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In Topic: Official BoA MTV Live Dec 3

03 December 2008 - 03:59 PM

Boa is a kick ass performer! Her & Suchin Pak were so cute!

I like Look Who's Talking more than Eat You Up. The choreography for LWT is so intricate & energy consuming, she had to lipsync. She sang Eat You Up twice & Girls on Top live, & she was strong vocally & her dancing was great.

In Topic: BoA.Live.BE THERE!

02 December 2008 - 04:44 PM

I think they changed their minds & cameras are allowed, regular cameras, not papparazzi cameras LOL Just be aware that illegal recordings of the event is not allowed.

Bring your regular point & shoot cameras just in case.

Cells MUST be turned off or on quiet mode.

Please bring signs, presents, etc to support Boa!

In Topic: I'M ONE OF THE LUCKY 25!!!

28 November 2008 - 11:09 AM

A few of us got confirmations, but I think it's because we emailed them back quickly on Tuesday afternoon. Make sure you give them the info for you & your friend! They check photo ID when we get there, supposedly.

I think as long as you emailed them your info & your friends info, & you bring the confirmation email, then you should be ok. The email should be your confirmation.

By the way, does anyone have an extra ticket? I have another friend who would like to go, but missed the deadline. If you think you can spare the ticket, please let me know & I'll give you his info.

I know when I entered, my email was so corny ^^;;;; But it was all true. lol

Around Monday or so, maybe I'll make a thread about what we should know or need for NYC & questions people want to ask.

In Topic: I'M ONE OF THE LUCKY 25!!!

27 November 2008 - 07:36 PM

I e-mailed them about cameras too but they haven't replied me ^_^. I haven't thought about them using gmail to forward to their real address, but that is a good point. Check in?? So when we "meet" her, we will have no bags and no jackets??

They'll email you back. It's Thanksgiving weekend, so expect something Monday or Tuesday :)

About the jackets & bags. . . I think so. If you think about it, have you ever seen people on TRL with jackets & bags? Even when it's raining or freezing cold? I think it's some kinda policy to prevent people from carrying illegal things in their bags or jacket pockets.

In Topic: I'M ONE OF THE LUCKY 25!!!

27 November 2008 - 09:38 AM

wow!! lucky you~^^ make sure to give us updates and pics XD

lol Um, but they said cameras aren't allowed. . . we can't take pix. I really wish we could. I want a pic with Boa ^_^ No recording devices. I guess they're just afraid of fans leaking the performance before it airs. Also, if you have name brand stuff, they tend to blur it out. They don't want to seem as if they're endorsing a brand without some kinda deal made.