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In Topic: There's no help for depression.

27 June 2009 - 02:05 PM

I've tried. I'm trying. but it's just a lot harder when you're own family is just against you. I lost my dad when I was little. Now my mom is a cuty. I can't get through to any professional what the problem is. Everyone tells me to ride it out. I have three years left in hell. I'm extremely sensitive. And...it's just...it's my own family. And society is too corrupted to solve the problem. I don't care what anyone says...but just if I've lost so many friends, and I don't have a family, is there a point to living?

I want to get better. I really do try. But some of my friends push me down, my own family just gives up hope, I'm not getting any help. There's only so much a 15 year old can do. I'm at this point where I'm really stuck...and to me, I've got this choice of life or death. And as fucked up as it sounds, I want to choose death.

And I try talking to my parents. some say family therapy. But, im afraid of my mom. She makes empty promises. She'll never change...and it's just. I really don't know what to say.

And it's getting to the point where I'm devloping medical problems because of the stress. I consider going back to cutting. I have to drink, or do drugs, because the pain won't go away. I'm afraid of waking up tomorrow. And I feel like I can't get through to anyone how bad of shape I'm in. Everyone thinks it's an act. Or they say they can't help me. But, I can't help myself. I'm only 15. Legally, I'm not in charge of myself. And part of the reason is because I'm not.

In Topic: BoA: The First Album Discussion Official Thread

21 June 2009 - 10:21 AM

BoA's 1st USA Album "BoA"

BoA is, as we all know, a infulential music icon in Asia. Now she's moving on the west, spreading her influence to people who aren't exposed to Asian music. This is my review on the album, since I love music a lot, and feel like showing your my opinion. Feel free to share your opinion's as well.

1. I Did It For love feat. Sean Garrett
Writers: Sean Garrett, Melvin K. Watson Jr., Matthew I. Irby
Producers: Sean "The Pen" Garrett, The Phantom Boys

The song I Did it for Love is decent, in my opinion. It has an eerie feel to it that I love. The MV is pretty interesting, I'm addicted to the dance moves. The lyrics as well are realistic as they talk about a guy who had hurt her and she stayed with him for love. It's really different from our usual BoA, in my opinion. There's just something sexy about this song. What I do not like about this song is how repetive it is. In my opinion, you could record this song in a day if you wanted to. It just doesn't have much work into it. Decent song I guess.

2. Energetic
Writers: Sean Garrett, Yirayah Garcia
Producers: Sean "The Pen" Garrett, Clubba Langg

This song is decent as well. I'd say not as good as the first Track. The background music is very danceable. It has a little more variety unlike the first Track. What bothers me is that BoA's english. So she doesn't have the best...but something about her voice in this song irritates me. The verses are annoying because of her voice. Sean Garrett balances the song out. A song that can be forgotten.

3. Did Ya
Writers: Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, Henrik Jonback, Negin Djafari
Producers: Bloodshy & Avant

I had a bad feeling about this song. I figured it'd be like a genretic song on her album. But, I actually love this song! It has this "old" feeling to it, very refreashing. Best part of it is, its not "dance" influenced like the rest of her songs on the album and in the American music industry. There's not much trance synths, techno beats. Her english is really good. I can understand her well and her singing is like the old times. And best part is it, is that its not computerized. The lyrics are catchy, something that would get anyone to sing it. There is a feeling that effort was put more into this song. Bloodshy & Avant are also amazing producers, since they helped Utada with a remix of "I want to be a man". They are known by producing Britney Spears song, Jordin Sparks, Crystal Kay, etc. This is another hit, in my opinion. I won't forget this song. Great way of breaking into the industry in my opinion

4. Look Who's Talking
Writers: Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, Henrik Jonback, Michelle Lynn Bell, Britney Spears
Producers: Henrik Jonback

Wow, a song written by Britney Spears. I can tell ha! A song that will become a hit. It's like a trendy song...following those dance-influenced songs. But, I do not mind it in this song. The lyrics are catchy. But, BoA doesn't suit the song. Or her voice, in my opinion. It was used to promote the album. I guess it would become a single, or something. I don't like this song that much. Too repetive, the song just goes through one ear and out the other.

5. Eat You Up
Writers: Mikkel Johan Sigvardt, Thomas Troelsen
Producers: Henrik Jonback

The first song to promote the album! This song is a hit! No doubt. I went crazy when I saw the MV. It suits BoA well. It's got a unique flavor to it. Especially since a lot of songs sound the same on the radio. The beats are insane. The lyrics are amazing! The dance moves in the MV just make me envy her so badly. I'd dance, look like a fool doing it, and not care because this song is THAT amazing. A tremendous way to break into the industry. Love it!

6. Obsessed
Writers: Troy Verges, Bryan Glenn Kennedy, Hillary Lee Lindsey
Producers: Brian Kennedy, Chief Wakil

The song has a "crunk" with a touch of rock. The lyrics are catching, pretty clever in my opinion. BoA' voice is pretty good in this song. It sounds not computerized. It's decent. It may not be a hit, but it's a song you won't forget.

7. Touched
Writers: Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, Magnus Wallbert, Toby Gad, Arama Brown
Producers: Bloodshy & Avant

First, the producers are once again Bloodhsy & Avant! I just love them so much! This is a song that has to become a hit. The MV would be amazing, a perfect song to show off some good hip-hop moves. BoA's voice is amazing in this song. In my opinion, it shows off her hip-hop like voice. And her english doesn't bother me. I believe it has a typical verse-bridge-chorus going on, but it doesn't matter. The lyrics are catchy, getting any of us American singing along. No doubt it should become a hit.

8. Scream
Writers: Charlie Mason, Kay J, The Provider
Producers: Adrian Newman

It's a song that seems to be influenced by I Did it for love. Just better, in my opinion. BoA sounds sexy in this song, pulling it off greatly too. I'd say this song should become a single, but it might do as good as her other hit-sounding songs. But, it's still worth it. This song has that feeling of justin timberlake with some "techno sounding". I can't really understand her. But, i like the song. It's also a cover of girl group Monrose, so might get more views for it.

9. Girls On Top
Writers: Young-Hu Kim, Lola Fair (Xperimental Music)
Producers: Young Jin Yoo

I love the korean and chinese version of this song. It's a hit, but it won't be in America. Her english is terrible in this song, so are the lyrics. I just hate this version! She seems strained, this version is losing it's originality. Simple put: Horrible. Forget it.

10. Dress Off
Writers: Adrian Newman
Producers: Adrian Newman

The song is kind of genertic. It's like a song that sounds similar to her other songs in her album, the way she sings it sounds too similar, but the background music just keeps me dancing. It's catchy, that's probably it. Decent, you might love the song, or ignore it.

11. Hypnotic Dancefloor
Writers: Paolo Galgani, Lisa Rachelle Greene
Producers: Henrik Jonback

I like the intro. But, there's not much of this song. It's genretic. It's a song people will forget.

OVERALL: The album is pretty balanced. It's got songs that are awesome, and songs that suck. A decent way to enter into the US. I'd give this album 3 out of 5. Hope you enjoy my reviews :)

In Topic: Long Distant Relationship

16 June 2009 - 04:12 AM

I just recently had a long distance relationship. Me & this guy were friends for 3 years before dating. It was fine at first, we knew we would last forever. But over the months, drama kept growing and growing. Now hes not my friend, I'm not allowed to contact him. And the friend i had for 3 years is gone. And it really hurts because...those months we knew we'd be together forever seems like lies now...and distant dreams.

EDIT: aw...i feel really sad now :x I think a LDR could work depending on your attitude to the relationship and fate (because i believe in that). obviously my attitude wasn't so great :/

In Topic: There's no help for depression.

15 June 2009 - 06:37 PM

Yes. I will try to research cognitive therapy:). Thank you so much. I don't really feel postive because I dont trust people & i feel so like...not connected to the specialists.

In Topic: There's no help for depression.

15 June 2009 - 06:16 PM

I have been seeing doctors and such. None of them truly give a poop. The therapists are horrible. The meds don't work. And I'm barely seeing them despite how i tell my mom i want too.