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#2253453 [Italian fans] Fan account translation

Posted by stufi105 on 11 May 2013 - 11:19 AM

I think that we shouldn't take this fan account too seriously. I mean,maybe she was a little cold with them but I think these 'fans' overreacted and maybe they misinterpreted her behaviour. Like user happy! wrote it's possible that she was laughing because she felt akward and not because she was laughing at them in a mean way. I don't think they're told to avoid interactions with fans but I do think that it depends on the celebrity's inner nature.

#2253448 [Italian fans] Fan account translation

Posted by stufi105 on 11 May 2013 - 08:56 AM

Neko-kun you may be right but I honestly don't believe that this was her reaction or at least I think that it all may be only PARTIALLY true.And not because I think she's perfect but simply because as you said she isn't a newbie and it would be pretty stupid of her to act like this. Maybe she was uncomfortable and a little bit scared,they acted like sasaeng fans and harassed her on twitter when they got home.

#2253444 [Italian fans] Fan account translation

Posted by stufi105 on 11 May 2013 - 08:19 AM

This is the english translation of the fan account written by the people that met BoA in Milano on May 7th. I'm not related to this people AT ALL I'm just translating. I love BoA and I'm an italian Jumping since 2003,I'm not like them.
Please note that this is obviously THEIR point of view not mine and I don't really think that things went like they said.
BoA fighting!

Ok, I'll explain just once how the things went with BoA on May 7th in Milano. Copy and paste anywhere you want because I just don't care. I was asked politely to write it down and I will try to explain myself briefly because this situation is ridiculous. I'm a fan of SM's artists and I followed BoA's career way before I got into Kpop. I'm not exactly a fan but I do listen to her songs occasionally. This doesn't mean that I have to explain myself about it,I said it just to be clear.
Andrea and I (@RyukiriYukiko) went to Duomo looking for BoA in the afternoon, we walked around for an hour or so and then we parted ways.While he was in the Duomo area, I was in the 'Galleria' and on my way out I saw BoA into the crowd. I texted Andrea telling him to come quickly to the Galleria, and I tried to shout BoA's name a couple times. She turned for a moment but she immediately walked away like nothing happened and she ignored me even when I told her I was a fan. Her friend waved her hand like she wanted to 'shoo' us away and they both laughed. Go on,tell me that she was nice! My friend Andrea just got there and BoA went inside Prada's. While she was inside Andrea took out his camera. When she came out of the store we approached her with a smile and we weren't taking photos YET because we wanted to ask her permission. We greeted her and said something like 'We are your italian fans' and she answered 'Yeah?' laughing and eyeing her friends. You could tell that her emotions were indifference and derision,when it comes to gestures and non verbal communication we are all the same. We were surprised by her reaction. I had a 'KpopItalia' hat in my purse and I showed it to her trying to say 'Do you know KpopIt..' but she didn't let me finish,she laughed. We tried to explain who we were and she cut us off again while her two friends kept laughing and she said her famous 'And so?' We didn't have the time to ask permission to take photos of her,when we were trying to do it her friend did that thing with her hand again to shoo us away and they kept laughing. We kept trying to talk to her but she didn't have any intention to give us attention and she walked away again laughing and saying 'Nah,nah'. She wasn't neither polite nor easygoing with us. It was then that Andrea took his camera and went to take photos while they were eyeing us from the bar. They laughed at us and then took a cab and got away. She didn't smile at us,she didn't greet us,she wasn't nice. She was acting like a b i t c h and I said and I'll keep saying that I'm not judging her career and I'm not saying that she's a monster. She was rude and even if you're BoA you have to be polite especially if you're overseas. She is a celebrity and when you are a celebrity you can't exactly pretend to have privacy. You call us stalkers but you're the same that like those stalkers' photos. Don't pretend to be moralists. BoA said that she was sorry in her tweet and I think that proves that she realized that she was rude. She probably saw all the rude mentions sent to her,she didn't like them and she tried to defend her public image. She's an idol afterall.