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15 May 2006 - 04:53 PM

ha. anyway, i'm getting a hamster tomorrowww.
a campbell dwarf hamster. male. heh ;D
first time. wootness [obsessionnn]

anyway. um.
any tips?

i'm so bored.
ask chris.
i wont shut up about hamsters
our conversation for the past hour or so
is basically..


someone call me?


01 April 2006 - 08:18 AM

I'm going to leave for about a week (maybe a month)
good bye everyone :lol:
and since.. uhmm, that glory kid has taken over
the rules wont be enforced.
so this could possibly be spam,
but hey, who knows. it probably wont be closed! HA.

anyway. i'll miss you all, minus glory :]
i guess i'm jumping on the retiring bandwagon, eh?

okay, nevermind. it's a temporary retirement XD

i'm rambling now.
bye o.O


Dear BoaJjang Members,

Some of you know me, some of you don't. Actually, a lot of you don't. I call myself... the shadow of boajjang. Anyway, I think I really WILL retire from boajjang. Talking to the other members make me seriously realize that Glory won't be leaving.. for a very long time. Heck, maybe she'll appoint some of her "loyal friends" to help out with the site and make it worse.. or better. Until the time when the old admin rise again, or at least some more MATURE people rise again, I will permanently leave boajjang. I know I said this would be temporary, but that was for a different reason.

I'm stressed out so bad with homework and school and tennis, and boajjang just doesn't have that same appeal it used to. I'm sorry my friends, my fellow camwhores. I'll be seeing you around..

I can't wait for the "rizing sun" to arrive upon boajjang. psh.

The shadow of Boajjang,
Nicole Marie <3

I'm leaving for real. Bye.

How do YOU pronounce boajjang?

26 March 2006 - 04:54 PM

I was browsing boajjang earlier, when I found the "how do you abbreviate boajjang?" topic (again). I began to think... how do the members of boajjang pronounce "boajjang?" Do we all say it correctly? (cause i dont!)

I, myself, pronounce it "boa-zhang".. like "sang", but with a J.... but that's not correct :D i'm so texan. haha.

The correct way to say it is right >>>here.

Oh yeah, the only reason I put option number 4 is because i always encounter words I can't pronounce when i'm reading so i just skip over it XD. either that, or i abbreviate it. ha. ha. ha. :]

so how do YOU prounounce boajjang?

Any Reccomendations For My Audition?

22 November 2005 - 03:03 PM

EEEK! i don't know if this is in the right section!
so please change it if it isnt ^^;; i'm sorry

Anyway, this coming Monday is my audition for the school musical and... I seriously want to be in it. But I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out what song I want to sing. Or more like, just in general finding a song that fits my voice. So, I was wondering if anyone on BoAjjang knew of some good broadway musical soprano songs?

Soprano, for anyone who doesn't know, is the highest voice part for a girl. T__T

Please don't recommend Phantom Of The Opera. Quite literally everyone at the try outs is going to be singing that, therefore making me compete for how well I do the song compared to someone else. I want to do something refreshing, and different. =/ lol..

I've been searching for about two weeks now, and I still can't find anything. POO! Please helppp!? <3

I'm Retiring from BoAjjang

17 November 2005 - 09:26 PM

keke, did you really think i would retire? this place is great! lol.

Okay, so I hear you should ALWAYS start off your performance with an ice breaker. So here it is.

Posted Image

Okay, now that that's over with...

Let me start by REintroducing myself:
I'm Nicole, I live in Port Neches, Texas, where the refineries seriously outnumber the people. Okay, I lied, but everyone knows someone that works at the refineries. Our school is freaking built by one of the refineries! WHAT THE POO!! lol. I am 15 years old. I just turned 15 a couple of weeks ago =] And two days after my birthday, a friend of mine committed suicide. Happy Halloween anyone? It's still a sore spot, but at least now I don't burst into tears everytime I think of something he did. That was horrible. I'm in 9th grade, taking all of the advanced classes (three of which are pre-ap) and overwhelmed with homework. I'm 5'2'', brown hair, brown eyes (unless with colored contacts =] of which are blue or green) and... I love singing, writing, dancing, and I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!! <3

Me + Boajjang:
I saw boajjang a long time ago when Chris (aprayer4u) had joined and started posting his singing and stuff. But I didn't join cause at the time, I was anti-boa (yes, yes, I know. GASP!) just cause Chris wouldn't stop with all the BoA songs. lol. And then a few months ago I actually started listening to more of her songs, and now I'm hooked =X

Yes, so before you start throwing tomatos (tomatoes?) at me, I'm officially pro-BoA*! lol.

Anyway, yep. This is my 1000th post here at boajjang, which I think is odd considering at first I didn't know what to post about or who to reply to. lol. I consider myself an active member, although a lot of people STILL don't know me. Oh well, poo. lol. For the people who DO KNOW ME, more power to you. Cause I'm freakin' awesome. lol =]

hehe, look what i found. my first post EVER on boajjang =]

woo i'm new. so peace out homie g's. :ph34r: ( lol i can pull off the gansta deal lol)

yes, chris forced me to join (aprayer4u, heh?) so like, here i am. looking like an idiot in the middle of a boa forum posting pictures of me lol.

i'm still confused on what to do but hey, boredom does these sorts of things to you right? lol. so does lack of sleep. in my case, both are present lol.

so right, my name is nicole. i'm 14 (woo), and from port neches (the town where refineries outnumber the people. ok i'm exaggerating [sp?] but... whatever) i love swimming and dancing and singing and i suck at all of them. dont listen to chris, he doesnt know anything. woo.

i'm like really bored soo here's a pic? :D

Posted Image

Teh Giving Of Teh Gifts:
It's the part you've all been waiting for, folks!
I know you're tired of me rambling so I won't put it off any longer =]
The first gift goes to...

You've been my best friend for over two years now, online (lol) and in real life. You help me with math (a lot) and, lol, you introduced me to BoA* and the wonderful members of boajjang. I don't really know what you want, since you're away as I'm writing this and I can't reach for my phone right now (lol) but here's something you might've wanted me to upload earlier. haha.

>>a clip of Only Hope<<

It sounds really bad, I keep going flat, but whatever. lol.
And then, just for "blackmail", since I put your songs on mine, here's an iPod so you don't have to keep stealing your sisters lmao.
Posted Image

cori! you have such a pretty voice! I ENVY YOU!!! :lol: I wish I was half as good as you, but I'm honored to be an assistant teacher in the collab =] And the fact you're my friend, well I'm jumping for joy right now =] lol. Err... *thinking* I'll get you a lifetime pass to a high-tech, state of the art recording booth! YAHOO! lol. You're sure to get an awesome record deal :thumbsup:
Posted Image

hehe, i just got finished talking to you on msn. and I asked you what you wanted. lol, and here it is =]
Posted Image
and it came with a nifty little case too =]
Anyway, you must send me that little thing you've been working on cause I'm curious to see how it turns out ^^;; and why you thought I said "something something, name 31456" or whatever. lol. That was quite an interesting conversation.

keke, you're the first person I knew on BoAjjang minus Chris & Cori. And I didn't even know Cori was from boajjang until I actually got ON boajjang. So she doesn't really count, does she? Anyway, you've known me for more than most people on here >.> and yet, I don't know what to give you.
Hmm, okay, since you've been baking a lot lately... and party because your sister has been making you, here's an easy bake oven =] disgusting stuff that comes out of there, but whhhaatever =] lol.
Posted Image
and here's a hug too lol XD :hug:

haha, you just joined boajjang less than a month ago and you're about to have to write YOUR emp! Gosh, I was never that active when I first joined. lol. Anyway, here you go =] I think you asked for this >.> Thanks for the instrumental, by the way lol. =] ::does the happy dance:: don't feel old =] lol
Posted Image & your second one.. Posted Image

ahh, you're so cute :hug: lol. I wish you would sing more, your voice is just ADORABLE! <3 Anyway, you live up there in Alaska and I think you need a break from all the freezing cold weather, so here's a plane ticket to Texas so you can come visit me =] & chris lol.
Posted Image
in the mean time, here's a jacket to keep you if just a little warm(er) lol <3
Posted Image

ZOMG, dan teh man =] lol. Sorry for the whole "picture incident" hehe? That was quite funny, if I say so myself. lol. =] Thanks for doing the whole Collab thing (even though it's quite literally at a standstill) but, i heart you anyways. So, here's a million bajillion dollars (in ones) so you don't have to work and help out with the collab more. ish. lol <3
Posted Image x 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

eeep <3 lol tien. my lil wubbable myspace buddy =] lol. I can't freaking believe I missed out on the big "phone conversation" those two times. lol.
oh well, here's a cell phone for verizon so you can call me whenever and it wont cost either of us! =] lol.
Posted Image

hey kiddo =] I don't know you as well as some other people, but you get on vent from time to time, and then there was that period where I was always on IRC >_> lol. So... yep. lol. here's a teddy bear =] it's uberly soft and huggable =] lol
Posted Image

O.O you have an awesome voice. lucky butt. T___T lol. yeah, anyway.
i think you need some brushing up on your stalking skills. so here's some spy equipment ^^;;
Posted Image

heehee =] i envy you and your awesome paint skills. oh yes, the good old days of IRC. lmao. you get on vent sometimes, now, though! =X awesomeness, kiddo =] anyway. have a beer =] lol
Posted Image

lol =] you & your seksi voice :glomps: lol. you've been singing a lot lately, or is it just me? anyway, you're really improving, and me loves your voice. =] lol. i don't know what to get you.. so here is a boa ticket stub. lmao.
Posted Image

aww, you were my judge for the auditions. how awesome is that? lol =P anyway, you haven't been on vent lately. grr. lol. you're missing out on all the fun!!! ahh poo. well.. hmphh. well, here's a sword, just cause it's cool =] lol
Posted Image

Posted Image
cake is good for teh soul <3

okie dokie, me done. i'll probably re-edit this when i get the time, cause i'm so freaking tired right now. lol =]
tell me if i forgot you, cause i'm kinda brain dead right now. lol.
thanks to chris for reminding me to add some people.
lol no thanks to j-chun for distracting me the entire time. lol.
yay, 1000 posts =] lol

i decided to add more people.
because.. well, i need to lol.
i left off a lot of VERY important people :P lol

zomgg, hey "neighbor" . lol i live about an hour away from you =X and my aunt probably lives like, 10 minutes from you! (points and laughs) anyway lol... i love that fanfic you're writing so i thought i'd get you a publishing company deal. because the whole world should know that boa kicks toosh, and so does your writing =]
so.. pick a company, any company!

O.O you draw so freakin' awesome! && i feel honored to know that you chose my title for your render XD that was really unexpected lol. i just read it like, last night, and was freaking excited. don't know why, i'm just wierd like that. lol. anyway, i think you should have your own art gallery =] so here you go. you can have a showing at this museum >_>
Posted Image

hey santa =] you "prettiful" thing, you XD. i'm not sure what to give you so err.. here's a santa suit. lol.
Posted Image

^^;; you're the only person that ever really commented on my story (which i still have not got around to updating) lol. sooo.. hmm, what should i get you? =X i guess here's a book to keep you busy until i finish mine. lmao. i hope you like reading things about medical examiners examining crimes, etc. like CSI. =] lol.

(grr, imageshack is being a butt so i'll post a pic later lol)