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fate is cruel.....

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#1 apocadelic


    My family just disowned me!

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 03:40 AM

i woke up on tuesday morning with a girl cuddling me like a bolster....
that girl was not a stranger, i knew her for 2 years already, and we chat more in msn....
we found out that we both liked each other.... and fate is sometimes cruel...... u'll see why after u read what happened

anyway.... it all started at monday nite
i went to Penang with my friends, which is 2 states up north from where i lived, coz that day my exams finished, and she tole me her parents were out of town, and we could come and party, so went there party in her house like there's no tomorrow...
and i got tipsy.....the last thing i remembered was the time 2am, then boom, i'm lost, i totally dunno what happened after that... then woke up next day with her cuddling me like a bolster. i could not forget the situation, her head was rested in between my shoulder & the chest and she left a patch of drool on my shirt :huh:

anyway....1st thing i did was checked if i lost my virgin status or not...... and since ppl that dun have circumcision could check...... and i did not lose it..... and then she woke up........ what she did ? she got on top of me, lie on top of me and told me what happened & laugh & make fun of me, i totally did not expected that......
i was blushing hard........ but i kept denying i was blushing, coz her face was just few inches away from mine....

then she told me that the previous nite....... i went crazy a bit, just yelling around & talking crap, then fell onto her bed & KOed & slept off.
she was conscious, coz she did not drink at all, i did not get any alcohol smell on her at all, she told me she needed to stay conscious, coz it's her responsibility to take care of the house inside & as well as outside.
after i KOed....... soon later then she came to sleep, what she did was...... pushed me into position, i mean sleeping position, so she had space to sleep, once she done with it, she slept off beside me.... and woke up cuddling me

then i asked her some questions.....

"how come u dare to sleep beside me ??"
"it's my bed of course i sleep on my bed, it should be u sleeping somewhere else"
"then why u never kick me off like most girl would ??"
"why waste my energy ? besides..... u were sleeping so comfortably, i also dun wanna bother u"
"aren't u afraid if i intentionally or accidentally made out with u ?"
"u dare !? i would break ur dick, and electrocuted u..... i let u sleep on my bed & u still dare to take advantage of me tsk tsk tsk....."

then she said this whole thing i could never forget.......
"but seriously, i know.....i trust & believe u will not do it, if u had done it, or even try...... i would be very disappointed, and looks like i was rite about u, u're different from all the guys i knew, u're special......."
then we continue to spend like 1 hour on the bed talking about each other, then we left for breakfast......
and i couldn't help but think that she likes me.......
and during breakfast, out of no where, she told me something........

"u know.... u're exactly the person u are in msn, i mean most guys are not how they are in msn, but u're that, u said u would not lose ur virginity to any girl, i did not believe, but now i believe, even when u were conscious earlier and i was on top of u.... u did not try to even take advantage of me...... thats why u're special to me.....and thats why i like u"
i almost choked.... then soon, i told her she is different from all the girls i know & because of that she is special to me as well, and also the reason why i like her, she just smiled at me.......and gave me a nod and said....."i know, so do i"
she's different from all the girls i know, so open-minded but yet firm with her dignity......... really one of a kind, then we continued with breakfast, then went back her house......

later b4 i left to go back KL, she did this one thing.......
she kissed me just beside my lips, and say it's a goodbye kiss...... all i could say is she took my breath away.....
she was the type of girl i've been looking all along, and likewise she has been searching for a guy like me........
but life is unfair...... fate is cruel........

some of u might be wondering whats so bad about this situation rite ??
well, this is why.....
now that we both found each other...... we could not be together...
coz fate is separating us with distance.
even here now in M'sia, we're separated by 2 states, and next year i'm leaving for Australia, and she is leaving for UK....
i'm happy that we found each other, but sad with the fact we are not meant to be together, and yesterday nite, she told me the same thing in msn.....and told me what happened thru out that day would be kept deep inside her and told me how she hated our fate, and we told each other to live happily & stay as how we are rite now, coz we know neither any of us could bear with long distance relationship... and i told her, let fate decide, if u're meant to be mine, we'll somehow be together one day...

although i said that, but even until now i can't help but think back about that day, and think how cruel this fate is.......
that day nite after i reach home she told me what she could not forget the most was my blushing face during the morning , and she will make fun of me saying "u look so cute when u're blushing, show me again.....hen ke ai o(very cute in chinese)很可爱哦...." and she keeps saying that to me everytime on msn, and it fills me with mixed feelings of happy, anger & hate....... anger & hate towards our fate :sly:

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#2 krjeami


    BoA's my new gf!

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 03:46 AM

Sorry for my ignorance, but how can you tell you've lost your virginity when you're uncircumcised? :huh:
It is better to have loved and lost, than to not have loved to begin with. :sly: Well, liked, I suppose.

#3 Kamchii


    My family just disowned me!

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 03:55 AM

Sounds like a drama movie. It's a good relationship with a cruel fate.

I hate you two's fate now too.

But well, if you're not meant to be together, well that's just life, but who knows, you two might be meant to be together, but was not meant to be together right "now" right? ^^

While you two are still in this world, you will meet and meet again. =D

#4 Imperialist


    Hitokiri Battousai

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 05:12 AM

Hm.. yeah.. it does sound dramatic.
But well.. fate has never been kind to many.

Both of u will be going separate ways nxt year right?
Try to cherish each other's company for the time being.

Wonder how it really feels to have mutual feelings for each other.. never experienced that before.
After reading your story, it must have been great, really envious of u for the first half of the story.
As for the second half, well, like u said, fate is cruel.

But, if there is anything u can do within your limit to change the fate, dont hesistate, u never know when u will meet another girl like that again. :huh:




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Posted 24 August 2007 - 06:04 AM

How do you check your virginity if you are uncircumsized? I'm sorry that you two have this problem. I hope that everything works out for you two. The only thing left for you to do now is try to enjoy as much time together as you can or try to cope with the near future. In the end, at least you'll be able to talk online. I know it's not really the same but hey, it's something.

#6 chocolate girl chocobo

chocolate girl chocobo

    My girlfriend just dumped me. -_-

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 08:19 AM

so dramatic like a movie ;-; so sad. I hope it works out for you

#7 O'Chibi


    BoA's punching bag

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 08:42 AM

Sorry for my ignorance, but how can you tell you've lost your virginity when you're uncircumcised? :huh:

^ Same question for me :sly:

Maybe you'll end up in the same place in a few years. :wub:
At least, you're still in contact with her :D

#8 peachy9


    mocha DREAMS;

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 08:55 AM

sounds like a drama. aww that is just too cute but I mean.. fate IS cruel.
When you want to control it, it never works out the way you want. Who
knows... maybe you guys might meet again.

#9 Mikenyhk


    My family just disowned me!

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 09:17 AM

wow... you had a very special story.. I really can't say much because im not some "LOVE" expert.. all i think about is.. yes fate has set you both apart.. you both are going separate ways and probably not going to see each other for couple of years.. theres really not much u can do but try to stay in contact with her.. it will be tough.. you or her might someone else by that time..

decide what is important to u.. if school is your top priority.. then u should forget her.. for better or worst.. u dont want long distance relationship to put pressure/stress on u both.

we should never say "what if.....".. either if u love her so much.. go to UK with her.. if not. then its over.. n good luck in ur future :huh:

#10 Elaborate


    I know BoA*

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 09:50 AM

"u look so cute when u're blushing, show me again.....hen ke ai o(in chinese)很可爱哦...."

I believe that means "very adorable" or cute...whatevers.

sorry about ur situation, though.

reminds me of K-drama.

Life is long

there are circumstances

but don't stop short

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#11 ~Spica~


    The Red Butterfly

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 06:41 PM

Um...okay then. That's a lot of drama. :D

#12 apocadelic


    My family just disowned me!

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Posted 24 August 2007 - 10:58 PM

If i could, i would bring her to Australia with me....... or go UK with her, but..... currency & finance problem,
1pound = RM7

and it's hard to believe that my life's like drama & movies...... not only this time, even last time i have few situations like in a drama or movie, i guess this is my life... dramatic :thumbsup:
but yeah, at least we're still in contact, that is something i could be glad of :)

and about that circumcision thing....
erm...... how to say it, let say the foreskin that is attached "there" will rip/tear off during the 1st sex........

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#13 [email protected]

[email protected]

    My family just disowned me!

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Posted 25 August 2007 - 06:36 AM

u story is like a drama.
maybe u can write some fan fic later.
i have mine too, but ur is worse than mine.
but keep fighting ok

#14 snowydoggy


    My family just disowned me!

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Posted 25 August 2007 - 08:49 PM

how old are both of you?

I'm pretty sure when both of you grow up, you'll definitely be together in some ways.

Just wait since both of you like each other.

Just keep in touch.

#15 apocadelic


    My family just disowned me!

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Posted 25 August 2007 - 10:41 PM

^ hopefully it'll turn out that way
anyway....... i'm 21 and she's 1 year younger than me

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