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Future's Emperor Post

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#1 Future S

Future S

    My girlfriend just dumped me. -_-

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 06:20 PM

First of all, I'd like to say 'You're an idiot' to Choopy for making me lose to Hikari. :D
Well, anyways, I wanted my emp post to be on BoA's brithday. :P

Great guy, dictator of Boajjang. Without you there would be no Boajjang. I give you unlimited space and bandwidth for no cost every month. Also a $25,000 gift card at any store in the world.

A nice person to talk to when you're bored. Just make sure you dont miss the bus doing that in the morning. I give you a bigger tank, so you can have your daily exercise and look for Nemo in this huge tank. Did I mention it's in BoA's room? :P

I remember you when I just started to come to Boajjang. It was the old times, in 2003. It's too bad I never got to know you better, but I know you're a great person. Since I don't know what your interests are, I'll just give you BoA's bathing suit. How's that?

Hehe...the wannabe dog. Who gives out a woof and fetches a log? Did you have a nice time riding Furby? Anyways, I'm giving you BoA's most used chopstick. It's her favorite too, but she uses forks now, no time to work chopsticks. Take care of it.


You're a nice person. I hope your love for Choopy continues. :P I'm giving you a $15,000 gift card to Best Buy. Wow, how many computers is that? Get a plasma T.V while you're at it. Maybe two?

Hi. I hope you get to be on the conference with us one day. Anyways, I'm giving you every manga ever created in the world. The first book of each has an autograph of the author. :P

Same with tiggy. Didn't know you so well, but I'd give you BoA's No.1 outfit to keep. You can sell it on eBay if you don't want it though, or give it to someone else. :P

Yunie! The girl with the sweet voice. :P I'm giving you a life time supply of necklaces! Any type, any gold, any diamonds, just tell the people Future gave you a life-time supply of necklaces for no cost at all! :P

Wendy wendy wendy...I'm gonna give you something smilar to Yunie's. But, instead of necklaces, it's rings! Free of charge, no hidden fees. :P

Hehe...Night. I'm gonna give you a wishing gem. Wish for ANYTHING in the world with it. However, there is a rule to it. You cannot change someone's heart, you can only wish for something that CAN change their heart. Don't wanna go around controlling people now do you?

Furby the P-I-M-P! Did it hurt when Choopy was on top of you? I'll give you a helmet. It can protect your head from anything. Let me read off the labels.

VxSpec Helmet version II
-Ultimate protection, more than Trojan man!
-Protects sleeked back hair
-Protects from STDs
-Lowers the chance of pregnancy
-Thousands of other features

Note : Helmet will break when touched by old wrinkle women.

Where would we get the pics withyou you. :P I give you, ONE MONTH, I repeat, ONE MONTH to be with BoA. You can take ANY pics you want! I will even include a 1 Tetra Byte Camera! You may keep the camera after 1 month. Note : Camera has X-Ray feature, use at your own risk. Beware of senior citizens. For best protection, keep feature off in communication with parents.

I'm giving you all the merchandize on Ayumi! Hope you like it. :P

How about....BoA's favorite sweater? She doesn't fit it anymore...:P

I'm giving you....the wishing ring. It's like Night's. Only thing is...you COULD wish to make someone like you. But you dont wanna do that now would you? :P

I'm gona give you unlimited webcams just in case it falls again. Must have the webcams. :P

100 huge Pooh Bears! There're huge! Just find a place to store them okie? :P

Lots and lots of paper to be a model! :P

The utlimate DJ kit! And a super computer of your choice, along with any acessories for it.

James, I know it's hard. I'm giving you ANYTHING in the world you want. Anything. You can wish for anything and it will be true. No limits.

You should hear this girl on the phone, she sounds way older than she is. Anyways, I'm giving you an upgraded version of your current bazooka. Take good care of it.

Future S
You own. You get everything. WOOT they have. ^

If I missed anyone I'm sorry. :P

Edited by Future S, 05 November 2004 - 08:47 PM.

#2 Hikari


    Chibi Ai

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 06:22 PM

LOL well congrats..=] im happy that i won...xD;;

#3 Itachi


    BoA* Guardian

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 06:24 PM

Congrats congrats. Thanks for the Ayu stuff, ur a pallie!!! I really post much anymore, but this an emp post. Yay!!!

#4 Mirai Pan-chan

Mirai Pan-chan

    Bad Wolf

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 06:25 PM

keke .... in the end, the saiyans always lose something ...

GO CHOOPSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!

ah, well, u get emp post #17 ........ ring ne bells!? *COUGH ANDROID COUGH*

just a reminder ... FISHY-SAMA, ADD F.S RITE NOW!!!! THANKIES!!!!!

#5 Choopy


    BoA's my new gf!

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 06:26 PM

Hahaha, you lost, oh well :D.
Woot, hahaha, thanks for BOA's chopsticks... omfg BOA's...!!!
Yea, and congratz :P

#6 Night


    BoA* Shadow

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 06:33 PM

WOOT!!! *runs around the forum with the wishing gem while planning world domination* hehe..... *rubs hands together* hmm...... what should I get first........or rather who should I use the wishing gem on first??? *evil laugh* *holds on tightly to the gem* *hides in the shadows*

Congrats Future!!! You gave me one of the best gifts ever!! Thank You!! *a glittering light could be seen within the darkness as the sound of a knob turning could be heard in the distance*

#7 eya


    BoA's my new gf!

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 06:39 PM

lmfao! lotsa paper to be a model?.. tsk tsk.. how many times did i tell u about saying that word?... hahaha.. :P .. i guess i'll take it just FOR u... lol

congratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D .. u finally made it!! :P

#8 Hikari


    Chibi Ai

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 06:43 PM

^but eya ur purdy...=]

#9 Timmy


    Registered User

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 08:23 PM

Congratulations. Keep posting, keep it up. :D

#10 icy_jaded_heart


    Ilya BoA*

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 08:38 PM

CONGRATZ FUTURE!! thankies 4 ur pressie :D me luvies rings! hehe. gav meh special one away tho...lolzies! ne whoooooooo....keep posting lots!!

#11 BeA*


    BoA* Lookalike

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 08:41 PM

congratz!! lolz, thnx fer da webcams :P :D *hugz*

#12 bluechick126


    My girlfriend just dumped me. -_-

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 08:54 PM

omg... MY BAZOOKA! *drool* it's it's... WOOOOOOW XD gratz on ur emp post! ;Dq

#13 lil_dan814


    Teh Major Fail League President

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 09:12 PM

wowies.. hahaha now list can rag on my equipment! :D hellz yera.. PARTY AT FUTURE'S HOUSE!! IM SPINNIN! WOOT WOOT!

#14 addkidd


    BoA*'s Fishie

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 09:12 PM

sweeeeeeeeeeeeet... bigger tank..

hope u miss the bus everyday future :P...

i shal add u :D

#15 Choopy


    BoA's my new gf!

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Posted 05 November 2004 - 09:15 PM

wowies.. hahaha now list can rag on my equipment! :P hellz yera.. PARTY AT FUTURE'S HOUSE!! IM SPINNIN! WOOT WOOT!

... I mean beer.

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