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In Topic: FT Island

04 February 2008 - 03:53 AM

jonghun and hongki heheh...

hongki= cute face, cute voice
Jonghun= hottie with cute dimples, plus sexy guitarist


In Topic: SNSD Version of BoA's NO.1

01 January 2008 - 05:26 PM

You hate them for doing a tribute.

Riiight. :)

What's the harm in singing BoA's songs huh?
It's not a competition. They're not trying to replace her. They're not trying to be better than BoA.
Just be reasonable, judge it as a standalone performance, not as a comparison.

I don't understand why people think doing a BoA tribute is so bad.
I mean, usually tributes are for singers/groups out of the business or for long time veterans.
And for BoA to have tributes already at the age of 21 is an accomplishment.

Ugh, sorry for the rant. It's just that I'm a huge fan of both So Nyuh Shi Dae and BoA.
So it really hurts when one fanbase disses the other :/

I totally agree with with you said.

i'm so proud of BoA. seriously, at such a young age, getting tributes already!!
that is an accomplishment!

In Topic: Vote For The Best Band Leader

27 December 2007 - 01:18 AM

i'm torn between yunho and g-dragon.

GD is so awesome, he writes, rap, dances, and cares for every member. sometimes though other members seem like the leader...eheh which is good...the leader doesn't always have to be the the most popular all the time. but seriously i really like gd.

as for yunho, uhave to agree, he seriously carries dbsk very well. and he fits the role...so does gd...eheh. he does pretty much everything gd does, except for...composing songs??

so seriously i don't know who to vote for.

In Topic: top 10 "most paid" korean stars

11 November 2007 - 01:13 PM

wow. i never knew boa was that rich. go boa! i love u!

In Topic: AnyBand New Media Pics

06 November 2007 - 10:03 PM

oh my gosh! i love the first picture.

so pretty!!

and i love that blue checkered shirt. i want one.

and at the picture thingy...i love how they styled her hair...

yay aweosme! thank u so much for sharing this with us!!!!