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In Topic: [Real] BoA in Red Chucks (Converse) (1)

03 December 2005 - 06:39 PM

i LOVE her GOT look! kinda punish.. its new =D and her style/songs in GOT too kekek

THNAKS for hte pic!

In Topic: BoA's SM Staff Deciding Her Wardrobe

03 December 2005 - 06:38 PM

yahh alota celebrities dun actually ge tot pick their own clothes and wat they wear on stage.. so i fund it kinda annoying how everyone dis tthe singers ^_^

Thanks for the info !

In Topic: 2004 MKMF Style [OR] 2005 MKMF Style

03 December 2005 - 06:36 PM

she looks more elegant in 2005... but the fur >.< i cant stop thinkin bout a dead racoon T_T -- and for hair, 2005

In Topic: How many times have u watched the MKMF perf?

03 December 2005 - 06:35 PM

LOLi watched it like 10 times.. haha i loveeee her dance.. tis awesome =Dshes soo energeticc omgg and her clothess lol

and shes pretty =D

In Topic: BoA's wearing fur still!

03 December 2005 - 06:33 PM

yeahht eh fur kinda bothered me too... other than that.. i like her outfit.. btu i realy doubt she was actualyl the wun who picked it out in the frst placee