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she had a Concert in Jeju?

26 April 2007 - 07:43 PM

This really surprised me. I don't even know when this was @[email protected]

obviously it's BoA, but did she really have a concert in Jeju? or just a fanmeet or something? Because I don't think it's a concert (it'd be a cheap budget concert then? O.o sorry it looks that way to me compared to her Japanese concerts. i hope i don't offend anyone in this haha :) oh and there's a part when she signals to the people she couldn't hear her earphones. haha :P) but she can't just be a guest because there are too many songs. haha :P

(sorry if i'm just late on the news, i DID try searching the forum for details on this :P)

thankkss <3

[rq]Konoyono shirushi - BoA (translation)

25 April 2007 - 03:40 AM

i need to know what this means. :hug: i want to sing it at my friend's 18th birthday party but i have to know what it means (i won't sing it TO her anyway (shalalala i'm in love ~? :huh: ) but just so i have an 'acoustic' song to sing ^_^ thank you ^___^

[RQ] Discovery by BoA translation

08 March 2007 - 02:50 AM

does anyone have the translation for this song?
i really want to know the exact meaning of the whole song (discovery? love is no good? LOL kidding :P) but yeah :thumbsup: please? thanks! <3

smaudition @[email protected]

11 September 2006 - 12:44 AM

okay obviously i'm not from South Korea. and obviously there have been millions of audition threads already. and obviously i'm a psycho dreamer.

anyway i was wondering if they're still holding auditions in the SM building every saturday at 3? my parents are willing to let me go, but we have to be absolutely sure. I tried to call them to make an appointment, but the number's..not..available or whatever @[email protected]

so does anyone know their new number or if they're still holding auditions?

thank you very very very much :thumbsup:

Why are people still soo superstitious online?

15 August 2006 - 02:57 AM

What do you people think?

Don't you think it's a little weird how people believe in the tiniest things and are willing to annoy people just so they can get it out of their heads? I mean seriously...if it was one of those 'if you find this missing person' thing i wouldn't hesitate to pass it on, it might be true, and i won't lose anything passing it.

but when it's one of those messages where it goes 'your crush will call!' or stuff like that it gets so annoying. i know i can just ignore it but i was just wondering if people really believed it or something..do you guys do that? another thing..those 'religious' ones, like 'if you deny Jesus before men then he will deny you before God.'

wow...the passing on of a simple message brings us closer to God :sly:

what do you guys think about this??