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just got the 2005 BoA Calendar

09 December 2004 - 09:40 PM

got it today from my friends for my birthday. it was quite a surprise! :)

i hung the calendar on my wall...and i was wondering how do i seperate the posters? i mean, the calendar is held together by this metal thing on the top, making it impossible to flip to the next picture when hung on the wall? i want to figure this out myself, but i'm really REALLY cautious. i don't want to damage my BoA.

can someone make me a wallpaper?

24 November 2004 - 12:59 AM

Hmm...I'm not sure if this should go to the Request section or not...so sorry! Please move this topic if it is!

Anyways, I notice there are alot of talented wallpaper artists and I would like one made specifically. Well..not that specific just the color and BoA's pic. (Sorry if I'm sounding to bossy :D )

Right now my desktop is quite bland. As you can see here:

Posted Image

I have this wallpaper for a while and it's getting pretty boring. I only keep this wallpaper cause it matches the Desktop bar and it's easy on the eyes.

I don't want to look at FLCL anymore...I want to look at BoA! I can't find a wallpaper with the right color with the right pics. You guys don't even have to actually "make" a new one...but adjust the colors for me. I'll do it myself, but my monitor gamma is quite messed up, so Photoshop's colors don't match. I prefer BoA's recent pics of her "mature" self. No Quincy or My Name please...those are toooo mature :lol: . Love and Honesty pics are okay too.

Sorry if I'm being a bother. :P Thanks!

my turn!

31 July 2004 - 01:34 AM

This is my first wallpaper. Well, the first wallpaper I actually finished anyways. :P I noticed lots of wallpaper topics so I decided to join the fun. It's probably not that good, since I'm a newbie with photoshop and the fact I don't have an artistic mind :angry: I mean I only got a B in Computer Arts while my other classmates got A's :D

Wellp..here it is! Enjoy!(?)

Posted Image

Maybe it's a little TOO simple right? Eh..maybe sometimes being simple is good, right? :thumbsup: