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Feedback about BoAjjang Radio!

30 April 2009 - 12:02 AM

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BoAjjang Radio has been broadcasting since April 27th, 2009 with Teh Enforcer: Uni's show! We have been getting great feedback from our listeners during our shows, but we would like to hear about other comments and suggestions you would have for us here regarding scheduling, what you would like to hear, and how else we could make the BoAjjang Radio experience better for you, our members!

You can find our broadcasting schedules and past podcasts if you ever miss a show at our Schedule & Podcasts thread.

Also, please check out each individual DJ's thread by clicking on their names below!
DJ "Teh Enforcer" Uni
DJ Cori
DJ KIceman

All members are encouraged to leave comments and suggestions whether they are already tuned in, or would like to in the future.


BoAjjang Radio Show Schedule and Podcasts!

26 April 2009 - 11:10 PM

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Stay up to date with BoAjjang Radio! Here you can find our show schedule, who's DJing, and past podcasts!

Click and open to any of the programs below.
Listen on: Windows Media Player | Winamp, iTunes, Quicktime, GOM, VLC

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Upcoming Shows:
Every Wednesday - 11:30PM EST - Teh Enforcer: Uni
Every Thursday - 10:00PM EST - Teh Enforcer: Uni
Every Sunday - 10:00PM EST - Teh Enforcer: Uni

Please be sure to visit each DJ's individual thread to get the latest scoop about upcoming broadcasts and other special details.

Join BoAjjang Collaboration #3 : Heaven

08 July 2005 - 04:10 PM

<center>BoAjjang Productions



A Summer 2005 Collaboration

Executive Producers: Dan Tran & Johnny Wu

Half a year after our smash-hit Angelic Harmony, it's time for BoAjjang Collaboration #3!

We need your help.

Like Angelic Harmony, this collab will include a CD booklet and cover that you may print out if you so desire. However, we're perfectionists, and we want Heaven to be at least 2X as big as Angelic Harmony.

Any BoAjjang member may participate in this collaboration.

The theme of Heaven is that the world is a bad place filled with suffering, but life goes on. We honor the victims of despicable terrorist acts from across the world, we honor the thousands of people dying of starvation and poverty in 3rd world countries, and we honor certain events happening in our personal lives. We remember them, in our hearts, and our memories, forever. Hence, the title, Heaven. Originally, it was "Life Goes On," but a majority vote of the staff decided on, "Heaven."

WE NEED SINGERS (at least 30-45 people)!
[x] Both male & female
[x] You must give us your AIM and/or MSN screenname. If you do not have AIM/MSN please give us an email that you check regularly.
[x] You must commit to our deadlines. I.e., if we give you 2 weeks to turn in your clip, you must turn it in. We don't want a repeat of what happened with Angelic Harmony.
[x] You must have a good microphone. If you do not, we can make arrangements to send you one.
[x] Post a reply in this thread only if you are interested and can meet the above requirements. Be sure to mention what types of songs you're willing to sing (i.e., fast paced, rap, languages, slow ballads, etc. etc.) along with any special talents.

WE NEED NARRATORS (at least 15-20 people)
[x] We will most likely feature various voice clip "interludes" throughout the CD. If you would like to sign up for one of these spots (you must have a good microphone, and be able to commit to reasonable deadlines), please post a reply.

[x] If you have any suggestions on songs to include, the messages of the voice clip interludes, or design/graphics suggestions for the cover/cd book, please include them here.

Note: We will be having a few BoA songs.

All editing and scripting will be done by us (the executive producers). We're pushing for a tentative release date of September 2005, so we're on a strict schedule here. If you're interested, please post!

*Note: We will take your song choices under consideration. Ultimately, however, the choice of songs will be ours, the executive producers, because it has to match the theme and the script.

Listing of People Who've Committed to Participating:
--Colin Fung (Coolin) - Introduction
--Tim Tran (Timmy) & __?___ - Heal The World (Michael Jackson)
--Jaimee Gonzaga (Choopy) - Credits (as always, to the tune of DJ Xscape - Go On Extended Mix by D. Tran)
--Dan Tran (lil_dan814) & Johnny Wu (JWu) - _____?____ we'll do whatever is required of us
--James Tran (FireAngel) woot! old crew back together again!
--Valerie Bassi (ShyPineaBea)
--Wendy Chu (icyjadedheart)
--Valerie Hoang (VietPucca)
--Tiana Ji (Hikari)
--Stephanie Wong (LilStephy)
--MZero (male singer)
--Odera Igbokwe (Odyism)
--Corina Cudebec (RockWithMe192) (Wants to sing 'Concrete Angel' by Martina McBride)
--Koneko (wants to sing a Viet song)

Listing of People Who've Expressed Interest But Don't Have a Mic/Such
--RitaZafra (no mic, wants to see if she can borrow from a friend)
--sakura_lite (no mic, wants to see if she can borrow rom a friend, can sing in Chinese)
--xx_lost_love_xx (no mic, plans to get one ?)


04 May 2005 - 11:25 AM


This will be a discussion piece... I actually made this a couple days ago.... has many meanings.... and can be interpreted many ways... i would like to see how you all respond to this graphic...

REMEMBER, this is YOUR opinion.. so tell me what you think it means....

Posted Image

this will be interesting to see what everyones thoughts are...

//EDIT - okay i forgot to ask you all to try to explain ur response if you can

///EDIT - YES there is a GURL in the pic, like StarAngel said in the first reply post... and you hafta really look... its hard to INTERPRET the picture if you dont ANALYSE it...

////EDIT - well Choopy pointed out that the true picture is hard to see with the white BG... so click on the pic... and you can see it in an all black BG page...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy CHOOPY!!!!!!!!!

28 April 2005 - 11:31 PM


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oh man.. after customizing this cake for you.. you better APPRECIATE IT! gosh.. see what i do for you choopy??? :thumbsup: