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There's no help for depression.

15 June 2009 - 05:53 PM

Hello, my name is Krissy. I feel like sharing my whole life with boajjang because, i trust you everyone here. I don't know why...but I feel safer here than with the rest of the world.

I'm 15. I live in IL. All my life i was extremely senstive, and at 6th grade, I started showing signs of minor depression. I always had counsling. And the depression was on and off. Then freshmen year (last fall), I was diagnoised with major depression because that following summer I was molested. I also have an anxiety disorder.

I've went to a couple of therapists, been to the psychoward twice, was on 4 different types of meds. And now im still the same. I get urges to cut, I drink alcohol, and smoke. Yes, yell at me about how horrible it is...but i just don't know.

I've lost friends over my depression. They thoguht it was an act, or that I'm just really insane. Thought i was a cuty, and what not and just left me. Made me feel guility.

I lost a lover and a 3 year friend because of my depressiion. I can't trust my heart, or my feelings. So its hard to love. I hide it well with being socially but its hard to be in a real relationship (which im currently in). I'm also afraid of people...

It leaves me so confused. The therapists dont get it, the meds dont work. I dont know who to talk to anymore. I feel...like im losing the fight.


05 September 2008 - 07:01 PM

So, With the help of my family and my chorus teacher, I'm thinking of auditioning for avex in the artist category.

Here's some info.

- [Singer, actor/actress, fashion model, and composer categories]
Unmarried males and females: ages 7 - 24
(Applicants for the artist category are expected to sing in Japanese.)

【Dance category】

Youth part: Males and females, ages 7−18;
General part:Males and females, age 19 or above.
(Team entry only ※Number of team members: 10 or below)
Other requirements

※Regardless of nationality.
※Can communicate in Japanese and perform in Japan if selected.
※Not in exclusive contract with other productions, record labels, or music publishers.
※Those under age 20 need parental approval.

If applicants are bound by any requirement specific to their nations/regions in relation to this audition, applicants have to meet such requirement. The Avex Group is not held responsible for any matter or dispute attributable to the applicant.

As i said, I'm going to audition. What songs? Beats me. Whatever I feel like. I'm thinking of singing some songs and posting them on BoAjjang and having people tell me what I sound better. I have until November 28th.

I have a question: It says can communicate and perform in Japan if selected. Avex has non-japanese people on their record label so I was wondering...do you think its ok if I dont speak Japanese? ....or if i speak a little?. I'm still gonna try out. I feel good!

Anyways...here's the site


Give your thoughts n stuff!


13 January 2008 - 09:14 AM

I love Son DamBi's "Cry Eye" song. It's amazing!! So I wanted to try to sing it, except I'm very badat korean. So, I was wondering if anyone could translate the lyrics from korean to japanese in time with the music? It's a big thing I'm asking, and I apoligize for it. But, since I have a music myspace for Japan, I need to upload something. And Cry Eye is just one of those songs XD.

꿈이었을까 깨어져버린 Day Dream
몸에 새긴 니 이름은 상처로 남아
너와 나 우린 어긋났을까
그렇게 쉽게
영원을 약속했던 탓일까

Just Wanna Love You
얼마나 내가 아파했는데
숨조차 쉴 수 없을 만큼
따뜻한 눈빛 너의 얼굴이
자꾸만 떠올라

뜨거워진 나의 Cry Eye
멈출수가 없는 눈물이
죽을 만큼 널 보고 싶어
차고 또 차 오르는걸

사랑했던 니가 Crush My Heart
그래서 더 슬픈 눈물이
마를때까지 나 울잖아
제발 내게로 돌아와

내겐 너무나 행복했었던
Sweet Dream
몰랐어 니가
지쳐가고 있었던걸

너와 나 우린 어긋났을까
그렇게 쉽게
사랑을 다 써버린 탓일까

Just Wanna Love You
얼마나 내가 사랑했는데
화조차 낼 수 없을 만큼
견딜수 없는 너의 웃음만
자꾸만 떠올라

뜨거워진 나의 Cry Eye
멈출수가 없는 눈물이
죽을 만큼 널 보고 싶어
차고 또 차 오르는걸
사랑했던 니가 Crush My Heart
그래서 더 슬픈 눈물이
마를때까지 나 울잖아
제발 내게로 돌아와

Just Wanna Love You
Because You’re My destiny
Just Want You Get My Boy
상상만 해도 기쁜데

단 한 순간도

너없인 살 수가 없는걸
소중한 너를
약속 할 수 있어

터질것같은 내 Cry Eye
멈출수가 없는 눈물이
죽을 만큼 널 보고 싶어
차고 또 차 오르는 걸

이렇게 나 많이 울잖아
가슴 터지게 외치잖아
제발 내곁으로 돌아와
영원히 너를 사랑해 Yeah Yeah

Can You Hear Me
Now I’m Waiting For You

Can You Feel Me
Now Stay With your girl My Luv

Can You Hear Me Now
I’m Waiting For You

Can You Feel Me Now
Stay With your girl My Luv

Credits to SDBjjang. Of Course, when translating, leave all the English lyrics as it. I would appericate it if it can be done!!! ^.^

The Gothic Lolita Fashion and Visual Kei music

28 November 2007 - 05:37 PM

I was wondering if Gothic Lolita can be worn by forgeiners. Well...I mean I know it can be worn but does forgeriners of the japanese style lolita-look look weird wearing it? I was wondering becauseI'm trying to branch out into dark clothing. The thing is: Would it look good with "brown"-color skin? I dont want to look like an idiot wearing any type of dark clothing.

Does anyone know any good American or European, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese rock bands that are similar to Visual Kei? And any Visual Kei bands with members that are girls?

Hizaki Grace Project rules! :notworthy:

Need advice for lyric-writing

08 November 2007 - 06:31 PM

So, I'm good at writing. Maybe even good at writing poems ((which ARE lyrics)). But, when I set my heart at writing a good song, I unno what to do! I've written songs that don't rhyme and have them translated into Japanese ((By my good friend)) and it won't sound that bad. But, it's English lyrics...

You see, I want to enter the Japanese music scene ((America is my homeland but I still think it's too hard)) as a rock artist. Of course my lyrics are going to range from many topics, but I don't know how to get it to "flow". Fanlyrics come out extremely well!! But, what should I do for my own lyrics?

The rhyming technique just doesn't seem quite right. Or maybe it's just I'm not thinking of a good melody? So, I was wondering if anyone knows a site or can tell me on HOW to write lyrics.

Oh! 1 more thing: i'm soo "poor" so I was wonder if anyone knows a FREE music program in which I can make my own music? I need to be able to insert samples and place them at different parts. Somebody go look up MAGIX Music Maker, look at the screenshot, see how you can add different tracks to make it one song? I need to be able to do THAT! I'd like the program to even be a free trial as long as it lets me insert my own samples, and make my own tracks.