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#1 Angel X

Angel X

    Wowow! BoA is awesome!

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Posted 30 December 2014 - 07:10 AM




「Sweet Impact」: “I tried to tell a story of a girl who is passionately in love. I think especially women are susceptible to changes when they’re in love.” BoA added that she had Michael Jackson -her favorite artist- in mind while shooting the video clip of the song.
「My Way, Your Way feat.WISE」: This is the first collaboration between the two artists. BoA says that she loves WISE’s rap and that he makes the song more “mature”
「LOSE YOUR MIND feat. Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA」: BoA and Yutaka met during m-flo’s live tour. She loved the way he played guitar. When she was preparing her LOSE YOUR MIND single, she suggested that he plays the Guitar in the song which -in her opinion- made the song more edgy and powerful.
「Girl In A Mirror」: BoA composed this song 2 years ago, during Girls On Top era more specifically. So, that explains the “Hip-Hop” style of the song. BoA says ” Even after two years, this song sounds cool, ne?”
「LOVE LETTER」 : BoA wrote this song along with Watanabe Natsumi. BoA says ” I hope that everyone would confess their feelings by sending a love letter, not an email *laughs*”
「ギャップにやられた!」: The idea of the song came to BoA after a discussion with her staff. She asked someone if he thinks that his wife is the ideal wife, he said “No!, I fell in a trap!” The song tells a story of a girl who fell in love with a man who didn’t turn to be her “ideal” man so, ギャップにやられた!
「Style」: This was going to be the B-Side of be with you. , but when BoA heard the final arrangements of the song she changed her mind. She said it was too good that she wanted it in her Album. Style was replaced by precious as be with you.’s coupling song.
「Smile Again」 : When BoA was writing the song, she was so tired that her eyes would automatically close! But, then, she was encouraged and finished writing the song. The composer of the song was impressed by the lyrics. He says” These words made me realize what I represent in this world”
BoA has mentioned that â€˜THE FACE’ is the album(up till now) that she participated so much in the productions stages. Whether it is to select songs for listeners or for the style that she likes, she really tried to involve herself in all of the productions. For us, this album has the strongest feeling of ‘she and us'(the most intimate) out of all the albums thus far. Will â€˜THE FACE’ be BoA’s greatest masterpiece to come? The answer depends on you.


I thought it was worth sharing. Even if it's old lol

#2 Kwcty6888


    My family just disowned me!

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Posted 30 December 2014 - 09:52 AM

It was a good read! I became a fan shortly after the release of the Face so I didn't really get to see all the interview translations or promo material, but it's one of my favorite albums from her!

#3 celbel


    I can't get BoA off my mind!

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Posted 30 December 2014 - 02:00 PM

Thanks for this! Interesting read. I also became a fan shortly after the release of this album. :)

#4 ShiroiChanUK


    My girlfriend just dumped me. -_-

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Posted 30 December 2014 - 03:50 PM

Thank you for sharing :) I also didn't know about any of this so this was a very interesting read :)

#5 moonrabbit


    I can't get BoA off my mind!

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Posted 30 December 2014 - 04:57 PM

I love the story about her staff member saying that his wife isn't his ideal type and how he was tricked into marrying her. Too funny!

#6 Lily


    I can't get BoA off my mind!

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Posted 02 January 2015 - 08:27 AM

The Face is one of my favorite albums, this was so much fun to read! I'm happy that after The Face, she started getting more involved in her production because everything since then has been so much better than it was before. And it's nice to feel like you know more about the artist when you get to really experience and hear a bit of themselves as opposed to just bits and pieces from random composers.

#7 BoAMyJewel


    I can't get BoA off my mind!

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Posted 02 January 2015 - 11:16 AM

you know I was kinda hoping since she's up there meeting celeb, I'd like if she could approach someone "huge" in Japan to do a collab, I don't know? mediocre J Pop song with Kana Nishino, an EDM with ayumi hamasaki (I know this is irrelevant, but, it's what ayu doing right now)? sexy song with Kumi? a ballad with Ken Hirai? I MEAN BoA NEEDS SOME ATTENTION! LOL And please any of the boybands girlbands and Namie Amuro aren't releasing anything lol


Or she could've sung for One Piece instead of Fairy Tail? I've loved One Piece :P

#8 soratothamax


    Who's BoA?

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Posted 08 January 2015 - 01:23 PM

I have been such a huge fan since 2003. I remember when BoA changed her style and tried to be more personal. People were so used to "dolled-up", innocent BoA. But she is still so much more innocent than half of the artists out now. I always thought that personal touch made her music better.


The Face is one of my favorite albums out of all of her Japanese releases. Thanks for the trivia. :)

#9 carollee206


    I can't get BoA off my mind!

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Posted 11 January 2015 - 02:33 AM

Very interesting read, thanks for sharing! Like others say, I do hope she gets more attention these days. 

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