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Bring on the Desserts

14 April 2006 - 11:13 AM

Post up your favorite looking dessert up

here we go!

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scary stories ne one?

13 April 2006 - 06:36 PM

who has a scary story to tell???

i found one around the web

its called "The Dog Under the Bed".

Sarah and Tiffany share their apartment with Tiffany's Irish setter, Red. The dog, given its choice, would spend every night lolling about on Tif's bed, but, as the bed is only a small twin, Red has adjusted to being pushed off the bed in mid-snooze by simply crawling under whichever bed is closest to when he hits the floor. So, when Sarah returns to their place after a late date and falls into bed without turning on the lights, she isn't in the least surprised to hear something move under her bed, or have a wet tongue stroke across her palm when her hand happens to dangle over the side of the bed. Sometime later that night, she's awakened by a steady drip drip coming from the bathroom, but instead of getting up, she buries her head under the covers and goes back to sleep. The dripping is gone when she wakes at nearly lunchtime the following day, as are her roommate and Red. Enjoying this rare bit of privacy, she goes to the bathroom, where she uses the toilet and splashes water over her face before brushing her teeth. She doesn't bother to shower or change yet, deciding to have a leisurely brunch before getting ready for the rest of her day. A bagel and a cup of coffee later, she's pinning up her hair and reaching for the taps when her fingers brush something furry beyond the curtain. Yanking back the curtain, she's horrified to find her roommate and Red hanging from the shower head, their throats cut, their blood which had dripped all night pooled in the tub below. Scrawled across the shower enclosure, in that same blood, is the message, "Humans can lick, too".

took this off princess_baby @ imdb

What is your Talent?

06 April 2006 - 06:05 PM

im just curious..wut is your talent?

mine is badminton and spinning my pencil/pen

edit: i wanna add more :lol:

im good at dialing my house number realli fast :)
good at making my brother mad..he chucks things at me ..last time i remember it was a phone =X O.o
im also very talented at sleeping

Have you ever unexpectly crossed path with something that relates to B

21 March 2006 - 09:03 PM

Have you ever unexpectly crossed path with something that relates to BoA that surprised u a lot? ie: A BoA ad in a store or meeting a person who is just as obsessed as u are.

I had that expierence wen i shopping for cds. i never imagined they would have BoA Cds and wen i found them i freaked out soo much. and nother time at the salon..they started playing Shine we are! i was surpised at that too

its prob no big deal wen ur living in asia somewhere that u find these kinda stuff but i live in canada so its pretty exciting wen u see these things ^_^

BoA to sing for Beijing Olympics 2008

15 December 2005 - 09:53 PM

WOW look wut i found