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Short, long, medium?

11 October 2009 - 01:06 AM

How do you prefer BoA's recent hairstyles?

Was adding "Look Who's Talking" a mistake for BoA's

11 October 2009 - 12:48 AM

Most people know that BoA's debut English album was originally called "Look Who's Talking", named off of the track on the album. I honestly don't know if this has been brought up here, since I haven't checked the boards in a while... but how many people actually knew that "Look Who's Talking" was not only co-written by Britney Spears, but supposed to be on one of her albums but got scrapped.

During the recording period of an album, an artist (particularly one that doesn't write their own songs) is given literally hundreds of tracks to go throough. The artist and their production team then go through limiting down the tracks and then begin recording... but not just the songs you hear on the album, but many many more. Only a few will make the final cut, the rest are filed a way to MAYBE be released as B-sides or "unheard" tracks someday.

Now here's the question... is BoA being called the Britney Spears of Asia necessarily a bad thing in SM and LSM eyes? I would put my money on: absolutely not! Britney Spears (just forget about her image and the bad press) has been the youngest artist to produce 5 #1 albums on the billboard charts (sound like anyone we all know and love?), has sold close to 70 million albums worldwide, and is an international star (also sound like a certain someone's dream?). Not to mention all of Britney's albums pre-Blackout made a debut on the Oricon charts in the top 5 despite being an English language album... doesn't that sound like something handy for BoA if she could gain the US fame? To release one album.. in English, and maybe record a few tracks in Japanese or Korean for "special albums" in the two countries to specifically target more sales in her to fanbases?

If BoA or her management had a problem with her being considered the "Britney Spears of Asia", then why, out of hundreds of songs, would they pick a song co-written and previously recorded by Britney Spears herself to be a track on her album, and, not only that, almost have it be the title song of the album?

A lot of people are complaining that BoA is blending in here and letting herself be the Britney Spears of Asia; to be honest, it looks like there was no contesting that by her management to begin with. Maybe they were even banking on that perception to get a few more sales out of curiosity. Who knows. For me, I believe that being called the "Britney Spears of Asia" is an honor; it's not referring to BoA's morals, her standards, her talent.... it's referring to her sales, her fanbase, and her starpower. That's an honor!

But at the same time, a lot of fans don't want BoA to be the "Britney Spears of Asia". So here's the question....

Was it a mistake having a song co-written and previously recorded by Britney Spears on BoA's debut English album?
Could this help her gain a new fanbase or could it alienate her from the fanbase she has already by resigning to the title?

Some lesser know GOT era pics on MTV Iggy

09 January 2009 - 06:53 AM

Some of them are well known, others are a bit less known since they didn't appear in the booklet etc.

Anyway, here is the link... BoA from her Girls on Top/MOTO era slideshow from MTV Iggy


Korean Rock With You MV question

20 December 2008 - 11:50 PM

The music video for the Korean version of Rock With You that is posted on BoA's youtube channel... does anyone know if it is new? I can't remember if there was actually a specific Korean version of the MV when it was released. When I searched youtube for it, all of the dates for a Korean Rock With You MV being posted are new (since it was uploaded to BoA's youtube). It also is mixed so that there are very few sections where BoA's mouth matches up with lyrics... those shots seem avoided. Anyone know?

My take on BoA's US promotion

19 December 2008 - 08:51 AM

Okay two things to remember from the start, not only does SM want BoA to ACTUALLY succeed in the US to open the doors for them to start SM USA here with new artists, etc. ; they also need BoA to APPEAR to be doing well, because the Asian media (particularly Korean) is watching her every step in the US.

Other differences: In Asia, usually all of the singles are released for an album before the actual album comes out (occasionally a cut from the album will be released after the album's release date.. ex. Be the One.. but this is not the norm). In the US, most of the cash goes into promoting the actual album, not just beforehand, but after it is released. In Asia, albums usually get the vast majority of their sales within the first week and fade from doing any serious damage on the chart within a few weeks. In the US, sometimes it takes an album a LONG time to reach its peak on the chart, because singles (cut for radioplay) are released after the album's release date. All of albums wind up only doing their best on the chart months or sometimes over a year after its release. Also, usually only one or two singles are released before the actual album (normally one a few months before and another right around the release of the album... however, sometimes more are released if none of the singles have been super popular)

Okay, so where am I going with this?

I DON'T believe that "Eat You Up" was actually EVER intended to be BoA's "break-out" single in the US. It wasn't promoted beforehand at all (for one) and is still only receiving very little promotion... and the promotion is geared more towards getting BoA's name out there as opposed to getting the single actual airplay. I whole-heartedly believe that all SM was doing with "Eat You Up" was testing the waters of the US market. We know that BoA's album hasn't been fully recorded yet, and I think the purpose of "Eat You Up" was pretty much four things: 1) test the fanbase that BoA already has in the US by releasing a single that's only marketing was word of mouth among fans. 2) give BoA practice performing back in intimate situations with a smaller audience, help improve her English through easy interviews, etc. so when it is time to do bigger promotions, she is prepared. 3) Release limited information to the Korean/Asian audience so it appears that BoA has achieved more popularity than she actually has so that her fans in Asia don't lose faith. 4) Use the promotion of Eat You Up as a setup to promote her next single.

After seeing "Look Who's Talking" performed, it definitely seems like this is the single that SM is planning on using to really break BoA into mainstream American music. It is actually being promoted beforehand (unlike "Eat You Up"). But still, "Eat You Up" has served its purpose in reassuring Asian fans that BoA is doing well... because facts like "BoA performed in MTV studios in NYC", "BoA took part in KISSFM Jingle Ball", "'Eat You Up' enters Billboard Club/Dance Top 25" sounds like BoA has reached a level of fame and popularity that she hasn't yet (in other words, BoA certainly isn't a household name in the US yet... but by listing straight achievements, it's easy to believe that her fame level here is probably higher than it is if you are hearing this news from Korea or Japan).

Back to "Look Who's Talking"... if you look at all the facts, the pre-promotion of the song, the actual live performances of it, BoA beginning to do interviews in English... it definitely seems like this is what SM is going to try to win over the American listeners with. After all, whatever single BoA released 1st in the US was bound to be swarmed by fans that she already has... because "Eat You Up" was her FIRST American single, it will definitely get the focus of the Korean media much more than whatever she releases second. That way, SM can use the break from the hype coming from Korea and having BoA's every move in the US being scrutinized overseas to have a bit more freedom when releasing it... because this time there will be a comparison: how much better can BoA's single do when it has already been officially promoted with one introductory single under her belt and isn't just a word-of-mouth promotion for a debut song that even fans only heard 30 seconds of?

My personal opinion is that this is the true test for SM.

Although, I really do believe that for BoA to have a successful career in the US (successful in the way that other huge mainstream pop artists wouldn't want to release their album on the same day as BoA) is to give BoA a reasonable amount of time in in the US to try. I think she will definitely need more than one album to make an impact here, and it would be a shame if her first album doesn't do well and they stop the US promotion after that. I kind of see BoA's popularity in the US being kind of like Koda Kumi's popularity in Japan. Koda Kumi was around for a long time in Japan with her name just in the background before she got her one big hit with 'butterfly' and launched into superstardom. I see BoA's career in the US in pretty much the same light. I think she needs to release 2 or 3 albums here (and also after that long here, her English presentation and comfortability levels will go up... she will really have a great comprehension of the language and culture) so she takes a foothold within the music industry and keeps her name just well-known enough so that when the "big hit" comes her way, she skyrockets to fame.