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#695486 Peak Oil~Rising Gas Prices~The Future of The World

Posted by JWu on 01 September 2005 - 10:15 AM

Shell recently opened a Hydrogen station in Washington D.C. Even though the hydrogen car fleet there consists of a whopping 4 cars, it's widely believed to be the wave of the future (at least in terms of oil-replacement).

In the short-term, hybrid cars are a stopgap solution to help reduce our dependency on oil. Otherwise why would the government offer tax incentives to those who purchase hybrid cars?

In the long run, it will take many years before we are completely nondependent on oil. It's not just automobiles and gas. Our military is highly dependent on oil. How many barrels (of oil) do we use per day in our "War on Terrorism"? And then look at all the products we have that are made out of plastics or plastic-derivatives (which come from oil).

But hybrid cars and hydrogen-powered vehicles is certainly a start. There will also probably be a revival of nuclear power and wind-generating stations.

#484066 READ BEFORE POSTING: Rules and Regulations

Posted by JWu on 20 May 2005 - 01:14 PM

Please re-read rule #1. Only post if you have something constructive to add to the discussion.

This means, a one-liner of "I fully agree." is NOT ALLOWED.

The same goes for posts that do not convey any logical thought process.

Furthermore, I'd like to bring your attention to rule #6. This means that the sole content of your post should NOT be a [copy+paste of an article]. Any idiot can do that. Now posting the article, and then adding your own standpoint, is highly encouraged. [This of course does not negate rule #1. One-liners are NOT allowed, unless you can be laconic like Coolin.]

There is a reason for the rules in the SD forum. If you want to discuss things mindlessly, go use the Spam or Lounge forums. This forum is for mature, intelligent conversation.

Repeated violations of the SD forum rules will result in a temp-ban, as well as a revoking of your privileges to post in the SD forum. Attempts to circumvent the temp-ban will result in more drastic consequences.

#356684 2005 Golden Disk Awards Sub (BoAjjang exclusive)

Posted by JWu on 16 March 2005 - 05:02 PM

Posted Image

BoAjjang's subbing department has released yet another video. It's her comment during the 2005 Japan Golden Disc Awards on March 10, 2005. Shown on BS2, BoA looks amazingly beautiful and serene as she receives her award for Love & Honesty. Standing next to Otsuka Ai, in an off-the shoulder white dress, can there be any doubt that BoA is the epitome of Asian beauty? It makes you want to kiss the ground she walks on.


Posted Image

More caps are available in our gallery.

Video info
size: 640x480
Audio: 48000hz, 16bps, 2ch
Length: 0:01:03
Bitrate: 3325kbps
Codec: XviD
Size: 24.9 MB (26,185,728 bytes)

Subtitle info
Type: embedded hard sub
Translation: cutiebunnybaby
Timing/Encoding: TheBear

Download it now at our forums.

#350507 Posting Images

Posted by JWu on 13 March 2005 - 11:56 PM

Again, *sighs exasperately*, when you post images here, DO NOT HOTLINK from another site without the EXPRESS PERMISSION of that site. Bandwidth does not grow on trees (for non-Americans, this means BANDWIDTH = $$$ ). If you were a site owner would you want someone leeching/using your bandwidth that you paid for? No. We at BoAjjang do not like it either. Therefore, we can't be hypocrites. So, a strict policy of (yet again) Don't hotlink unless you have the express permission of that site!

So, the solution is.

1) Right click --> Save image to your desktop
2) Upload image to http://imageshack.us
3) Use that url to post the image on BoAjjang