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Asian Culture Popularity

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#31 peace_y


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Posted 06 April 2005 - 10:15 PM

Well in my opinion learning other nation's culture is not something wrong...in contarary it's good...you can make this as a hobby like me....I like to study other nation's culture, because it's interested to know how great this world's citizens are.. ^_^ ..not only Japanese or korean culture but also other nation like African...and other Asian such as in here, Indonesia, maybe some ppl don't know that here in Indonesia there are many culture more than 100 cultures !! :D And every culture have their own uniques.....
As for me...studying Japanese culture influenced by childhood experiences...since I was a kid my brother used to play anime's OST (that when I was 5 y.o.)..because I was listening so much anime's songs its affected my taste for music (maybe I must say that in my opinion japanese pop song and rock songs have their unique melody that won't be found in any other music such as American music...and yes..the japanese pop and rock songs are influenced by American music but I dunno why they can change it to their own style...) So...yes...maybe I studying or learning or intereted in japanese culture by anime or music..but one thing for sure....the life shown in anime or dorama or movies isn't representing the true japanese lifestyle....(my japanese friend told me that ^_^ )
Nowadays maybe many ppl are interested in japanese culture...maybe that's because some japanese musician invasion to other country....In my opinion this could bring something good such as reduce the racists act to Asian ppl...and Asian ppl can get more respect.....and for mess up thing...I don't think so...why would anybody studying some nation culture and then messing it up....??

#32 dancErica


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Posted 08 April 2005 - 02:14 AM

Unserious reply:

that would be cool. i always want some american guy to be interested in me :)

Serious reply:

I guess a developed country (America is OBVIOUSLY one of them) will always have the idea of "equality" in the ppl's mind. And although equality is orginally based on materialistic things (i would say, money and goods), slowly the ppl in a developed country are more educated and they will get the idea of equality in status also. I do not think that it is necesserily the Americans are more "interested" in the Asian culture, it is the developed idea of equality that makes them ACCEPT Asian Culture, and one step further, they will want to know more about it, THEN they get interested.

I think that getting "interested" in a culture is not a one step thing. It's more of a process like steps. It is impossible for one to accept a totally new idea/culture/things when the ppl are not open minded. Besides.. americans are VERY open minded indeed (comparatively speaking, to Chinese for example).. look at their attitude towards having s ex before marriage. most americans are ok with this idea (i'm not saying that they SUPPORt this idea). But then when it comes to the Chinese case.. it is like commiting the most serious crime ever if you did that (traditionally). But then the world chnages.. China is more developed and you can see that ppl are more open minded.

#33 Tighfield


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Posted 08 April 2005 - 03:48 AM

^^Very well said

My co-workers at work love to make fun of me for liking the Asian Culture. One told me last night that I was born on the wrong continent. The others just hold their ears when I play some BoA or if they are all getting Taco Bell for lunch & I don't want any, they'll say "Are you still on that rice diet? Trying to be a size 0?" I am not on a diet, I am not fat. :) It sickens me.

I wish an Asian girl would be interested in me :thumbsup:

#34 atlantis


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Posted 08 April 2005 - 04:21 AM

yup... i have realised that nowadays, more western or people from other parts of the world seems obessed with asian culture ; such as japan.

but wad i feel is that even so, it will not truly help the person to understand much about the culture... I think the best way of understanding the culture, is not just listening to music, liking anime. but actually having lived with the asians.... in fact, how many people can actually claim that they know best about others culture except your own culture? well, not many.... i would say.....

Of course, one’s understanding of another language and culture is a gradual and growing process. A feeling of strangeness and oddity may, to begin with, be quite overwhelming. But as understanding grows, familiarity may replace strangeness and oddity may be replaced by a sense of things falling into place. A deeper understanding may frequently lead one to the conclusion that one has reached a point where it is no longer possible to translate a particular indigenous concept or an idea into one’s own language. These are most likely to be the concepts which give the culture its particular existential aura.

but did all of u all noticed tt today's music POP/dance is actually originated by the negros? and look how similar each country's pop music is now... it has become more mixed and blended with variety rather den traditional music... take for example, 12 girls band... it's a chinese orchestra that plays music in a fast beat, different from chinese traditional music.. that sounds sad and melancholic...

i would say the world have been influenced to an extent, but not quite into interacting with people from the culture itself... there will always be racism, because we all have different thoughts! if everyone thought the same we would be clones!

but overall i tink i like the mix... of cultures... cos it shows that man are making an effort to know each other better... although not hard enough... :) but such people are few.. yeah they can criticise about other cultures, but they still have to respect them no matter what or risk going to war...

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Posted 08 April 2005 - 09:06 PM

i think its stupid .. sorta.. i have an american friend who's like a japanese wannabe.. kinda dude.. he always talks about japan and stuf.. yea.. i think its just stupid that most americans usually just care for japan. .and not any other asian countries. .

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an interest is an interest. is it wrong for people to like certain things? for an example, maybe i have an interest in Britain, but maybe not the rest of Europe. just because some people happen to be infatuated by japan, or wherever else, doesnt mean its earth shattering that they dont take interest in other parts of asia. i really dont see anything stupid about it.

though i have to admit, japan fans creep me out. why? hmm. good question. i cant explain it. its just a feeling i get...*shivers*.

anyway, i dont think theres a crap load of people interested in asian cultures. id say those people are minorities ^_^ the stereotypes do bother me though. its inevitable, but everyone stereotypes. its innate or something. some of you may deny it, but just face it. we all have some general image attatched to a group of people. (rich people, bums, certain ethnic groups...etc)

oh right, did i mention i was oriental? lol (i swear my answer is valid).

#36 ptoor


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Posted 09 April 2005 - 01:21 AM

I personally find it wonderful that caucasians could spread their horizons a bit by indulging themselves with a little asian culture.
I've lived in Canada all my life, so I'm immersed into north american culture which is a multicultral culture where people of all races are free to 'dip' into any culture they find an interest in.
I for one am completely infactuated with the Rock genre in music. People consider this for caucasians only but I completely disagree. It's a beautiful genre with raw emotions in every chord struck and every lyric sung or screamed. When you can connect with something like that, go for it! If a caucasian found some sort of passion with rice, by all means, eat rice everyday! It is in diversity that our society can't become clones of one person. Diversity allows us to be unique and to experience things that you won't normally experience.
If you have caucasian friends that take an interest to japanese culture or any other cultures, fully support them! They are your friends after all. :D

#37 sakyh


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Posted 14 April 2005 - 07:53 PM

well, it seems that this topic is slowly winding down. I kind've feel the need to "close" it (u can still post!) in a way, because it was a part of my own little personal study. I enjoyed reading everyones responses, & agreed with many of them. It seems that this embracing of a new culture is greatly accepted, but no one wants annoyances who never dive deep.
I want to steer away from stereotypes(though you may have to inform me of what a few of them are) & teach others about getting away from them.
I also want to go to Japan for one year, to learn about the culture & people, because they seem so interesting! Culture will be the main reason for going, not soemthing academic. I'll try to visit countries like Korea & China later. (but after I go to britain^^)
Thank you all so much for your responses!

#38 cybermiko


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Posted 18 April 2005 - 07:11 PM

A lot has been posted on this so I'm going to try and go from a logical standpoint. Though remember I'm human, so yes I'm biased.

Way back when there were the five great river civilizations ie. china, india, middle east, egypt (i'm trying to use the modern names here). China was like number one. The chinese had a really developed culture and the best technology. Eventually toward the industrial revolution we saw a rise in western hegemony and the age of the 'white man'. However during the 19th century their was also a rise in Meiji Japan. Eventually Japan became the first asian nation to defeat a western power since modern times (in the russo-japanese war). Since then Japan as well as other asian nations have been making a comeback so naturally people in america have begun take notice of us. I mean history has been coming to this.

About the Japan fans. Most of them really don't bother me too much. Japan and the US are the top animation producers in the world and the Japanese put out lots of quality animation, manga, and music. Much of it is easy to relate to and is a good way to introduce people to acceptance of asian culture in general.However I don't think asian culture is being accepted into american mainstream culture. Understandably asians make up just 4% of the american populus concentrated in areas like hawaii and california. Anyone seriously interested in asian culture will always be in minority.

The annoying japan fans I think are the ingnorant ones that think that Japan is the most perfect country in the world with perfect japanese people. The Japanese are like everyone else, they're not gods or something. And then there are those people who think they are japanese. You can't understand what its like to be Japanese unless you are one. Learn to embrace what you are. And then there are those who disrespect things that are respected or even sacred to the Japanese. I know some people who pretend to be shinto or a samurai or something of the sort like it's some kinda novelty. (I think I hate those people the most). Oh the list goes on...

*goes on the rant some more*

#39 silverose


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Posted 19 April 2005 - 12:10 AM

In today's globalized world a lot of things move freely between borders...including culture...
so personally i think that it's natural that this has happened cuz Japan is a major country economically and Tokyo is considered as one of the 3 world cities nex to NY, and London....so it's not a surprise that Japanese culture as found it's way to North America through globalization and people moving between borders...

it's good becuase people can then learn more about other places and cultures around the world and learn more things about different places..
but on the flip side it will never eliminate racism...and that's too bad...

#40 cosmic_avian


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Posted 27 May 2005 - 05:27 PM

God made us equal, sin messed us up. No need to wonder why there.

Anyways, over the time my account was suspended, I happened to come across a forum mainly composed of non-asian people. It wasn't one of those "white supremecy" forums, just a small forum in the middle of nowhere on the net.

So there was a thread about asian entertainment. And there were people that were talking about how asian music and shows "roxorz their soxorz", but one had said how he/she doesn't like asian people, just their entertainment.

I don't know whether this is common in today's world, but it seems like some people don't introduce themselves to a certain culture by their values and customs and all, but through their entertainment and stuff that they may see as "not boring" (I mean come on, who would want to walk around learning about all the gods the Chinese believe in?)

#41 jpop_gurl


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Posted 31 May 2005 - 11:43 AM

It is kinda cool that people wants to learn more about asian culture
but what really annoyes me, is that they are going to act like one
for example ( do not take this personally!) a white girl acting like she's a chinese or japanese girl

But it also attracts alot of racism which i really hate!!
okay some people do not like the asian culture well.. don't insult it!

#42 koreanboba


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Posted 09 July 2005 - 07:27 AM

omg.. most of you are right.. there is more to asia than anime and entertainment.. hehe.. in korea.. entertainment is big.. but so is cuisine history and even gift shops.. hehe.. thats why im broke..!!!

#43 winkme


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Posted 20 July 2005 - 12:50 AM

Its good to have an interest in some asian countries
not only in Japan/Korea/Chinese...
why not the Philippines,Thailand,Vietnam??? :P
some people like those countries becoz of Japanese artists,songs,mangga,anime,KPOP,CPOP.....
i really annoy people who are ''feeling -JApanese,Korean,Chinese''
especially those not japanese people who like wfL/jhonnys jr-kattun/NEWS...something like that...when i joined in thier Forums...they always said like this.... :D
1.I Hope i was Japanese ;)
2.I hope i can marry...... :P
3.I hope i can go to Japan (not that bad)
4.Doing Peace sign and feeling japanese once again..(thier face looks O.A)
5.making japanese sentence but not good =/
ESPECIALLY in friendster.com.......
Pls...add me up im japanese but they use BoA or morning musume's members PIx...-_-
so many FEELINGs :P

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#44 Kazunomiya


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Posted 25 November 2005 - 11:57 PM

Its good to have an interest in some asian countries
not only in Japan/Korea/Chinese...
why not the Philippines,Thailand,Vietnam??? :D
some people like those countries becoz of Japanese artists,songs,mangga,anime,KPOP,CPOP.....
i really annoy people who are ''feeling -JApanese,Korean,Chinese''
especially those not japanese people who like wfL/jhonnys jr-kattun/NEWS...something like that...when i joined in thier Forums...they always said like this.... :)
1.I Hope i was Japanese :)
2.I hope i can marry...... :o
3.I hope i can go to Japan (not that bad)
4.Doing Peace sign and feeling japanese once again..(thier face looks O.A)
5.making japanese sentence but not good :wub:
ESPECIALLY in friendster.com.......
Pls...add me up im japanese but they use BoA or morning musume's members PIx...:D
so many FEELINGs :)

I wish I was Japanese and I hope to marry a Japanese man one day, and go to Japan(I would cry if I could go!!). But then again I cry (I know it's pathetic) when I touch the fabric of a kimono. *Feels totally stupid* And Kazunomiya was a Japanese Princess in 1886!(my screen name) I hope I don't offend anyone by loving it soooo much..
Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to be Irish/British/Indian/Greek/Italian/Spanish/French/English, but I'm just in this phase right now. =) (I point out all I am when people say 'no wonder you can't do it, yer white!' So what? I can do anything you can do.

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#45 goodkarma



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Posted 26 November 2005 - 12:13 AM

Well, I'm white, should I be replying here? XD

I used to be what someone would describe as a "Japan fan". Spent all my money on manga, watched anime all the time, drew anime, etc. etc. But like Odyism, I've also grown out of that. I haven't bought any manga in almost a year and I rarely watch anime anymore. I just lost interest and threw myself into ALL asian music, not just Japanese. I've always been interested in asia since I was a little girl before I even knew what anime was and before I even watched it. I loved "Mulan", asian dresses (like hanboks and kimonos), calligraphy... I remember telling my parents when I was 6 or so that I wanted to move to China! XD

I've been reading a lot about asian culture over the past year or so. I studied the Hmong culture by reading a book called "Tangled Threads" and I hope to learn more about the Hmong. I read "Memoirs of a Geisha" and since I loved that so much, researched geishas. I'm starting to read "The Joy Luck Club", too. They're fiction books, yeah, but they still give you a look at the culture. At BoAjjang I've learned so much more about Korea and other asian customs and it's helped me understand the culture more. For my Wars & Foreign Policy class, I wrote an essay on China in the WWII era and about the Nanking Massacre. In college I hope to study art in asia for a few semesters or perhaps minor in an asian language. I used to know a lot of Japanese (completely memorized hiragana, was working on katakana, basic grammar, knew some kanji...), but then I forgot it all because I haven't studied in ages. I need to start studying again. :);

One thing I'd like to emphasize is though, I don't wish I was asian. I'm proud to be German/Welsh/Scottish and American, but even so, I don't label my "inside" as white, or caucasian, or German, or whatever else. I'm just me.

It's annoying when the close-minded people at my school will call me a "Jap whore" and say I listen to "gay Jap crap" when they don't even realize that NOT EVERYTHING I LISTEN TO IS JAPANESE. I live in the middle of Ohio, people. Cornfields SURROUND my school. We have 2 asians in the entire highschool and a lot of my peers think that all asian languages sound like "ching chang chong!!!" I wish people would open their minds.

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