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New Year Resolutions/To do list 2015

New Year Resolution 2015 to do list

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#1 AiLoveBoA


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Posted 20 January 2015 - 07:11 PM

Hello everyone!


The forums feels so quiet, thats probably just me but Happy New Years :D


What are your new year resolutions? If you don't have any, how about a to do list for the year that you were suppose to do the previous year etc.  Feel free to share!

It'll be entertaining to read.. I mean cmonnnn it'll be fun?... I hope.. 


So here are mines, I'll even list some random stuff 


1. Work out more <- stopped halfway through the semester  last year haha 

2. Finish said Anime list <- not gonna happen.. but why not?

3. Learn/remember the hiragana characters ~ I'm willing to share my homemade funny index cards if anyone wants to learn XD

4. Be more active on Boajjang and create random threads + chat with fellow Boajjangers 

5. Find a job/internship for the summer

6. Travel overseas and eat delicious food, my friends decided we should go to Korea and attend any available concerts during our visit haha 

7. Attend a BoA concert this year -crosses fingers- "_"

8. Rip a flac file for someone who asked 2 years ago.. :oops:

9. Experience whats it like go paintballing

10. Collect all BoA albums/singles 

11. Learn how to float-- ahem I mean swim 

12. Get good grades hahhhh 

13. Enjoy life until it's hell during finals week

14. Beat a friend at a chess game

15. Find out whats it like to get a hangover

16. Sleepover at a friends house -- sadly never had one before 

17. Procrastinate slightly less

18. Learn how to use the knitting needles 

19. Overcoming the fear of asking questions

20. Staying awake during long lectures 

21. Learn how to use the chopstick with opposite handedness 


Hmm I can't think of anymore, I guess coming up with resolutions/list is harder than it seems.


cricket noises..

.... awks =/


#2 ShiroiChanUK


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Posted 21 January 2015 - 05:50 AM

My idea of a workout is Smash Bros. :lol: Enjoy your first hangover :) I don't remember mine :lol: Also enjoy your first sleepover :) They were always fun :) It would be nice if more members were active here :)


Some of mine are similar to yours :)


Things I'm going to do

1. I have a backlog of anime and other shows I need to watch but most importantly I want to get through this convoluted mess of a thing! :lol:

2. I want to learn Japanese but I'm not sure what the most common dialects and alphabets are.

3. Slow down on my BoA collection for a little bit to work on my MoMusu collection :)

4. Go swimming more often. I used to swim 3 times a week but over the past few years lack of time has prevented me from keeping it up :(

5. Procrastinate less. I think a lot my list could be dealt with easily if I didn't procrastinate :lol:

6. Work on my confidence and communication skills.

7. Clean out my room. I have a lot of things I don't want and/or need any more that I should get rid of.

8. Save up for a flat :) I've already been working on this but it takes a while.

Edit: 9. Finish recording my lines for a duet I should've finished nearly a year ago...  :oops:


Things I'm hoping I'll be able to do 

1. Attend a BoA concert!

2. Attend a MoMusu concert!

3. Have a more consistent sleeping pattern :)

4. Be more organised :)

Edit: 5. Remember to eat breakfast every morning :)


That's all I've got so far! :)

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#3 celbel


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Posted 21 January 2015 - 04:00 PM

Good lists guys!!


Here are some of mine.


1. Exercise! haha... may 2015 be the year i get fit again. I stopped dancing a few years ago and with that the exercising stopped also. Trying to find something fun to do as I'm not a fan of gyms. Too boring.

2. Read more. I used to finish whole books in a day as a kid, but since my uni days I stopped reading because it was taking up too much time. And I'm just out of the habit now. Trying to read at least one new book every month. Especially classics. They make me feel more cultured. lol.

3. Find a job that I enjoy doing. I studied a loooong time.

4. Consistency in everything I do - and when I say I'm going to or want to do something, to follow through and do it.

5. No more procrastinating.

6. Enjoy life - every moment and not let life pass me by

7. Be more thankful for everything I have and make an effort to do good to those around me.

8. Get actively involved in some social justice cause - probably something to do with refugees or sex/human trafficking

9. Learn how to make clothes/ sew properly. I can hem pants and fix holes in socks and that's about it.

10. Start playing piano again.

11. Travel!! I have so many places on my list. But this year either europe (probs too expensive) or south east asia (hopefully including a BoA concert) or somewhere in Africa

12. SAVE! (*sigh*)

13. Be adventurous in cooking and expand my vegetable/herb garden.

14. Attend a BoA concert!!!!!! :D :D :D

15. Do something great for my parents for being awesome.

#4 moonrabbit


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Posted 21 January 2015 - 10:30 PM

^I'm with you on no.14. I have always wanted to go to BoA's concerts and hopefully be able go to another Utada concert if she ever comes back to the music scene.

My list

1. Finish writing my fantasy novels and have them published
2. Move out of the apartment
3. Learn Mandarin,Japanese and improve my Cantonese
4.Exercise more
5. Get a new laptop. My current one looks like its been through hell
6. Get a boyfriend
7. Get a dog. I love my cat but dogs seem much more fun and they will protect you. My cat will run under the bed at the sound of a door opening
8. Go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter
9. Lose belly fat.
10. Do more creative things like compose music, design graphic T-shirts, etc
11. Meet my friends more often

12. Improve my singing skills

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#5 AiLoveBoA


    mmm... BoA's cute

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Posted 02 February 2015 - 06:42 PM

Haha nice lists, hopefully we can follow through with the lists xD

Thanks for sharing ~

I need to add learning Mandarin and improving Cantonese to my list as well @[email protected]

#6 mrsmushroomlee


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Posted 08 February 2015 - 10:03 PM

OHH I'm so late here but this seems very fun lol


  1. Listen more
  2. Be healthier (not only for looks but I wanna be a healthy old lady haha)
  3. Change my points of views/be open minded
  4. Take care of the environment
  5. Watch more TV shows (?)
  6. Improve my cooking 
  7. Loving more
  8. Travel

Well... Yeah. More people should share more \o/ is really nice to see what people want to do

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