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How many covers had BoA sung till now?

18 January 2014 - 12:33 PM

I know she did Adele- someone like you




Rihanna- Love the way you lie,





And during her x-mas shows she's singing a lot of English Christmas covers.

But I haven't seen all her shows so I don't know what songs she has already has done till so far?

Tried to search: cover

here in the forum, but there isn't some list.

Maybe you people know?


It's cool that she's singing English covers :)

You hear that her English is improving each year

How to rent Make Your Move?- Screenshots

04 December 2013 - 12:31 AM

Ok, some people may know it, but Make your move is for rent here in the NL,
but people don't know how everything works,
So I thought: Lets make a tutorial for you guys.

You can watch the movie on your mobile, tablet, laptop, pc of smart tv. It's an online streaming link.
After purchase the link is active for 30 days, after pressing the play button the movie is available for 48 hrs.
You can't just press the link after purchase and watch it, you'll need help of a Proxy page or a VPN client.
Tell about it later!

First things first:

Posted Image

Sign in.

Posted Image

Postcode is an example, please don't use all the same postcode, else Pathe will notice...

Ok, Jeej! you have a Pathe account.
Now search Make your move

Posted Image

First rent option you'll see:
Posted Image

With the second option you'll see this menu:

Posted Image

And confirm you want to rent the movie ofcourse!
Posted Image

And this one is for you!

Posted Image
And press: Betaal

Now you'll have the movie, you'll get a link in your email

Please notice you Can't watch the movie when you're not living in the Netherlands, BUT.....
There are tricks you can use to make the Pathe website believe you're watching it from the NL.
Google is full of tricks, like watching it with the help of a Proxy Server or VPN client.
You can adjust the VPN settings to: Netherlands, and there you go.

For a full tutorial please check Google!

Enjoy the movie!

You can also buy or rent it on Itunes.
In the NL the movie is 17 Euro.

Boa is back with short hair?

18 August 2013 - 10:52 PM


"Who is this handsome idol?

On August 17th, BoA instagrammed a picture of her new transformation with a short caption, "Hi there~"

BoA captivated fans with her short haircut and dark smokey eye makeup.

After seeing her new style, the netizens commented, "BoA's short cut is pretty", "BoA is really pretty", and "BoA's short cut is like a male idol."

Do you like the new haircut?"

Wow is this for real?
is she's back with short hair again?
Looks nice!
Think it looks better.

Identity look looks great!
What do you think?

Armin van Buuren vs Boa

20 August 2011 - 04:56 PM

First of all: sorry for my English, hope you can read it all! :thumbsup:

I'm following @Arminvanbuuren for a while now on twitter, and for some time I'm asking him if he should do a duet with BoA? Till now: no succes.

But I think a collanbs with the two of them couldn't be at a better moment, why? I should tell you!

For him: BoA is an artist who speaks Korean, Japanese and English, so she would kill the song in 3 languages!
With her Cobu 3D coming up, what better promotion for a movie with a killer international hit song?! now that her japanese debut project is kinda... well... boring, a duet with one of the best DJ's of the world??? We all know she would do great!

For her: Like I said , I'm following him on twitter, and I know that now his daughter is born, he's at home a lot, working on new stuff with a lot of new inspiration for new tunes and melodies! So what better way than step out his comfort zone and try to work with some Asian Spirit? And what better way to get the Asian Spirit is to work with someone who is multi-language? Armin van Buuren is a DJ who's working a lot with international singers, so he's open for Duets.

So I'm sending him tweets with how hard working BoA is, and she's well known in all Asia, so could he think of it? but he's too busy to answer. and that one tweet from me each day is not enough with all the tweets he's getting each day from the whole world!? So I don't think he's seeing my tweet at all!
So I'm thinking: I need help!
so what better way to ask for help with a whole boa-fan-forum?!

So if you like the idea, there's no better time than now! he's working on new stuff, she's working on new stuff, why not together? :notworthy:
So please, twitter him!

If you don't know @Arminvanbuuren, climb out of the tree house and listen!

I really miss the old songs

17 November 2009 - 07:34 AM

I was watching old BoA songs on youtube and damn, the songs were soo good!
Jewel Song, Quincy, I want to know the meaning of peace (collabs), be the one, Double, Shine we are etc.
So many good songs!

and that's not the main reason why I miss those days,
It's because you can see BoA has fun, check the Quincy video,
I haven't seen her smile like that for a while.
Too bad.

Why would BoA smile like that anymore?
think she don't like the songs like those days anymore?
Or is she just tired?
After hearing many songs of her lately it sounds like she's giving up or something.
She's just missing something in her voice that she had back then,
like her eyes who used to sparkle...

I really miss the sparkle and the smile when she's singing.
don't you?