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[NEWS] BoA tweets to Italian fans

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#1 Cori


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 07:53 AM

After a number of Italian Kpop fans reporting incidents of BoA giving fans the cold shoulder while she is out and about in Italy, BoA made a personal tweet in reply.

Posted Image

Translated, BoA says "I am now on a trip as a normal human, leaving everything behind.. While enjoying these.. The scent of humanity, the scent of nature.. And so… Please understand that I had no choice but to reject you.." Many BoA fans have favorited the post and retweeted it. Do you think that the Italian fans will continue to bash our Queen of Kpop or do you think that they will come to understand after her public explanation?

To understand what this is refering to, please check out this post by member stufi105 which translates an Italian fans account of BoA here.

If you saw BoA hanging out around your town, enjoying herself, would you approuch her and follow her, or would you leave her at peace? Tell us in the comments below!

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#2 BoA_rocks_in_english


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 08:00 AM

Personally I would have done the same thing, people need to leave her the hell alone when she's enjoying herself. She's a normal human being like all of us at the end of the day.

#3 DumbAss


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 09:00 AM

would approach her like all fans. but maybe i would first apologize for disturbing her and ask if i could have an autograph and take a pic w her. If i get rejected, I'll just walk away and apologize again. Though i think I'll be emo for a day.......

on a side note, i think she was a little on the rude side though T.T

#4 Sakurada


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 12:45 PM

Like I wrote in the other post, I never know what to do when I see a celebrity. A lot of them get so harassed by paparazzi and whatnot and rumors abound when they go out that they don't know what to do anymore and they're so frustrated. I certainly wouldn't go and yell their name in public, but try to be quiet about it and see if I could tell them a word or two about how awesome they are, but nothing more =/ some celebrities are more easygoing though, I guess it depends lol

#5 peachy9


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Posted 12 May 2013 - 05:49 AM

If I saw her, I would sneak in a photo but I would probably just leave her alone

#6 *mij*


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Posted 12 May 2013 - 06:05 AM

I think it's rude. She choose to be famous and be a public person. She's a role model for most people. If you're a role model, act like one.
If you're ignoring your fans, you will get the payment back.
And I see it this way: She's not famous in Europe YET! If she ever wants to have an international career, she can better act normal.
She's not a Mariah Carey or a Whitney Houston. She should have been honored that people in Italy recognized here. And if she's nice to those fans, her start would have been better (even for a European market).

Don't forget: She has a movie coming up this September?
She lost many fans in Italy right now who are not going to watch that movie (and will boycott more things of her) .
That's a lost chance.

That's how I see it. It's not her personality, it's just not a professional move she made,

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#7 superlita


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Posted 12 May 2013 - 07:21 PM

^She was acting normal, she was herself, she didn't want to be bothered, she had the rights to reject her "fans" while she was on vacation. BoA didn't become a singer to be someone's role model, she's in the business because she enjoys performing on stage. She isn't going to put on a performance on the streets for "fans" when she's trying to enjoy time off.

I find it mind boggling how this one-sided fan account can entirely change people's perception of BoA when there are COUNTLESS of other fan accounts of her being nice to fans.

Maybe she had a off day, maybe she didn't want to be bothered. Whatever it was, give the girl a break. She apologized. If people are boycotting BoA because of this one incident, then flowering good riddance. You weren't a BoA fan in the first place.

*At this point, I think BoA should quit social media sites altogether. The amount of negativity that shes had to dealt with since she started using them is ridiculous From misinterpreted words by netizens, to obsessive jealous fan-girls that have cursed BoA out for interacting with their oppars, and now this.

Twitter and Instagram was a heaven sent for us BoA fans because of how inactive she was in the media. And seeing just a glimpse of her from pics or a tweet, instead of having to wait weeks and months from news site or SME/Avex about her activities was a relief. Those "fans" took advantage of BoA's picture posts and essentially "stalked" her. I realize you're a fan and have never seen her and wanted to meet your "idol", but understand that she's a human being and wants to be treated as one.

"Oh it's her fault that she's famous. She shouldn't be posting it anyways" Seriously people? Stop giving yourselves an incentive to make it "okay" to stalk her. I consider myself a HUGE BoA fan, but I know my limits and i'm not going to impose on her when she's taking personal time off.

RESPECT, learn your damn boundaries, it should be common sense.

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#8 usako


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Posted 12 May 2013 - 08:23 PM

Superlita: i love ur comment..
i admit maybe this time she little bit rude..and we disappointed abt her attitude...but it not like she slap or curse them...she just rejected them...
and for me this not change her image in my mind..i'm her fans for a long time...so i know her attitude.
from this accident maybe we are her fans and herself can learn something...
for us, next time plz don't stalk and approach when she in holiday or in airport (from fancam i can see that she always not in good mood..maybe bcuz she tired or jetlag)

I find it mind boggling how this one-sided fan account can entirely change people's perception of BoA when there are COUNTLESS of other fan accounts of her being nice to fans.


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#9 atkyumi


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Posted 13 May 2013 - 02:18 AM

@superlita: took the words right out of my mouth.

Imo BoA's personality is very 'real', if that makes sense. She's not two-faced. Whether she's on a talk show, variety or out in public with friends or staff, she doesnt try to be or act like someone she's not in order to gain favor. Knowing her extremely blunt nature, this issue doesnt come as a huge shock to me.

Not mentioning BoA, I asked some people around me how they would feel if they saw their absolute favorite celebrity vacationing in their area, went up to them and told them they were their biggest fan, then get completely shut down. Would their views on that person change? The responses were all like "I'd be so gutted, but its understandable", "Fair enough, they're on vacation," even though i know theyre such huge fans. The extent of controversy surrounding a situation all depends on different people's reactions to it and their maturity level. These two "fans" are the complete definition of butthurt. They arent even BoA fans, but kpop boy idol group fans. They were expecting typical fanservice by your typical idol, which BoA's personality doesnt exactly cater to. Then they call her a b*tch and abuse her on twitter. Out of many fan accounts of BoA, I dont see why this one deserves special attention, how can you even trust all their words? They try and say theyre unbiased, but its obvious that they were pissed oft to discover that not all kpop idols plaster eye smiles and blow kisses 24/7.

And I am so sick of comments like "they chose to be a celebrity, so they cant complain about their lack of privacy" Its pathetic, and whoever cant see why, Im worried for who they are a fan of.

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#10 gunyu


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Posted 14 May 2013 - 07:24 AM

hmm actualy I'm not 100% believe with the story of kpopitaly fans, because we're not in that situation..(only God knows)
agree with @sakurada , sometimes fans can't control their attitude too :)
whenever she wrong or not, she apologized, done. case closed ~

#11 linus22


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Posted 15 May 2013 - 05:53 AM

The most I will do is just take a pic with her and ask for her sign :D I won't go that far like stalking even though I'm a fan ! That's just too creepy

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#12 hinachan


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Posted 17 May 2013 - 11:22 PM

OK, so she was traveling as an ordinary person. I get that.

But even an ordinary person knows better than to be as rude as BoA was that day. For instance, I'm an ordinary person. But I was born (and grew up) in a state where there is great state loyalty. My family moved to Arizona, but I still wore sports team shirts from my home state, once in a while. As a result, people from that state, while visiting Arizona, would see me wearing the shirt and strike up a conversation with me.

Again, I'm not famous, and I was just minding my own business at all times. But when people approached me, I never behaved the way BoA did toward those Italian fans. Ever. One reason being that any member of my family would have smacked me for being rude, the other reason being that I would have never considered doing anything but chat with them briefly and politely.

To those who don't believe the Italians' story: I recall a thread from several months ago, where I expressed amazement at how BoA ignored fans while walking into a hotel. I saw the video with my own eyes, and what happened was clear. Sadly, that behavior doesn't appear to be a one-off thing. Whether you're a star or not, you can't go around acting that way toward people.

When you're traveling, the whole point of it is to do new things and encounter new and interesting people. Whether she was BoA or Bo-A Kwon, her reaction was improper. I think this part of the account says it all: "BoA said that she was sorry in her tweet and I think that proves that she realized that she was rude. She probably saw all the rude mentions sent to her,she didn't like them and she tried to defend her public image." (I disagree on one point: There was no apology in BoA's tweet, just a request that others understand why she was rude.)

I once met former NBA player (now TNT sports analyst) Charles Barkley when I was living in Arizona. He has a reputation for being hostile toward autograph seekers, because so many people were selling his autographs on eBay. Once, when a drunk picked a fight with him in a restaurant, Barkley threw the guy out through a plate-glass window! So yeah, I was real nervous about asking him for his autograph. But he was extremely nice and gracious to my mother and me, because it was obvious we weren't autograph sellers. If someone like Charles Barkley can be nice, so can BoA.

I don't understand why BoA tweeted her non-apology "apology" in Korean; just because the Italians were K-pop fans doesn't mean they're fluent in Korean. She should have found a translator to help her write the tweet in English (which most people worldwide understand), or at least Italian.

If Cobu 3D, Make Your Move, or whatever it's called this week ever gets an international release, she needs to be trying to make friends--not enemies--in other countries. Blaming the Italian fans for her own rudeness in that tweet is ridiculous.

This is very sad. She needs to learn some respect for the "little people."

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#13 soratothamax


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Posted 18 June 2013 - 02:16 PM

There's always something wrong about a young celebrity. I just ignore it. As long as she makes music I love I don't care.

I grew up an identical twin my whole life. I know how it feels to have eyes on you all the time, to have people taking your picture all the time, to have your parents pressuring you to dress a like so that they can get attention, to be glued to my sister without my own identity, in Boa's case she's glued to her stage, and can't move about like a normal human. Sometimes, it's a relief when I'm not around my twin and I can just roam freely. Sometimes, I just don't feel like talking to people. But I try not be rude and just answer simple twin questions.

Even though Boa was just trying to be normal, I feel she could've at least signed an autograph. But at least she didn't curse them out. But She could've politely declined. Sometimes, you have to say no, not today, I'm sorry. I'm not feeling good right now. I don't feel like smiling, or I'm not looking my best. You have to say no. It's not rude to say no, it's only rude when you say no in an impolite way. I sometimes don't want to take a picture because i'm feeling bad or just don't feel like smiling. Boa has to make good international relations true enough, but she'd rather be respected for her art than any personal or outside behaviors, I'd think. To add, it seems these celebs get more attention when they act rude than when they don't aka Kanye.

Reminds me of Never Shout Never

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#14 jiro_ejlr



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Posted 19 June 2013 - 02:02 PM

If I saw BoA on public and seeing her enjoying as a normal human, I'm not going to run over her and get a photograph signing or even get a single shot of photo of her because I just want to respect her privacy. And definitely, I don't wanna be a stalker of her. I'm a avid fan of her since 2004, and I believe that every fan should have a limitations, especially when they saw their idol on a public without his/her escorts and bodyguards. Because that means that they want to be alone with themselves and have fun outside of music industry. After all, they are still a human being that needs some pretty rest with a little bit of fun for a while and we as a fan should respect that! We could go along with our idols and take photos with them when there is a autographed signing events and/or idol/s meets fans events and any kind of shows and events. And if there's a events such are those that I said, it means that the artist/s wants to have a bonding moments with their fans. We, as a fan, should wait for certain time to have a bonding with our own idol/s and artist/s. We should have RESPECT and PATIENCE! That's all. ^_^

#15 *mij*


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Posted 08 August 2013 - 04:17 AM

Time for an update?
This last one is from May?

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