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It is unfair to blame US government for War in Iraq

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Posted 05 November 2008 - 09:32 PM

I agree that at first we all supported the war against Iraq... that was true... but the problem is NOT the war.. it is what we are doing... we are spending 10 billion a month for 5 years in this war... instead we should capture saddam n left.. second.. I personally dont even know what we are fighting for right now... we are fighting afgan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan... I just hope we just settle this once n for all.. I dont want to see ppl getting killed..

err, so u launch ur missiles at a sovereign, send in ur elite troops, take out the entire administration of the country, trial their president, and leave the country in a mess? now, that's not being very responsible, is it?

ur second point is a moot point, do you even personally know what you were fighting for in the beginning? cos your words indicate a change in opinion: that there is something to be fixed to begin with, but that essence is lost over time

the point is that the country elects a Mr. President for a purpose. you don't need a Mr. President to say 'ok, since america wants it, we must have it'. you elect one to make the right long term decisions, even if its unpopular. something that bush clearly hasn't achieved.

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Posted 06 November 2008 - 02:57 PM

*hi fives you*
You got it in a nutshell dude.
Plus "instead we should capture saddam n left" - America was up Saddam's ass before, and why? He had oil. Plus, the weapons of mass destruction? Where did they come from?
Oh yeah...America!!!!!

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Posted 07 November 2008 - 02:00 PM

They should just pull out. :)
The war I heard, is basically revolving around religon (God gave land to these people, according to the bible, but it is currently somebody elses, etc, etc),
and the U.S has no business with that.
The president is there to govern U.S.A properly, and caringly, taking in the concerns of the people itself (poverty, disease, etc), not spending billions on war that has no business with them at all. : /
The money should be going to other things, like poverty, education and other important things INSIDE the country itself.
There has been a poor economy these days, and people are going through tough times due to the economy at the moment, meaning help should be given and such.

And, I believe its Bush's fault.

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