then we were in closed position. His hand touched my back, gently patted me once, signaling it was the time, we would make a move.
I was in his arms as we swayed to the music around the empty room. I closed my eyes, absorbing the soft melodies of waltz and unwittingly yet consciously moved in the rhythm with him. It was so real. Like in those movies, a man and a woman had their last dance together.

Since when did I fall in love with him? Since when did I long for his joyful smile and the beautiful voice of every time he called my name? Since when did my eyes lay on nobody but you?
For you, I was always only a sister. Nothing more and nothing less. But I couldn't help yet doubt, sometimes as we looked at each other, was it only my imagination seeing a spark in your eyes? Did you feel the same as me?

The future was yet to come. I would never know whether there would be any possibility between us. It might be a happy ending for I knew you finally returned my feeling with your love or it might be just a sweet dream that I could only remember forever. However, no matter what would happen, at least I knew, this moment was real.

This moment the last song began and I heard my favorite waltz turning up. I looked up into the mirror, and the picture I saw was the couple dancing together. The girl in the mirror was me. And I knew that I was able to smile again.

Today I was not brave enough to say that I love you. But I promised, someday somewhere, I would let you know of my feeling. And please remember, I'll always be waiting for you.
So, what I wanted now was to enjoy this magic moment. You and I were dancing together in this very room that we first met. All I needed was to remember that one day at a time, this moment was real, I was in your arms, beside you, and loved you.

Username: kikyonomiko
Entry: The Jellyfish Graveyard

I’m late. My best friend is waiting for me at our usual spot by the withered tree.
“Look what I have,” she says, sticking out her arm. There’s a clear plastic tube glowing blue around her wrist. I squint to make out the tiny, translucent circles swimming inside.
“It’s a jellyfish bracelet. I stole it.”
“What?” she says, taking it off and holding it out, “Didn’t you want one for your collection? Consider it a gift.”
Still…” I hesitate, but Yuko clasps it on me. It dangles on my thin wrist.
“Don’t forget to feed them. You know what happens if you don’t.”
I do. If you don’t feed the jellyfish, they’ll eventually begin to eat each other until there’s only one left.

Yuko and I race across the rooftops for no reason beyond the adrenaline. The buildings here are tall enough so we aren’t seen and close enough that we can easily leap the gaps between them.
We take a break on top of the new bank to catch our breath.
“University letters are out tomorrow,” I say, blurting out the anxiety festering in my head.
“You think you got in?”
“I don’t even want to think about not getting in. You?”
Yuko smacks her lips and glances away. “I didn’t apply.”
No way!” I can barely speak. “But...”
“I know, but there’s no point. And honestly, I don’t give a damn.”
“You know what happens if you don’t—”
“The same thing that happens if I do, so don’t start now,” snaps Yuko, “You know nothing’s gonna change with my records, this is who I am
“There is always a possibility…”
“It’s getting late. Let’s go back to my place,” she says, cutting me off.
They’re going to take Yuko away; it’s inevitable now. If failure is a punishable crime, what is outright quitting?
Suddenly the world gives out under my feet. The wind rushes past my ears. I’m fallin. I’m going to die. The cool air from the alley below ghosts over my legs. Before I can scream, Yuko rushes back and grabs me.
I got U!”
“I wasn’t paying attention. I’m sorry,” I stammer.
Yuko snorts and helps me up. “Let’s just walk to my place.”

I stay the night at Yuko’s house.
I’m still awake at five in the morning. I stroke Yuko’s hair one last time and then quietly slip out the door to head home. The air is crisp against my cheeks. Good bye.
Except I never do make it home.
I hear them call my name and speak the dreaded words.
Your university application has been denied.
They chain my wrists and throw me in a van. There are no windows and everything’s black when they slam the doors shut. Everything but the faint blue light of my jellyfish bracelet.
The jellyfish! I forgot to feed them! I moan quietly in despair. Sure enough, upon inspection, only a single jellyfish remained, floating motionlessly. Dead, and alone.

Username: _sweetkiwi
Entry: Everlasting

Can't you Listen to My Heart?
Growing up, I had an everlasting impression that had always seemed to haunt me but in the strangest way, something inside me spark. The kind where you could feel your heart unravel and show the deepest desires that you craved for. Like an addiction, it devoured me.

I want to breathe again.

As I gazed into his chocolate eyes, I could feel his eyes pierce right through me, penetrating my entire mind, body, and soul. Leaving me breathless.

"Do you remember? I used to write those corny love letters to you and you brought those beautiful flowers, telling me how it was your first time giving flowers to a girl, and that Diamond Heart you worked so hard to buy... Do you remember?"
"How can I forget?" His husky voice broke the silence as he tightened his grip.
"Did my brother tell you? I'm sorry for keeping this a secret... but there's something you got to know about me."
She heavily sighed as she stood tall, in a dress that hugged every curves on her body beautifully, she was the epitome of beauty itself.
"I'm not who you think I am... This is who I am."
His eyes widen when she pulled out the gun that she solely prayed that she wouldn't have to pull out but fate had another story written for them. A story that could end with the beautifully written happily ever after, or a tragic tale that no one wishes to speak off.

Which one would fate pick?

"Y- Y- You... w- w- w-----"
"Over these past few years, I did love you. I genuinely fell in love with you, my happiness lies with you. You were the one that could re-write my wrongs, Nobody but you could ever change me like how you did. I was someone who was lifelessly roaming around from place to place, finding my sole purpose... And then you came along, you out of all people! The one who I hoped would stay away from me, but you were so aggressive that I felt powerless. Then things just naturally fell into place, love is just what you can't see, it's something that the faint heart could tell. I, Boa Kwon, now believe in fairytales."
"Baby, please... I love you."
"I'm sorry... baby, I really am."


While Boa tried to control her tears, she felt like her entire would was coming down like an avalanche, her whole world ceased to exist.
But before she could pull the trigger, he pulled her into his embrace. In a swift moment, she lost her grip as the gun fell. While her tears continue to stream down her porcelain skin, his strong arms pulled her closer, not wanting to pull away because he was scared, scared of losing the one he loves. His one and only, the one who could make his colorless life filled with miracles.

Is this love?

"Do you love me?"

Username: trelag
Entry: Sweetest Impact

Being assigned to the Brave Icarus Outpost (B.I.O.) was a dream come true for me. I’ve been aspiring to become a pilot ever since I played the ID;Peace B flight simulation game when I was nine. Though flying is dangerous, the spark of adrenaline that kicks in during actual flight will never feel the same as any other game. Everything feels so real once I’m in the air, unlike the lifelessness we now have.

Planet Sara is not the same as it was. The Earthsong—the essence of life in our environment—was tapped dry by aggressive galactic hurricanes that act like black holes on living elements, including people. The currency of these monstrous phenomenons has multiplied within a few years, and slowly claimed people’s happiness.

We had to rely on happiness lies, as we fittingly call it. Neuroscience has furthered into fiddling with our minds, as depression in people required such. Soundscapes were introduced into our lifestyle—musical arrangements of sorts that can tell your mind what you should feel. My electronic piano chip is currently playing “Love and Honesty”. It paints for me the fantasy of the taken-for-granted moon and sunrise I only saw during my early years. It’s only fiction for the new generation now, with the sky permanently pitch black. Even the Milky Way, with its myriads of stars, was blanketed out of our view.

The air we breathe is still here, at least. But wind sweeping our faces in aggressive bursts takes us back to the reality of survival. We realize during those times that a galactic hurricane will come. We have no other means of detecting it—except to fly and work our jet-mounted scanners to find strong concentrations of swirling Earthsong and cover as much area as we can in short spans of time.

On that day though, things felt different. An ominous tinge was present in the gusty wind. Lady Galaxy was never nice, I thought. As waiting was never an option, we pilots mounted our jets to brave the skies. I was assigned to scout Area No.1.

It was definitely nothing we could expect. The galactic hurricane decided to visit a few hours earlier, and I was directly in front of it. There was no time for discovery. I immediately radioed back to flight control HQ. I think I tried steering away after.

I remembered taking a bad drive though, ironically like Icarus, plunging down onto barren earth instead of the sea. Everything turned snow white—my first snow and last.

A midnight parade was made in memory of me, while people offered azaleas. They symbolized passion and were my favorite. Galactic Hurricane Venus was on the news today, with the words “averted tragedy.” Maybe flying was my etude for this greater purpose. Destiny decided that the universe should sing the best soundscape a certain heroine, who flew to give people the giftof survival, could get. The show must go on, after all.

Username: briannafifield

Dear my love, my angel my light,
My beautiful sweet rose,
You’re as sparkling and radiant,
As the everlasting winter snows.

I don’t know how to tell you,
How you have touched my soul,
You’ve taught me how to breathe again,
Because you have made me whole.

These feelings deep inside,
That I have never felt,
They penetrate my darkest depths,
And make my cold heart melt.

The happiness you bring me,
Makes everything worthwhile,
I’d go through all my pain again,
To see your joyful smile.

You truly are my miracle,
Sent down from the heavens above,
I don’t know how you did it, but
You’ve made me believe in love.Dear my love, my angel my light,
My beautiful sweet rose,
You’re as sparkling and radiant,
As the everlasting winter snows.

I don’t know how to tell you,
How you have touched my soul,
You’ve taught me how to breathe again,
Because you have made me whole.

These feelings deep inside,
That I have never felt,
They penetrate my darkest depths,
And make my cold heart melt.

The happiness you bring me,
Makes everything worthwhile,
I’d go through all my pain again,
To see your joyful smile.

You truly are my miracle,
Sent down from the heavens above,
I don’t know how you did it, but
You’ve made me believe in love.

Username: monokromerainbo

It was dark; not in the way of a lonely and chilling night, the moon was blanketed by grey clouds. This was an everlastingdarkness, enough to swallow you whole. There was no moon, no stars, no sun. There was not even shadow, for shadow still needed light to exist. No, not even light could shine in this barren land. And without the warmth light and cold of darkness, there was nothing. One could not even see that there was nothing, because that would require eyes, which were just as non-existent as everything else.

A hand (which couldn’t be real) reached out into the insubstantial darkness that wasn’t there. In another, equally impossible hand, light was nestled tightly, like a sleeping babe. With a great strength, the two sides of the same coin – opposites as they were of each other – were pushed together. The sweet impact of two forces imploded into the nothingness, before expanding infinitely like a wave of knowledge and substance and power and everything. The single spark rumbled faintly, before reaching a crescendo of roaring, growing into an eternity, and along with it, created time and life and the universe. It was so real, so tangible, that it rattled the foundations of existence, which had become complacent with the nonentity it had become. The light and shadow exploded into the Milky Way and beyond, to worlds so far from imagination that it is a wonder such things could even be alive. This, in the single moment, was the beginning of the beginning.

In the ever-expanding everything, Lady Galaxy, with her cosmic eyes of stars and fire and time, smiled.

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Posted 19 May 2012 - 06:11 PM

Ohh, congratulations, Sakurada! Good job, everyone! :)

#4 2boamystar


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Posted 19 May 2012 - 06:42 PM

I really enjoyed this competition and enjoyed reading others' entries. Great job everyone!!!

#5 Kwcty6888


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Posted 19 May 2012 - 07:10 PM

Everyone's is so good! Congrats to the winner and great job to everyone!

#6 Sakurada


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Posted 19 May 2012 - 07:31 PM

Haha, it seems that I forgot to underline every hearts in the poem and write my title or something cause it also contained a song name, Beat of Angel xD

I was nervous and wondering what could happen about this contest for many months =O I'm so happy I won, I'll take good care of the treasure <3

Also, thanks for the permission about posting your stuff, everyone, I wanted to see what everyone did with their entries =D

Edited by Sakurada, 22 May 2012 - 04:43 PM.

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Posted 20 May 2012 - 04:56 AM


#8 BoA_rocks_in_english


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Posted 20 May 2012 - 11:19 AM

Haha, it seems that I forgot to underline every hearts in the poem and write my title or something cause it also contained a song name, Beat of Angel xD

I was nervous and wondering what could happen about this contest for many months =O I'm so happy I won, I'll take good care of the treasure <3

Also, thanks for the permission about posting your stuff, everyone, I wanted to see what everyone did with their entries =D

If someone wants to have my copy of Copy & Paste or Hurricane Venus albums for free, please let me know and I'll ship them =P they're not signed by BoA, but maybe someone not as lucky as me can have them ...

PMed lol XD

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Posted 20 May 2012 - 04:25 PM

love reading all the poems here.. all the members here are such unique an talented like our queen BoA.. i'll try to join the next contest.. ^_^

#10 AyuLuv90


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Posted 20 May 2012 - 07:20 PM

Congrats :)

But wait... where's my entry?! :o
Didn't you receive it?

#11 Sakurada


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Posted 20 May 2012 - 08:40 PM

Cori sent a message to all contestants ( I think ) a little over a month ago about getting your permission to post your entry here ...so since you said you never got that message in the other thread and that you said that she didn't post up your entry, maybe it's because you didn't get that message/didn't see it and responded to it, so she didn't put your entry in there lol

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Posted 26 May 2012 - 04:42 AM

Hey Everyone, congratulation!!! Great work! I think it' s very hard to write a poem collecting BoA' s songs title! She's got a neverending discography!
I've noticed that titles are wrote in bold, but, there's a title that's escaped! Maybe you everyone notice that but don't tell it. Anyway I don't want to say which is the title, and let you find it for yourself!
Just like a contest in the contest!!!!
Lot of happiness to everyone!!!

Edited by chiii86, 26 May 2012 - 04:43 AM.

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 08:39 AM

Congrats to Sakurada!!! Well done for those who participated too!
I enjoyed reading all the entries that is being sent in. (:

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