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Yumekui ~Ai Otsuka

22 August 2006 - 09:30 PM

i'm basically requesting all 3 types of lyrics--the original, the romanized and the translation.

Thank you so much for this =) This is such an awesome song :thumbsup:

Ai Otsuka...

22 August 2006 - 08:23 PM

Well, I have noticed something during the past few days. Ai Otsuka is selling very well on the iTMS Japan. In fact, she has the more songs on the Top 100 than any other artist (11 in total, BoA has 1). She has 3 in the Top 10 alone. Here is the top 10 as off August 23rd...

1. Yumekui ~Ai Otsuka
2. Frienger ~Ai Otsuka

3. Invitation ~Kou Shibasaki
4. Tonight is Boogie Back ~KREVA
5. London Bridge ~Fergie
6. Mahouno Kotoba ~Spitz
7. Call On Me ~Janet Jackson and Nelly
8. Planetarium ~Ai Otsuka
9. Have a Nice Day! ~KREVA
10. Magical Speaker ~Mihimaru GT

Everybody loves Yumekui :lol: It's a great song, and has a big movie tie-in with Tokyo Friends. It has been on top of the iTMS Japan for at least the past 4 days...I don't know why Frienger is doing so well though...
Planetarium has been on the Top 10 for like, forever :thumbsup:
Even her old songs are hits. Sakuranbo is #16.

You seriously cannot look up and down the Top 100 without seeing Ai Otsuka's songs at least 3 times.

I never knew that she was this popular. :blink:

Anyways, I guess , my question is, is she really doing as well as the Top 100 implies? When do you think that her dominance over other artists on the iTMS will end? (She's doing even better than Ayu right now)

Otherwise I just wanted to share this with you guys because I found it interesting. ;]

To all High Schoolers

15 June 2006 - 06:04 PM

K, this is just something very random...
The rules of the game are plain and simple. All yo have to do is:

1. Tell us the name of your current high school and its location.
2. Tell us something interesting about your HS. Don't make it too long...
3. Say anything you like about it :)

I'll start:

1. Stuyvesant HS, New York, New York
2. It isn't listed in Newsweek's "1,200 Best High Schools" because the list does "not include any magnet or charter high school that draws such a high concentration of top students that its average SAT or ACT score significantly exceeds the highest average for any normal-enrollment school in the country."
3. So I go to a competive high school. But I'm not that special :lol:

does anyone know where i can get the History of BoA UMD?

09 April 2006 - 03:05 AM

I heard about this a while ago, but i sort of forgot about it after a while. I had also heard that it was going to be a Korean release...so that obviously meant region 3 coding. I have a region 1 PSP, so I knew it wasn't going to work...

And just my luck, I find out today that it was available in Hong Kong region all

I tried froogling the History of BoA UMD, but the only result that is region all is from play-asia.com...but it's out of stock. I don't have an idea if it will be restocked, but I hope so. But what if it doesn't?

And apparently, Yes-Asia doesn't sell this version...which is why I never knew about it.

and by the way, does anyone have this UMD (any version)? I want to know the features available (MVs, subtitles, etc).

thanks. ^_^

pics can be found here

I'll pop another question too...according to Wikipedia, Region 1 PSP can play Region 2 and 4 UMDs, is this true?

edit// to make this clear, there are 2 versions. I'm looking for the one with out the region coding, aka the one sold outside Korea.

For those of you who can't afford the OUTGROW album...

18 February 2006 - 11:17 PM

do not worry :)

the Overseas version is coming out February 24th. both editions--the CD and CD+DVD edition--will be available. hopefully they come with POSTCARDS!! :o <_<

btw, the price is about $20 at the most for both.

i personally can't wait because i know the perfect place to get it.. ;]

o, ok. mods close this if you want