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Shanghai World Expo 2010

28 June 2010 - 08:31 AM

This May I packed and flew to Shanghai from Manila to see the World Expo, which I have been waiting for since December.

I went on May 29, 2010 and May 31, 2010 - A DAY BEFORE AND AFTER BoA's visit to the Expo! </epicfail>

And I just found out tonight that BoA had gone, which has caused me terrible sadness as of the moment. During my free times in between 2003-2007, I had done all sorts of cult-worthy praying to see BoA in the flesh one day. And my chance had passed, considering BoA's steady decline into oblivion and my waning interest in her. Huhu. The funny thing is that I went home exhausted from the Expo on the 29th, so when my dad urged me to go back on the 30th, I just said, nah, I'll sleep tomorrow and come back on the 31st.

Darn it, I would have been back to BJJ in no time posting pictures and videos madly, seeing as no one else had been nearly as close to seeing her in that fateful moment as I had been. Forgive my insolence.

Anyhow, the Expo is a great thing, sort of like a cultural exposition of different countries. For those who are too lazy to go on google, it's made up of pavilions of each country in accordance with an environmentalist theme for the future. It's an epic display of what money can do, too.

Here are some pictures I've taken of the Expo on day one and two, hosted on my FB (you don't have to have an account nor be friends with me in order to see this):


You can also check this out for more dignified pictures of the pavilions, from before the expo opening on May 1:


Enjoy viewing and tell me what you think of the Expo! :ph34r:

(Wow, I'm posting after a millennium of absence - update me?)

3-Yr Old Dancing To MJ's "Thriller"!

25 April 2009 - 12:59 AM

I *PROMISE* you will not regret spending your 3 minutes on this awesome cuteness. :thumbsup:
Something silly to watch before you go out for work or school, or after a long, taxing day.

It's a three-year-old little girl watching and copying the dance steps of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

EDIT: I'm not sure if this counts as Spam, but I put it here on the grounds that my goal was to share something that'd make people smile. :P If this turns out to be Spam-material, please move it.

Weezer to cover Merikuri

14 February 2009 - 05:15 AM

Apparently this is old news. Sorry.

BoA - Believe in Love

28 January 2009 - 04:57 AM

EDIT MARCH 5, 2009:

These are the corrected lyrics for Believe in Love, based on official Kanji found here.

Please kindly credit Pei @ BoAjjang when taking these lyrics out of BoAjjang. I've already seen a number of sites not following this.

Enjoy! This is a great song and I enjoyed translating it :D

Believe in Love


I'm looking for your voice
Kimi no koe ga kikoeta kigashite
Hitori tachidomaru hitogomi no naka

I'm looking for your touch
Yakusoku wa mou kitasareru koto wa nai to
Namida wa kitto kidzuiteru

I'm looking for your heart
Oto wo tatezu kokoro wa hanarete yuku no
Setsunasa dake ga furitsumoru

I'm looking for your love
Hito wa daremo mienai kizu wo kakaete
Naze aruki tsudzukeru no darou

I believe afuredasu namida wa
Never be alone
Kienai negai wo utsusu deshou

I believe tadoritsuku itsuka wa
Never cry again
And I'm holding on shinjite’ru
Believe in love

I'm looking for my fate
Futari no mirai nande mamorenakatta no
Ima wa mou wakaranai kedo

I'm looking for my faith
Utsumuite mo furimuite mo ano sora wa
Atarashii asa hakobu no ne

I'm looking for my dream
Meguri atta kioku wa kitto yukue wo
Terashite kotae wo kureru no

I'm looking for my love
Kanashimi sae sayonara sae kono mune ni
Hajimari wo tsuretekuru kara

I believe tomaranai namida mo
Gonna smile again
Hikari wo atsumete kagayaku no

I believe meguri au kanaradzu
Gonna find my way
'Cause i'm moving on shinjite’ru
Believe in love

I'm looking for my step
Mune no oku ni mienai kizu wo kakaete
Sore demo aruki tsudukeru no

I'm looking for my smile
Donna toki mo furiyamanai ame wa nai
Sashikomu hikari shinjiteru

-----------------------ENGLISH TRANSLATION-----------------------

I’m looking for your voice
I got this feeling that I heard your voice
I stopped, alone, in the midst of a crowd

I’m looking for your touch
There is nothing that a promise can bring now
My tears have surely been noticed

I’m looking for your heart
The loneliness only thickens
When I let go of my silenced heart

I’m looking for your love
Why can a person with invisible hurts
Bear to go on?

I believe The overflowing tears
Never be alone
Reflect my indelible wishes

I believe I’ll reach it someday
Never cry again
And I’m holding on I believe
Believe in love

I’m looking for my fate

Why wasn't I able to protect our future?
Now I can’t even tell for sure, anymore

I’m looking for my faith
Whether I look down or I look back
That sky will bring a new tomorrow

I’m looking for my dream
The fortuitous memories will surely
Give me the illuminating answers

I’m looking for my love
This heart has had sadness, even goodbyes
From the very beginning

I believe Even the ceaseless tears
Gonna smile again
Gather the light; how they shine!

I believe We will meet for certain
Gonna find my way
‘Cause I’m moving on I believe
Believe in love

I’m looking for my step
There are invisible hurts in my heart
But still, I walk on

I’m looking for my smile
A ceaseless rain will never come
I believe in the ray of sunlight that flows in

by Pei @ BoAjjang.

Zodiac Signs

03 January 2009 - 12:20 PM

By the doings of Extreme Boredom, I decided to research o the zodiac signs of my closest friends, and found that most of their basic personalities are captured by what astrology says they are based on their birth dates. So I looked up my mom and my other relatives and so on.

I found it uncannily interesting so naturally, I started reading up on it a bit more. At first I thought it was like, "hey, you can say that about everybody and it'd still be true! And if it's not, they'll just think they're a different kind of Virgo", or something, but I compared traits at random and crossed out extremely general ones, and was still left with a clear picture of a personality archetype. But the catch is I *CAN'T FATHOM* how something that seems so baseless and vague can be relatively correct.

So what's your sign, and what do you think about being that sign? Pitch in what you think of astrology in general, too, and I'll see if this is worth starting a topic at Serious Discussions later on, I have much to say.

I'm a Pisces and feel like a Pisces when it comes to my emotional quotient, but otherwise I feel very Leo (which is like, a complete opposite of Pisces). When I read up on Pisces traits, I thought maybe only few of my friends would associate that kind of personality with me, so WTH. But I can relate to the proposed philosophy of typical Pisceans, so I guess it's pretty much correct.

EDIT: I would provide you with details on individual traits of each sign, but I'm too tired to be bothered typing everything. Instead THIS right here is what REALLY convinced me that astrology is not something old, bored widows do. It's an Astrological Chart. Basically, you have to type in the exact details of your birth (Date, Time, Place) and it provides you with an extremely detailed analysis of what your personality should look like. When I got mine, I was blown away by not only th accuracy, but the additional insight on some aspects of myself that I might have been overlooking on purpose.

Enjoy and tell us what you think!