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Good Video Splitter for making Gifs?

22 April 2009 - 07:16 AM

Well, I wanted to get back to making gifs, but the crack for my EO Video has already expired. So I uninstalled and deleted the installer. So can you suggest me, a better one?

I used to cut using EO Video and put it to Ulead Gif Maker, since my Photoshop CS2 can't read .mpg videos, so I use Ulead, since it can very much read either .avi or .mpg videos.

So, any suggests on making my life easier? And Please put a download link too, if it's possible that is.

Thank you so much~~ I labb yuu XDD

Have you bought Anime in YesAsia?

08 February 2009 - 02:37 AM

Well, if Yes, I have a question for you please. If it says Japan Version, is it in Japanese but have English Subtitles?
I know that it's such a stupid question and the answer might actually be obvious since it's sold in YesAsia, but I just need a confirmation.

Thank you very much. Whoever you are who will answer. :o

Man, I already got my Answer, Please Close the Thread. Sorry for the trouble. =)

Suggested Torrent Client?

03 February 2009 - 01:09 AM

Well, I've been using uTorrent but it eats all of my internet speed. So my friend suggested me Azureus or Vuze but it interferes with my Antivirus which is nod32, Azureus sure is good, cause it DLs fast and it doesn't eat much of your internet speed. But I'd like to stick to my antivirus nod32. So Do you know anything that is, not eating most of your internet speed and does not interfere with nod32?


Once again like 2 years ago. I need writing material

29 November 2008 - 11:24 PM

Once more, I am brain dead. and I need a plot.

Do you mind sharing yours? I really need one. =D

Of course you will be credited! No matter what it is. It's good as an idea. =D

I'll be waiting my loves~ XD

Tell us your dream last night >D

10 February 2008 - 03:01 AM

A nightmare or what, SHARE IT TO US! and discuss it! =D

So yeah, here's mine
Unfortunately, this has happened for 2 straight saturday's

Last saturday, I dreamt of a human puzzle, that if you enter it up to the middle, the door will close and you have to solve the puzzle with a partner, if you tried it and got it wrong, in one way or another both of you will die.

It's a human sized puzzle in the middle of a mall. I and my cousin I can't remember the name, solved the first two puzzles, we were so lucky to have survived, we were the last ones to try it and the first one to come out as well. Next to us, a new pair went in and tried the answer we made, and died. So we went in and tried it once again, and went out of it again. There was a pool of blood.

I felt like, it doesn't matter if we die, it's all for the sake of fun, or something like that.

This Saturday (yesterday for me) we found the 3rd puzzle, this time, we were first to go in the puzzle of life and death, but before we reach the middle, I backed off and said "I can't do it."

two man in their middle age, one bald and two fully haired one, they seemed to have built the puzzle, so the door opened, but to no vail, when they were about to reach the door. It closed and a flying bullet come across to the bald man's head, dead, another pool of blood, and a flying axe for the other man.

I was so scared that I went to the CR with my cousin, and surprisingly, we saw one of my current classmates, wearing a white sleeveless tank top and pants, with the younger sister of my other classmate, wearing a yellow and pink striped sleeveless top, a beige belt and pants.

A whole bunch of family then entered the puzzle, 2 kids around 7 years old, and 2 adults, entered it the same time. They seemed to have solved the puzzle, but the same thing happened, the 4 of them died.

My heart was racing, after that, I woke up due to my sister's dog's bark and bite on my right foot.

I could've died right? :S

Share yours now =D (I posted this in KB and SOB as well)