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If a girl starts beating on a guy, should he fight back?

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#91 fallchildren


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Posted 20 March 2006 - 11:01 AM

In a no holds barred, beatdown, drag-out fight between a guy and a gal, the gal would win. Not only do women have a higher threshold for pain than men, they aren't constrained by the same informal rules of fisticuffs. In most cases, guys won't hit below the belt, scratch, pull hair, etc. because it's perceived as weak or feminine.
Now, if a girl starts beating on a guy, he should fight back, but not in the traditional sense. For example, a guy should not punch a girl in the face (well, technically, you shouldn't punch someone in the face regardless, it hurts your hand more then it hurts them), unless she's coming at you with the intent to maim or kill. If she's planning to kill or permenantly harm you in some way, anything goes; it's one of the basic tenants of human nature. But in a "normal" situation, the guy should deflect incoming damage the best he can and attempt to restrain her. If that doesn't work, just try to get away. It's really a lose-lose situation. If the guy hurts the gal, society punishes him. If he runs away, he's percieved as weak and worthless. So really, it's a choice between being ostracised or being percieved as weak. Personally, I'd take the latter over the former. It's must easier to defy the weak label than being shunned by your peers.

#92 CunnyFunt


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Posted 23 March 2006 - 04:04 PM

a guy should never beat on a girl (unless she's ugly as hell, lol).


Anywho, I guess it depends on the situation, If shes really trying to mess with you, like with a knife etc, I'd just back off and make a run for it lol

Otherwise, shes trying to hit you, scratch you etc, I'd probably try to simply keep my distance, maybe a shove or 2 to get the point across. Swinging and KO'ing a girl is going a lil too far IMO

#93 Mikenyhk


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Posted 27 March 2006 - 08:16 AM

this worries me alot..but i come up with an answer..but a lady hits me..shes a "lady"...after she hits me..shes a "b*tch"..i'll push her away..if she comes back again..i'll slap her around the world...~~ cause i'll never hit a girl in the first place~ hahah..

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Posted 27 March 2006 - 01:56 PM

I think that whether you are a female or male, no one should put their hands on each other. If it comes down, Everyone has the right to defend themselves. I think that if it was the guy fault for making the girl angry and she beats on him, I think he deserves it, so he shouldn't hit her back. If it comes to the point where she could really do harm, like a rage to kill, he has the right to push (not punch) her off and/or get away.

#95 Valenti Angae

Valenti Angae

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Posted 29 March 2006 - 06:39 PM

A girl has a reason to beat a guy if he insults her to the point she snaps. Thats justifyable. But it does not mean the guy should not defend himself if he feels threatened in any way.

And it goes the other way around as well. I actually had that before. I didn't start to punch everyone in that girl gang, but I was more than willing to slam my bike into their heads. Sure, I was about to make the first physical attack, but they were going at me at an emotional and psychological level. And those things happened to be fracked up at the time.

My standpoint:
- Should a girl hit a guy back after he hits her first? Yep.
- Should a guy hit a girl back after she hits him first? Yep.

Because words won't help a bit when the first hit/punch/kick has fallen. After the first physical attack, all hell breaks loose. And I'm pretty sure it goes for both genders.

And now I'm off to bed, because it's past 4:30 AM. :thumbsup:

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