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BoA Golden Disc Captures [CUTE]

14 March 2004 - 11:53 PM

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BoA Closeup (Teddy Necklace)

08 March 2004 - 11:37 PM

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[pics] D-Day Spring 2004

07 March 2004 - 07:35 PM

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[mag] BoA in 'Junie" April 2004 issue

02 March 2004 - 12:18 AM

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Interview: Jap. Business Entertainment Mag. 2/04

01 March 2004 - 03:58 AM

Boa Interview - Jap. Business Entertainment February 2004 Issue Translation

The Path BoA, A 17-Year Old from Korea, is Taking to be a People's Singer

It was Korea-born BoA who sold more than 1 million copies of an album as a female soloist in 2003. She works both in Korea and Japan, who now is a proud J-Pop artist. Releasing her 3rd album on January 15, where is she heading for?

On the sales chart of 2003, BoA's 2nd album, 'Valenti', took the 3rd spot after CHEMISTRY and Woman 12, making her the only female soloist with a million copies being sold. BoA became J-Pop's No.1 'Utahime' (female singer).
It has been three years since she performed in Korea and Japan. She is the Korea-born 17-year old girl who attended the 'Red-White Sining Showcase' two years in a row.

- Last year, you were the female soloist whose album sold the most in Japan. It's 3rd out of all the albums in the country.
"Ooh! (looking at the chart) There are a lot of foreigners on the chart. Woman 12 is Chinese, I'm Korean, and T.a.T.u is Russian."

- How do you feel to be the people's singer in Japan three years after the debut?
"I'm happy. Thank you. I had many releases and live singing in 2003, and the result of the album and the live concert was very satisfying. It was one satisfying, and enjoyable year."

- You had your first live concert in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Are you pretty much used to speak on the microphone on stage now?
"Well, I become so nervous only when I speak on the microphone. People do tell me the same thing. I am perfectly fine when I'm singing, but I'm not nervous when speaking normally. I ask myself, 'Huh? Why is this~?' (laughs)"

- How is it to be on TV?
"There are always TV talks I have to attend. It's hard... the pressure to say what I have to say in a certain time. I always make mistakes. Sometimes I couldn't answer the questions."

- Your fans might like the way you are.
"I bet the fans are used to it by now. 'She's making a mistake again.' Like that (laughs)."

- The third album, 'Love & Honesty', is going to be released soon. This time, you wrote the lyrics of the title song. Are you thinking about writing songs as well?
"Um, I always thought about writing songs. I wrote a song and the lyrics to it for my first album (Nothing's Gonna Change), but I think it wasn't satisfying enough. I want to do so many things. I'm studying hard to write more better songs and MIDIs."

- In the future, will you like to be a self-producer? Or will you let others do their jobs and concentrate on the performances?
"I want to do both. I want to meet with people and discuss if I am right or wrong. Sometimes I might have different opinions than other staff members. So I think 'communication' is very important..."

- What would you like to talk about to them specifically?
"For exmaple, I don't want my dresser to say, 'Wear this.' I want to pick something and say, 'How about this?' I want everyone to be talkative and communicate with each other. This applies to singing. I want to say, 'I want to sing R&B or hiphop songs.' or something else that I talked about with the directors and others... This way I will have opportunities for varieties."

- I could listen to a new style of music that I couldn't from you from your latest single, 'Rock With You'.
"I'm known to sing and dance at the same time, so for once I wanted to be away from that image. That's why I tried to play with rock style. But it's not too different."

- It should be hard for you since you sing in two languages. I read the Korean news about you holding the thought about going to college.
"Yes. Since I perform both in Korea and Japan, it's hard for me to stay in one country for a long period of time. This is why it's hard for me to learn something even when I actually get to go to school. If I have time to take lessons, I would be more than happy to go. But for right now, I would like to be more advanced with singing and dancing so that I would be a better singer."

- In other countries, a lot of 17, 18 or 20-year olds singers are very popular. What do you think about yourself?
"Britney can be called an 'idol' and 'artist' at the same time. She's awesome, and cute, so a lot of girls admire her. In America, I heard idols and artists are not really separated. Justin Timberlake, or Beyonce... they are somewhat the idols of teenagers, but really awesome on stage like real artists. It's about the same in Korea. But in Japan, it's obvious; the difference between the idols and the artists."

- Then were you surprised by the differences between how it is in Korea and how it is in Japan when you debuted?
"At first, I didn't know; it was after a while that I started to notice things. This is how it feels to be an idol... I can be catagorized as an idol, but in Korea, I am both an idol and an artist. In Japan, I'm not so sure now laughs)."

- You are someone who was born somewhere else, then came to Japan, and became a star. It's like a success to an adventure.
"The good thing was that I debuted when I was 13 in Korea and debuted in Japan when I was 14. So I had somewhat the adventage of being young when it came about the language. I thought, 'It was okay to make a little mistake on the language... I can study more since I'm young.' I was never embarrassed. Also, I thought that it was okay and not regretful when the released singles were not so successful. I think those thoughts made me who I am today. So wherever I go, somewhere new again, I won't forget those."

- You became the million seller in Japan, what's the next plan? Success in Asia, sucess in USA, sucess as a song writer or a producer, actress... everything? (laughs)
"(laughs) What would it be. The next plan is Asian. The next country to go is China, where I've done a few live performances already. I want to go to many different places. I have to do everything step by step, making sure I'm doing everything right."

- I see. How is studying Chinese going?
"Well, I did. Now I know the basic greetings and stuff, but I forgot most of them (laughs). I'm taking a break from it, but I'm going to start again."

- What about the USA?
"I had a thought about it, 'When I do better in Korea and Japan; when I polish myself more~'" - Translated by Karen.

credits to: Jumpingsoul.net, posted by Concept of -------.com, posted by FlyboyX26 on Jpopmusic forums.