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BoA the Live 2010

28 October 2009 - 06:01 AM

「BoA LIVE TOUR 2010(仮)」


BoA LIVE TOUR 2010(仮)
<開場/開演>17:45 / 18:30 (予定)

<開場/開演>18:00 / 18:30 (予定)

<開場/開演>17:30 / 18:00 (予定)

<開場/開演>17:45 / 18:30 (予定)

<開場/開演>18:00 / 18:30 (予定)

<開場/開演>17:45 / 18:30 (予定)

<開場/開演>17:30 / 18:00 (予定)

<開場/開演>17:30 / 18:30 (予定)

<開場/開演>17:30 / 18:30 (予定)




Credit: 포츈쿠키@uriboa

Goodies from the BoA the Live - 2010:


Source: BoALoveS

BUMP BUMP single Ninki Index

23 October 2009 - 02:10 AM

2009年10月23日 アルバムランキングへ

1. 170.50 - Kinki Kids : スワンソング

2. 72.70 - モーニング娘。: 気まぐれプリンセス

3. 72.10 - UVERworld : 哀しみはきっと :

4. 63.30 - 水樹奈々: 夢幻

5. 29.90 - BoA : BUMP BUMP! feat.VERBAL(m-flo)

source :http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/ns/

BoA get a low index.. :mellow: :wub:
But I hope this single starting to rose her popularity in Japan once again.. :)

EIEN single's ninki prediction is out!!

12 February 2009 - 11:31 AM

Owwh BoA only gets #5.. :)
But ninki isn't always right so lets hope that she will get a more sales n higher rank too ^^

Singles (2009.02.18)
#01 86.60 aiko / milk/嘆きのキス
#02 63.90 秋川雅史 / ねがい
#03 62.00 Acid Black Cherry / 眠り姫
#04 57.50 モーニング娘。 / 泣いちゃうかも
#05 36.60 BoA / 永遠/UNIVERSE feat. Crystal Kay&VERBAL (m-flo)/Believe in LOVE feat. BoA
#07 32.30 くるり / 三日月
#08 31.10 谷村奈南 / Crazy For You
#09 29.50 FUNKY MONKEY BABYS / 桜
#10 29.30 MiChi / ChaNge the WoRLd

Don't you think its too obvious that EYU not get any BIG promotion

19 October 2008 - 07:47 AM

I want to share my opinion to you guys
Honestly, look Britney although she is already a big star in US she still make a big promotion for the single, no wonder, even if she isn't a superstar she will overcome the success.
But BoA... Come on she is still newcomer, not already a big star like Britney right?
Sooo why don't you give a BIG promotion for the BoA's debut untill now Mr. Lee So Man?? You know your artist (BoA) will going to enter a new music market, , remember BoA is newcomer for American.
Then logically she needs better, bigger promotion than Britney, the ones whose had been a superstar right??

For Mr Lee So Man:
I think you should give not only a press conference which don't took many attention of US market, but also the BoA new single should be promoted on the local newspaper, magazine or US music chart ads. Maybe if Sm more slightly creative they can put the song on the local radio, or mall or another amusement places to attract people attention.

How about you guys do you have same or another opinions in this topic???

Songs do you like most from BoA's non single / hit songs??

08 October 2008 - 10:23 AM

I love them for ballad :thumbsup:
Love and Honesty, OUR LOVE ~to my parents~, moon and sunlight

And for upbeat songs ;) :
So Real, Girls in the mirror and OUTGROW

How about you guys??? :P