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In Topic: Kpop Girl Group Relations Chart

28 September 2009 - 10:49 PM


but omg... each line had a bit of truth to it. or maybe lots of truth

where is csjh??? T___T

thanks for sharing! gave me a good laugh

In Topic: What do you think of BoAjjang forums right now?!?!

28 September 2009 - 10:41 PM

thanks for bringing up a topic like this! i thought i was the only one who noticed this but yes-- this place has gotten so empty! when i uploaded vids like 3 years ago, i would have pages of responses (saying just "thanks") in one day... and now when i upload, i'll be lucky to get 1 "thank you"

leechers have always existed, but so have active participants. and so ultimately, it must come down to one thing:

SM and its crappy PR of BoA at the moment. being active in the US is nowhere near being active in Japan, which is STILL yet, nothing compared to being active in korea. let's face it, boa hasn't been CONSTANTLY interviewed, performing, CF shooting since her GOT days. yes, she's been active in japan since, but nothing beats going on 3+ music shows a week like they do in korea.

i believe the reason why places like soshified is STILL growing is because SM is ALWAYS promoting those girls. even when they were on break for 2008, they were EVERYWHERE. and speaking of soshified, that place manages to get tiffany to come visit the forum periodically. heck, even amber of f(x) is visiting the newbie aff(x)tionate-- another forum with BOOMING membership. now that BoA is in the US, is there anyway boajjang could contact her? send her a gift bundle? something to show that this community has a REAL connection with her at the moment?

though boajjang is on a much grander and larger scale, this place is beginning to remind me of in:complete DBSK forums. that place used to be bustling with activity, but then their server crashed for MONTHS and dbsk went off to japan. it's a great day if i log on there and see 2 other members >_<

sorry for all the comparisons-- i was just trying to use analogies to emphasize my point. all in all, i won't desert boajjang so i hope things turn around! if not, i'll still be here ^^

In Topic: Justin Timberlake on SNL last night

13 May 2009 - 07:20 PM

HAAHHAHA the original is still the funniest.... but man... those guys are very-- creative to say the least ^^

thanks for sharing!

In Topic: Question About Yesasia.Com

22 January 2008 - 04:34 PM

yes it's very safe. i've been using a credit card for orders since 2005. and i've ordered from them lots :lol:

i live in the US too and whenever I do the free shipping option, i ALWAYS get it 7 business days since the ship out date. i think that's a pretty good deal. the only time it took 3 weeks was when i stupidly ordered during the winter holiday season and the package got stuck somewhere in customs.

In Topic: Girl's Generation kissing you mv out!!

13 January 2008 - 11:43 PM

i hate when guys have mini ponytails ._.

on the other hand, SNSD's never looked cuter before!!! i kinda wish they'd do something new though. they've done this cutesy thing since the beginning.... i want to see a bit more woman in them :)

oh gosh i sound pervy. i promise i'm not XD