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In Topic: Do you hate it when people take long to text back?

24 December 2010 - 04:25 PM

... I don't text.... I used to like 8 years ago... then pred-text came out and kept screwing up what I wanted to write, so I just gave up on it.

So, I guess I can't really get mad about folks not texting.

In Topic: [fan account] BoA X'MAS LIVE 2010

22 December 2010 - 06:52 AM

8,000 yen each show. equal to bout 80 USD.

I wish it was equal to 80 USD... 8000円 is more like $100 US now.

I only went to the second night, but seems like everything went off without a hitch. BoA wasn't too keen on the first day, so it's good that this night is the one that makes it to video.

Most of what was said on the video is the same stuff that was scrolling along the bottom at the beginning...

She talked about how quickly the year flew by; she started out by releasing a new Japanese album, and then she celebrated her 10th anniversary in Korea by releasing her first album there in 5 years. After that, she said that next year will be her 10th anniversary in Japan... she started when she was 14 and she just turned 24 last month. She also said that she's going to work with her staff to plan on spending a lot of time with her fans in Japan to celebrate her 10th anniversary, so be looking out for it.

Throughout the night, she mostly talked about the songs she was performing, how she chanced the flow of things from a 2-act show (like the past Xmas lives) to a fun gathering of friends and loved-ones which she did this year. Her dancers put on quite a few skits throughout the night... some of which were pretty endearing.

In Topic: How do you deliver gifts for BoA at the Japan Concert?

11 December 2010 - 04:30 PM

I can deliver it to her staff during her Christmas concert, but it'd have to be mailed to me soon.

In Topic: BoA Xmas LIVE 2010 concert?

23 November 2010 - 06:59 AM

You may be right :D I heard that you are not allowed to stand either? I guess I will find out soon. Because I definitely want some type of memory captured :(

Definitely won't have cameras... they'll kick you out if you're caught with one.

But, you'll probably be standing the whole time... that's the one thing about Japan.... you're always standing during concerts.

In Topic: 35 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You

22 November 2010 - 07:21 AM

Sounds like only domestic flights... I'm always traveling international, so it doesn't seem as bad.