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08 March 2009 - 07:03 AM

this topic is actually about three weeks late... :notworthy:

we had our prom last Valentine's day and it was a lot of fun...
hm.. I didn't have a date (obviously) but still, not having a date doesn't mean not having a good time, right?
I had fun with my friends dancing to "Disturbia" and "Single Ladies" just to name a few... :blink:
*I even won the "Butterfly Award"... haha! the teachers voted for it and it was for the person who 'morphed'.. from caterpillar to butterfly.. :blink:*

hm... I was actually hoping that that would be the night that person I liked would finally talk to me again (we haven't talked in person for two years.. wow.)...
and he asked me to dance...! *smiles*
so we danced and he asked me "we're still friends, right?" and I said "of course."... just happy because I know he still knows I exist... haha!!
(it's actually in my blog... *laughs*)
I actually cried after we danced and I got back to my seat.. silly me..
I think it was because we didn't talk for sooo long... :blink:

anyways,,, after that, the night went on and me and my friends danced to more upbeat songs until it was time to go... :notworthy:

all in all, it was a really fun event... :hug:

so,,, for those BJJ-ers who already had their prom,,, what are your prom memoirs??
they must be better than mine... :hug:


BoA in Otakuzine Anime Magazine

13 September 2008 - 12:28 AM

so, I was waiting to go home when I saw a friend of mine so I went to talk to her and she showed me this magazine and it's so sool that BoA's in it coz BoA, or any other Asian artist for that matter, appears almost never in anything printed here in the Philippines so it's just sooo cool!!!

Posted Image (the article..)

Posted Image (the whole spread..)

Posted Image (the mag cover..)

Posted Image (the table of contents..)

yea... there... ahhaha!!!
go BoA!!! (this US debut is making me all hyped up!!!)