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In Topic: Blackpearl's Mika Does't Like Her Plastic Nose

15 October 2007 - 11:28 PM

she does look weird for some reason
but her nose doesnt look crooked to me
well thats what you get for getting under the knife
people wont recognize you anymore

In Topic: Koda Kumi to collab with TVXQ

06 October 2007 - 05:52 AM

wonder if their collab will be a ballad or an upbeat song
im not really thrilled with koda an tvxq collab
her dance moves are really trashy...


01 October 2007 - 05:20 AM

she better not do another album with island def jam
her 1st english album went nowhere because of poor advertising
i liked her english album... but i hope she'll be able to make it in the states this time

In Topic: [News] Wonder Girls' New Member

11 September 2007 - 10:39 AM

i starting to like her now
but is still miss hyun ah!!
her rap is very good... powerful and she controls her breathing well
haha i love her shorts
but shes too tanned and her hair looks messy and keeps getting on her face during performances

In Topic: BoA's Duet with Wheesung Scrapped for Now

21 August 2007 - 02:58 AM

geez!! after months of waiting, its not included in wheesung's new album
at least theyll still gonna do a collaboration song, and not choose other artists for that song...
im getting giddy now haha the song must be very good!!