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Help on the Global Fanclub thingy!!

20 June 2006 - 12:34 PM

ok, i've been reading all the threads but i just dun seem to be able to understand what most of you said regarding the global fanclub.

1. I went to this webby: http://fanclub.smtow...ex.asp?lang=eng

I selected BoA of course and they took me to the second page.

2. This page mention about benefits, membership fees and how to apply. at the btm, they give u the terms and conditions, i selected agree.

3. This is where the prob occur.
Posted Image

Does it mean that i have to go down to my local bank and send the money to SM's Korea Citibank acct first, and note down the payment date, bank and time?

So assuming i fill in all the fills and click on ok, i will go to the page which a lot of you have reached and that is the congrats page and then they will give u further instructions on how to mail them the bank slip and how to verify yr membership?

BoA 4th Jap album

12 January 2006 - 04:01 AM

check this out: http://www.cdjapan.c...D-17794&ref=myp

does it means the name is Outgrow?

Track list from : http://www.neowing.c...?KEY=AVCD-17794

1. Silent Screamerz
3. キミのとなりで 
4. OUTGROW~Ready butterfly~ 
5. make a secret 
6. Everlasting 
8. cosmic eyes 
9. 抱きしめる  
10. Love is just what you can't see
11. Stay My Gold 
12. soundscape
13. With U 
14. First snow [Bonus track]

english translated lyrics

27 October 2005 - 02:17 AM

anyone has the english translated lyrics for Konoyono Shirushi? interested to know the meaning because i dun understand japanese.

if u know of any webby wif lots of english translated lyrics for boa's songs, pls let mi know. thx.