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Picture of BoA taken from the 25th Golden Disk Awards Red Carpet

09 December 2010 - 07:56 AM

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RAWR~!! she looks so pretty in the leopard designed coat!! :(

Credits: www.allkpop.com

for more images, refer below @ JustinPerky and @ Uni!! =)

Happy Birthday to the Choco Club's prez!! =D

20 September 2009 - 12:15 PM

12 members are celebrating their birthday today
Iza04(20), addkidd(23), rocky21(25), Kenzaki(17), matty(22), iloveyunho(21), MariaC(11), zhishu(19), nessie21(20), shan021(15), leecandy(20), Ubabe(15)

to everyone in BJJ,

come together and wish our choco/coffee club's prez, Lily, a Happy 21st~!! =)

Happy Birthday to U~!!

wish that u'll have an enjoyable day 2day, and get lots of birthday wishings and prezzies~!! XD

here's a small gift from me!! (ok, maybe not me.. thanks to the marvellous creation of the internet and Google.. =T)

Posted Image

a 21st Birthday cake~!! =P

and look who's here!!

Posted Image
Yunho: "oh?? it's Lily's Birthday??"

Posted Image
Yunho: "THAT'S GREAT~!! YEAH!!"

Posted Image
Yunho: "totally marvellous!!

Posted Image
*raps a birthday song*

Posted Image
Yunho: "will that do?? hope u'll hav a nice birthday~!! =D"

and Hangeng is here to sing a birthday song to u too!!
Posted Image
*sings birthday song*

hope you'll enjoy ur day 2day~!! =D and have lotsa fun!! =P cheerios!!

birthday wishings from the chocolovers club's VP and members of both chocolovers and coffee club!!

Credits for images: Google.com, http://kpopster101.wordpress.com

OMGOSH!!! Look who's celebrating her Birthday today

20 September 2007 - 09:26 AM

8 members are celebrating their birthday today
Iza04(18), addkidd(21), rocky21(23), Kenzaki(15), matty(20), iloveyunho(19), MariaC(9), zhishu(17)

OMGOSH!!! it's the Chocolovers Club's President, Lily's Birthday!!!

*runs arnd BoAjjang asking Chocolovers to gather*

I, as the Vice President :lol: of the Chocolovers Club, would like to represent the Chocolovers Club to wish our dearest President and oso my Best Choco Buddy, a Happy Birthday!!!

*whistles whistling and hands clapping* -_-
*popping of crackers and firing of fireworks* :notworthy:

Enjoy yr day 2day buddy!!! hope u'll receive lots and lots of goodies and prezzies!!! :lol:

here's my gift to u!!!

A Year Supply of Arnott's Tim Tam Love Potions - Sticky Vanilla Toffee!!!!


Happy Birthday -B-!!!!

30 May 2007 - 02:56 AM

7 members are celebrating their birthday today
Spirited Illusionz(21), BmeltingM(19), ID:YUIe(23), PhoenixIce(19), -B-(15), Oyuriko(21), reddix(18)

gosh!!! it's one of Chocolovers member's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY -B-!!!! we missed ya @ the Chocolovers Club!!!! u still haben tell us wat is yr fav choco!!! anyway... since it's yr birthday, i shld be giving ya something!!!

*gives -B- his/her (PS: I still dunno wat's yr name.. so i can't assume... XDXD) fav choco as birthday present!!!*

enjoy!!! XDXD and where's that blinkie you promised to do for Chocolovers??? XDXD :D joking joking.. :D

and happy birthday to the rest of you pepz who celebrates your birthday today!!! Cheeros!!! XDXD

Happy Birthday to our Dear Alex!!! XDXD

01 May 2007 - 11:36 PM

Okok... Since it's dear Alex aka LastGuardian's Birthday, I decided to do something special... (PS: if u still haven't notice wat special thing i hav did, then u mus be abit blind... :D)

10 members are celebrating their birthday today
sassychu(18), nekomimihime(17), xoxKiss_Rainxox(15), soulstylin(16), dannynguyen(16), LastGuardian(99) [o_O!? 99 yrs old??? XDXD], iMt o_O(18), yakisoba(19), Lunatik(17), jaejoong_serene(19)

oi!!! u sure u 99 yrs old anot?? liddat i celebrating birthday with Ah Pek (Old Uncle) liao leh!!! and celebrate with 9 other pepz leh!! XDXD and u're de "oldest"!! anyway...

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to "Grampa" Alex... (XDXD)

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Grow up by another age liao ar!!! mus be more mature ar!!! :D Cheeros!!! Hope u'll like my special Birthday Wishings!!!