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In Topic: SG Wannabe - Partner for life

21 May 2006 - 10:45 AM

thanks alot!!!
hahha...everyone says 'thx jaejoong'
sounds like we r saying thanks to the real jaejoong!!!

In Topic: DBSK came to Malaysia on April 14.

02 May 2006 - 08:50 AM

i attended that event
it's just a kick-off b4 their concert...
TVXQ didn't come to Malaysia..
there's only TVXQ MVs...kpop MVs..
n also to launch the LG mobile M6100...

more info, u can visit www.kpopkingdom.com/forum

In Topic: Dbsk Information

02 May 2006 - 08:46 AM

hero has 7 older sisters n 1 younger sister...
to be exact...
can't rmbr where i got this source from

In Topic: Hair

08 December 2005 - 02:21 AM

i have an idea here..
it's for temporary~
u want the bottom to curl upwards is it?
ugh..how am i going to explain it~
lie down with ur face facing the ceiling with a pillow underneath...
then stay at that position n sleep till morning...
then the hair ends will curl up..

another way (this lasts longer) is when u just finished shower...
ur hair is still wet right?
comb it towards outside n curve upwards..
n leave it as it is..
after some time, u'll notice ur hair is starting to curl at the bottom
easy as it seems right?
hope u understand~
i s**k at explaining~

In Topic: What is your wrist circumference?

08 December 2005 - 02:13 AM

hee hee
i'm 5"
and i'm 18 now!~