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In Topic: Hello

19 March 2022 - 08:38 AM

People are generally not meeting in forums much anymore, due to the steady centralization of internet structure. Everything is happening on central hubs like reddit or 'social media' where everything is controlled and monitored. Forums like this could be considered relics of the open and free internet, where each interest had its own dedicated place.

In Topic: How to get tickets to boa's Korean concert in october

01 January 2020 - 05:50 AM

Can someone teach me how to get tickets from Korean websites?

A bit late but I suppose you should look for guides on more populated kpop boards or maybe on reddit subforums since the process of ordering tickets should be the same for any artist. Good luck. :)

In Topic: BoA THE LIVE 2018 in SEOUL

23 December 2018 - 06:50 PM

Perhaps a fruitless endeavor, but is there a stream somewhere or will there be some form of release for this show? It used to be so easy to DL her live shows, even before youtube was a thing, but nowadays it seems really hard. :(

In Topic: BoA - Amor (Kanji/Romaji/English)

23 December 2018 - 06:14 PM

Thanks! Out of all the new songs she released, this is my clear favorite  :lol:  (maybe tied with '1 Shot 2 Shot') It reminds me a bit of 'Spark' because of the latin vibe.

In Topic: [9th KRN Album] WOMAN, Release Date Oct 24th

08 December 2018 - 07:34 PM

ts in the middle of big comebacks

LOL @ these nonsensical 'comebacks' in Kpop. :D It's like they promote one song for two months, then take 1 week off to record the next song and immediately start to promote it for another two months as a 'comeback'.  People act like that one week in between song promotions is one decade... :rolleyes:


Heres the two promo images for today! 

Unironically read that as 'porno images' at first look. I should go to bed soon. :lol:


I noticed that. Did anyone explain why? I wondered if she had gotten injured doing it.

No matter how fit you are, you're getting dizzy when you're upside down for so long + she has to immediately start singing/dancing once she's turned around. It looks cool, but it's not worth it IMHO.