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In Topic: 【Confirmed】15th Anniversary Concert

13 December 2015 - 06:37 AM

Hi everyone, I also attended the concert and I've tried to compile the setlist for you -- as best as I can remember. I probably have a couple things mixed up, though, so please understand that.

Note:  This is based on the setlist that was posted for NOWNESS in Korea.

-Opening Video- **

01. Girls On Top **
02. The Shadow **
03. Eat You Up **

-MC- **

(** IF this was the same as the Korea show, I missed it because I was about 15 minutes late)

04. Kiss My Lips (JPN) + dance solo
05. Shattered

- Video Break: modern BoA looking back on debut-era BoA -

06. Spark
07. MOTO
08. Smash
09. Bad Drive
10. BUMP BUMP!(she also rapped part of VERBAL's part!)

- Break : Band Interlude -

11. 네모난 바퀴 (Hope)

- MC -
(Started with a comical mishap where the staff forgot to put water by her chair, so her talk started with a kind of lame joke about "communication" between her Korean and Japanese staff... Then she made a joke that the water looked like someone had already taken a sip, but she was like, "oh, I guess that's my lipstick after all..." Then she mentioned her 15th anniversary activities in Korea. As for activities in Japan, she mentioned a fan meeting from a couple months ago where she "learned how to read kanji" because apparently she got corrected on her kanji reading in front of everyone, haha. I think she also told her Japanese fans to look forward to her 15th anniversary activities next year. She mentioned a performance coming up at the end of the year. (I guess the MUSIC STATION one? But she didn't say Music Station by name.) She also kept awkwardly placing her arm across her stomach/ribcage and I was wondering if there was a wardrobe malfunction?? She said she "didn't want to show" something, but I didn't completely understand what she was talking about. Anyway, she seemed just a little uncomfortable -- maybe the chair wasn't very nice, haha.)

12. Home 
13. Only One (JPN) (vocal only)

- Interlude : Band Performance -

- Video Break: Who Are You (1st verse)

14. Who Are You (from 2nd verse)
15. Fox
16. Milky Way (JPN)

- Band Introduction -

- Video Break : Love and Hate Performance -

18. My Name
19. Clockwork + interlude with tango dance

- Dancer Introduction -
(background music : Look Who's Talking - Dangerous - Hurricane Venus)

- MC -
(just saying that this session was for nostalgia, and she wanted the crowd to sing with her)

- Medley of Nostalgia + MV clips -
20. ID; Peace B (JPN)
21. Kimochi wa Tsutawaru (JPN)
22. Shine We Are! (JPN)
24. Amazing Kiss (JPN)
25. Rock With You (JPN)

26. GAME
27. Shout It Out
28. Energetic
29. I Did It For Love
30. LOOKBOOK (I think the first performance?! luckyyy~)

- Video Break: Blah (featuring some rehearsal clips and also more clips from what looked like the recording for Love and Hate) -

- Encore -

32. Atlantis Princess
33. Green Light

- MC -
(She said she was nervous if this kind of setlist full of her Korean songs would go over well with her Japanese fans, but she was surprised by how well everyone knew the lyrics. Then she said the next song would be the last, and alluded to what it was by saying, "This is a song I released when I was 16... and when I think of winter, this is what comes to mind." Of course we all knew what it was~ heart emoticon )

34. Meri Kuri (JPN)

** No double encore like Korea, I guess because the venue has strict closing hours. The staff outside were kind of pushy about people leaving (I mean politely, but still).

Other clips I vaguely remember but can't remember *when* they happened: BoA filming inside her home -- kind of Google Glass style, like first-person so you never saw BoA herself but like we were getting a glimpse of her daily life through her own eyes -- calling Paama to come to her, walking through a parking deck to her car, driving around, etc. Then in a different video segment, there were some outtake clips of her calling Paama but Paama just ran *around* BoA and not *to* BoA, lol. It was really cute.
Overall, BoA looked like she was having a lot of fun! Every time the big screen showed a close-up of her smiling face, my heart melted a little. Her live voice was absolutely perfection, too. I couldn't believe how amazing she sounded -- she made it seem so effortless!

I've been a huge fan of her since I was in high school, like 13 years ago, and now I finally got to see her in concert. A real dream come true! :)

In Topic: BoA NOWNESS LIVE 11Dec

01 November 2015 - 12:47 AM

PMing you.

In Topic: Best & USA special goods

12 March 2009 - 01:36 AM

OMG. I'm so glad I'll be in Osaka on release day~~~ :)

Maybe I'll also pick up extras if people express interest...

In Topic: BoAjjang meet in Japan/Korea ?

08 March 2009 - 05:58 PM

I'm interested. :) But Tokyo is far for me, too...

And can we try to aim for a weekend date? I start school again in April, and I'd rather not skip if I don't have to.

In Topic: [Contest #29] First BoA Autographed Poster Contest!

27 February 2009 - 04:00 AM

This is really exciting!! x3 Will we be shown the questions and answers at the end? :3