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I'm Back!

09 September 2013 - 05:40 PM

I'm back! :thumbsup:

I haven't been on here for almost 3 years! Just seeing how everyone is doing and seeing if anyone did anything interesting or went some place adventurous. Please please tell me some awesome stories I would love to hear them!

Well here's all the things you guys missed in my life:

I'm 22!

Been through bad break up 2 years ago and I'm now accepting the fact I will have over 40 dogs and still be single. #foreveralone

I work 2 jobs and I go full time student at FAU in Sunny Florida.

I got my annual pass to Disney and Islands of adventure and I go twice a month.

And the only place I really went to for vacation was I spent a week in Key West! It was amazing and I met a lot of beach bums.... I also swam with dolphins!! :lol:

Almost done with Nursing school :smartass:

I went to a strip club for the very first time with my guy friends... That was a experience..

My dog had puppies! <3 Cutest things in the world!

And I also died my hair purple and red :blush: :D

Here's a picture:

Posted Image

And here's the picture of my little puppies!

Posted Image

A love that'll never happen

11 July 2009 - 09:44 PM

Okay, so you know how everyone says there always someone for somebody? As the years passed I realized it's so not true. People say I'm not looking in the right places, but the right places are the places I've been and the places I've been is everywhere. I just feel like I'll never find love. And all my life since I was a little girl was wishing to fall in love. Everyone has someone. My friends, my little cousin, and my 10 year old brother. 0.0 I'm 18 going on 19. It's kinda upsetting.

The guys I fall in love with are always the ones that are 1) taken 2) don't want to be in a relationship 3) straight up assholes.

It's only been recently guys have been noticing me and yeah. =\ They aren't looking to date me. There looking for something else. If you guys know what I mean. And I let them.. Thinking that maybe it'll change. I wanna know is there something wrong with me?

My friends love me and they wouldn't want in any other way. So why don't the guys see that? I'm funny I make people laugh. I'm not gonna lie I'm loud when I want to be. I pretty down to Earth. You can talk to me about anything. I love trying new things. . But what is wrong with me?

Is it because I'm Asian? Is it because I'm not skinny? Is it because I don't look like Megan Fox?

I'm getting sick of guys using me, but stupid me always feels that maybe just maybe they'll like me more than THAT..

My hearts been played around and tossed around. I'm beginning to lose hope. Maybe there is something wrong with me..

It's sad to see everyone around you is falling in love and I'm rotting away..

Do you guys even believe in love?

My Dilema.

29 May 2009 - 12:24 PM

Okay, so I've been working at Wendys (don't laugh) for half a year now and there's this kid named Nick. He's super quiet and he's really nice. Never dated in his life which is weird because he's super cute but SUPER SHY. Then there's this girl named Kaitlyn whose really sweet and cute. I decided to hook the two of them up. She thinks he's cute and he's got an interest.. Well =\

I've been talking to him a lot and I'm getting to know him a lot. And last night he just randomly gave me his number =D And for the last week we've talk a lot and he's beginning to open up. Like he so down to Earth and like amazing <3 Simply amazing. Oh and he surfs *Drools*

I'm beginning to fall for him. I fell HARD...

I love Kaitlyn to death! and I want to do this for her a lot. I feel like utter crap. I want the to work out, but part of me wants him to want me instead.

And now I'm like gah!!

They are going out together on Friday and I'm upset..

A part of me knows he doesn't like me (or how I feel). We are completely opposites.

He surfs. I sit on the couch.
He likes peanut butter. I love jelly.
He supa skinny. I'm like obese compared to him.
He's shy. I'm outgoing.
He's quiet. I'm a loud speaker.

What do I do?


12 November 2007 - 02:55 PM

Okay.... Soooo... I'm going to attempt to get my haircut this weekend. I haven't cut my hair in forever! and I need a pictures! and anyone have any good suggestions where I should get my haircut?

I want my hair too look like this:

Posted Image

Anyone got any better pictures?

My Top 10...

17 June 2007 - 11:16 PM

[font="Trebuchet MS"]Hey, I'm a big fan of reading. :rolleyes: (Yeah, I'm a nerd for reading) So I thought I'd share my favorite books to you guys. Hopefully, you'd share some of the books you guys read. I'd love to get more books lol. Fill free to give descriptions about the books.
  • Twilight
  • Blood and Chocolate
  • New Moon
  • Eragon
  • Eldest
  • My sister's keeper
  • Blue is for Nightmares series
  • Inkspell and Inkheart
  • Maximum Ride series
  • Uglies Series
Twilight and New Moon:

Posted ImagePosted Image
They are amazing books, if you haven't read them then you MUST read it. I got most of my friends reading it. This book is more for girls, but guys can read it too. More power to you, God knows my boyfriend won't read it. :thumbsup: It's about a girl named Isabella, (A.K.A Bella) she moves to a little town called Forks, Washington. Where the Sun never shines. She falls in love with a gorgeous vampire named Edward (careful, girls that are taken, and not fall in love with the character, my boyfriend despises Edward. I always yell at him and tell him to act more like Edward). He thirsted for her blood and pretty much wanted kill her, but he fell in love her. Along the way they meet up with trouble and blah. For their love to truly stay forever it would mean Edward would have to kill her. Bella is all for it, but Edward isn't. It would mean to kill her soul and hurt the one's she loves. But it was a 1st since 1901 that he fell in love. What is he going to do with her?(can't wait till Eclipse comes out in Aug. 7)

Blood and Chocolate:

Posted Image
I just recently finished this book. If you saw the movie and didn't read this you should really read the book. The movie has nothing to deal with the book. It was really a chagrin to me. But I mean the movie was good. This is about a Loupe Garou , other wise known as a "werewolf", named Vivian. Her pack/ family has been moving around to keep a low profile and every once in a while one of the members will taste human blood and get carried away and as a family they protect each other or kill them to keep their secrets safe. If ever a human found out they would surely kill them and they were out numbered. Vivian didn't like anyone in her pack, she wanted to be "different". She meets a boy named Aiden and suddenly fell in love with him. He was everything to her, but would she keep her family's secret or betray them? Would Aiden approve or run away? Hmm... :P

Eragon and Eldest

Posted ImagePosted Image
If your into fantasies and dragons these books are for you! It's about a poor farm boy finding a blue stone (so he thought) and later hatched into a dragon. An evil emperor named Galbatorix killed of the last of the dragon riders and dragons, besides his own. Now a new rider was born to save his world with the help of Darwfs, Elves, and other mystic creatures. See the fascinating thrills that goes along with this magical book :wub:

My sister's Keeper

Posted Image
If you love books that make you cry then this would surely make you cry. A mother's love for her dying daughter, but was her love strong enough for both her dying daughter and her 2 other kids? Or was she paying to much attention to the sick one? Anne is suing her parents for using her body. Using her body, I mean, every time her sister is sick or needed some kind of blood tissue transfusion they take it from Anne. Anne loves her sister a lot, she would do anything for her. But it's getting to the point it's hurting Anne. She loves her sister so much, but it's almost the end for her sister, why would they (her parents) do this to her and her sister. A thrilling and shocking end to the story! It stunned everyone and you must read it.

Blue is for nightmares Series

Posted Image
Stacey Brown is not your typical girl. Okay, yeah she's normal, but set aside everything else she can tell the future. How does she tell the future? by dreaming. Or you can call it nightmares. Her and her best friends are all in danger and the only one to help stop it is Stacy. Each of the candles she's lits have a significant meaning to all. Find out who she saved and who she didn't. I wonder if there's more like her. Maybe. or Maybe not. It's an amazing book!

Inkheart and Inkspell

Posted ImagePosted Image
Yeah, if you hadn't notice I like fantasy books. Anyways, I haven't read this book in awhile so bare with me. I forgot the characters name. A little girl and her dad is out on the run, by fictional characters from a book. How did these characters come out of the book? well read it and find out. It's up to the girl and her dad to save the world from this horrid villains. How will they put them back into the stories they belong? One thrilling adventure and a heart breaking truth about her dad and her dead mother.

Maximum Ride Series

Posted ImagePosted Image
There is a secret group (not even the government knows) testing on babies (either stealing the babies or telling the parents their baby has just died shortly after giving birth) finding perfect combinations of animal DNA and Human DNA bind together to make the perfect specimen. Sadly, many babies were killed. But a group of kids survived. They were 2 percent bird. They had super hearing and seeing and each had a incredible gift. Along with these wonderful gifts is they're wings. Yes they do fly! Finally, after being tortured in School (what the evil lab is called) Maximum, Max, the leader is know on the run with her flock when Erasers began popping out. Oh yeah, Erasers are half wolf and half people. They were vicious beasts, changing forms and killing or at least attempting to kill the flock. Meet up with them and they adventure across the U.S. To what they discover and stumble into. The kind of trouble their in. It's a pretty funny book too. :rolleyes: It's really brief but there is more to this thrilling story.

Uglies Series

Posted ImagePosted Image
What does the future hold for us? Something good or something bad? Get into the life of uglies. One special ugly named Tally. She had always wanted to be pretty and a week from her b-day she was was turning 16. A pretty. She gets to move out of Uglyville and go into New pretty town. Where the lights never gave in. Where parties were wild and fun. It was their life, to party. Until she met a friend named Shay. Would Shay ruin her day to becoming pretty? Or would Shay be her best friend till the end and keep Shays little secret? Was their something the specials were keeping from the world? Specials were ever little wolf like creatures, but still very pretty. Keep reading the 1st book and you'll get so into it your going to want to read the rest of the series.